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Review: Nuby Booster Seat

Last week we had the chance to try out the Nuby Booster seat - and I gotta say... it might actually be Rozzlyn's favorite thing... I actually got it for my son Zavery since he sits just little low for our table. Though its never actually been used for him. Why? Because Rozzlyn snagged it first and no one else is allowed to sit in it. This was immediately after we opened the box. She grabbed the Nuby Twisty Rattle and plopped her little bum right down in her new spot.
"The Nûby™ Booster Seat is safe, durable and strong. It features a wide sturdy base, and subtle contours that are comfortable and stylish. It comes equipped with safety straps that can be attached to most chairs. Holds up to 65 pounds!"My favorite part about this seat is its light enough for Rozzlyn to drag around anywhere she would like - yet safe and sturdy enough to be used as a booster seat. It is such a multi-function item and I would recommend it to anyone!
  Where to purchase: The Blue one is available at Diapers.com BuyBabyDirect.com
Get social with nuby! They are always going amazing giveaways so be sure to follow them! www.facebook.com/nubyusa www.twitter.com/nubyusa www.pinterest.com/nubyusa www.instagram.com/nubyusa

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How did you spend your St. Patricks Day?

So my lucky duck boys got to spend their Spring Break in Florida with Nana & Papa. They came back on the night of St. Patricks day - and I figured after Florida... how could I compete with that??? I left work early and hit the store - trying to come up with any fun green ideas I could as fast and cheap as possible - while still putting together a real meal... Let the Montage begin...
  Green Mini Pizza's: I bought Grands Jr's... Squished them out... sponged them with green food coloring... Baked them for about 5 minuts... topped them with their favorite pizza toppings and then baked for about another 7 minutes.
  Sugar Free Cupcake Mix - Green Food Coloring - White Frosting - Green Sprinkles.  Instant festive treats that were the highlight of the night :)
  A little green Pizza for Ms. Rozzlyn & some pears on her favorite green sectioned Nuby plate.
  The boys had their green pizza - some Green pouches of applesauce - on green plates... with some green strawberry kiwi natural sparkling water.  (They thought their "soda" was SOOOOO cool and little did they know it had none of the usual junk soda does.)
   And they each got a goodie bag full of random green treats... I gotta say - I hit this holiday out of the park... they were SO SO happy with their surprise St. Patrick's Day "party".
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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #4! Rockin Green!

MMMmmmmm Rockin Green...
something i hold NEAR & DEAR to my heart... It is a regular staple in this house now, and it all started way back when I was offered a chance to review a couple samples & host a giveaway... here I am a YEAR later still "rockin" ROCKinGreen!
Soft Rock Bundle
Kim is SUCH an amazing woman... she has donated soap to some of the "charity giftings" I have done in the past... giving mommys with nothing a chance to still cloth diaper which the help of some of my other mommy friends donating diapers... shes so loving... and I always appreciate her help. But enough of that sappy stuff... lets talk about soap!
Soap... boring right? WRONG. "ROCKinGreen detergents are safe for you and the enviro- ment. Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin), No fillers, No enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, great for sensitive skin, and MUCH MUCH MORE!" I stand by ROCKinGreen 110% and use their soap for EVERYTHING in my house... and tonight... I even Rocked a Soak... 

By that i mean... I soaked all my cloth diapers in the bath tub for 2 hours... Half of these diapers are "new/used" ones i got from diaperswappers... omg, was it disgusting! I have soaked before with RnG and my water is always clear... but i have NEVER had this problem... CLEARLY these mamas were not using RnG... check it out... 

the water was murky... very dark... just gross, and obviously soapy... which explains why within 2 hours of Zavery wearing one of these (even after I did a wash) he got a rash, he is very sensitive.... and one of these smelled so bad after only wearing it for about 30 minutes I had to take it off... i knew a soak was in order and ROCKinGreen would take care of it all... If you are a regular ROCKinGreen user, you know what I'm talking about... and if you DONT, you should totally try it. You can get samples from her website for .75 plus shipping and that will do 2/4 loads, (or a MUCH NEEDED soak)... Dont have the $ to spend right now? Never fear... take your chances here, because guess what!??!? Yep, you guessed it... a giveaway :) WE HAVE two winners this round... (Besides of course the Guest of Honor Mrs. Aymee Danger... she gets a bag too! She said I was spoiling her with ROCKinGreen, she's totally right :) One winner gets two sample packs that Kim sent me, and the other winner gets one 45 load bag of their choice! How do you win? Like this... Do at least ONE of the entries #1-#6 and then #7 is a free for all... Once you have done your mandatory entry you can enter with the #7 theme as many times as you would like... :) Have fun!

#1: Make ANY purchase (samples are fine too) from the ROCKinGreen website... comment with your order # for THREE ENTRIES. (three separate comments for each entry) ***edit: Orders made in the last WEEK will count towards this... just be sure to leave the order #***
#2:  Subscribe to the ROCKinGreen YouTube channel. Some groooooooooss stuff in here that will make you change your bad detergent ways, lol 
#3: Become a fan of the ROCKinGreen Facebook page!
#4: Follow @RockinGreenSoap on Twitter & tweet this (come back once a day to tweet for extra entries!)
"Enter 2 win @rockingreensoap during the #babybloggingbash @rockerbyebaby great 4 #clothdiapering & regular laundry! http://bit.ly/aofk1Z"
#5: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog!
#6: Grab our FLASH button from the sidebar and post it on your website/blog for 2 extra entries (comment twice with the link to where I can find it)
#7: Bonus entry/entries: 
After doing at least ONE of the above entries... tell me your most disgusting cleaning story involving your kids... *with Aymee being a new mom and all she will need the preparation, lol*
My pretend entry... tonight... yes - tonight. I accidentally washed a poopy diaper in the washer... the babysitter is new to cloth and i totally forgot to tell her to dump the poop... I didnt notice, and did my first rinse... I opened the lid and though I was gunna puke! poop everywhere... I spent the next hour scrubbing the washer and running rinses w/ rockin green to get it clean. *shivers* NOTE TO SELF: Dont EVER do that again.... double, no TRIPLE check diapers for poop... 

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Swinger Sunday - "Oh Noes!!"

Welcome this weeks Swinger, @fentonslee! 

In raising Snapdragon, I have done a lot of "greening" of our daily routine.  My goal is to spend less, give him less exposure to nasty grosstastic chemicals, keep his carbon footprint as small as his little foot, and set a good example.
So we breastfeed. We use cloth diapers.  We use cloth wipes. We hang dry when it's sunny, and sometimes when it's not.
How many trees have been clear cut for his baby? I thought none.
But he has a runny nose.
An icky gicky squicky runny nose.
A sad bad and definitely not rad runny nose.
And what am I to do? Wipe it of course.
Well, then I kissed and loved and hugged on him too much. Now I have a runny nose.  A yucky mucky unlucky runny nose.
Now, if you breastfeed, I'm sure you're familiar with being pinned beneath a nursing baby and needing to blow your nose. Well, I couldn't reach any tissues or even a friendly roll of toilet paper. But I could reach the cloth wipes, and in a moment of desperation, I used one to wipe my nose.
News flash. It worked. It worked, didn't hurt, and since then has washed up just lovely.
So the runny nose has a new thought running through my head.
Bring back the hanky.
Oh, and I'm a little embarassed that we got sidetracked with the whole disposable thing to start with.
So we're going to do this, and if you think "ew, cloth nose wipes, that's gross..."
No, "it'snot"...

Thanks so much doll for your post! I have SOO been there before too :) Hence, the reason Booger Bashers were born... Ill have to send you some... that way, your not accidentally wiping boogers with poo, lol cuz that would be just yucky. ;)

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New Giveaway: Thanks Mama Cloth Diaper Store

Hey mamas! How are we on this fine Tuesday evening? Things are good here... just got the boys down to bed, took a nice refreshing shower and I am ready here to spill 'da beanz about Thanks Mama! Exciting right? Ohhh you have NO idea :) Thanks Mama has everything you could ever need for Cloth Diapering... Like Pockets? They got pockets... Like AIO's? They got AIO's... Like Fitteds... yeah, duh! They have those too! Have no friggen idea what I am talking about? No worries! You can read ALLLL about cloth diapering here... then come back, and keep reading :) Now - if your a seasoned CD pro... continue... cuz there is some GOOD stuffs comin' up!

This week Thanks Mama has so generously given the brand spankin' new OsoCozy (oh - so - cozy) AIO diaper to try! And lemmie tell ya, its amazing.

 Ill be honest at first glance I was a little thrown off... Its kinda big... not bulky, its actually quite trim... but this actual size runs a little big in my opinion. 
Size Chart

7 to 13 lbs.
13 to 18 lbs.
18 to 25 lbs.
25 to 35 lbs.


I chose the Toddler size as Zave weighs about 32 pounds... but when I got it I wish I would have chosen a Large.  Like always - the diaper instantly went into the wash with the others cuz i just couldn't wait to try it out! It went through the usual cycle... rinse, hot wash in Rockin' Green and then another rinse and dry. The diaper took 2 Dryer cycles on Medium to dry... not too bad as a handfull of my fitted's take that long, as well. After just one wash I was happy with the feel of this diaper... The interior absorbent layers are made of a gauzed weave 100% unbleached cotton. The outside a thin waterproof layer of PUL... Super gentle... super soft... and a super simple soaker.

After nap Zavery gave it the "p" test (lol) Paranoid (as I always am with a new diaper...) I checked him about every 20 minutes. Well, it quickly proved that was not necessary... after about 2 hours he was full, he still dry as a bone... no leaks... SUCCESS! But that wasn't enough for me... great day time diaper - yes - but I had an even better idea. *and i feel special cuz I havn't read about it being used this way, yet...* but what about a cover?  I have so many great fitteds that I love during the day, but how do I trust them at night?! With this... so I gave it the test... I threw on Zave's Nifty Nappy fitted... Put this super trim AIO on top... took a deep breath, and we all went to bed. The next morning we all woke up and there was zave jumping around his big boy bed... still... dry... SUCCESS again. I honestly can't possibly ask any more out of this diaper. It made a great transition from day to night... never bulky... never leaked... jealous? No reason to be! Thanks Mama gave us one for you too!! For this weeks winner we have a size Large AIO OsoCozy diaper... YAY!


#1:  Mandatory entry:  Tell us your favorite product over at the Thanks Mama website...
Extra entries?? But of course :)

#2) Follow us publicly here on (blogger) - Leave a separate comment for being a (old or new) follower on our blog.
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Tweet This: "Free Giveaway! Oso-Cozy AIO Cloth Diaper from @ThanksMama at the @RockeByeBaby blog! #clothdiapering #giveaway http://bit.ly/8eCyiI"
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#9) GET TWO ENTRIES - by making a purchase from Thanks Mama... come back here with an order/transaction number and leave 2 comments telling us what you bought :)

Good luck everyone!!

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