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The Avengers! Crafty Style...

Its been oh so busy as usual - and last week we had the pleasure of working outside the punk rock box! With all the hero movies coming out, no doubt there are little guys and girls everywhere wanting some for themselves... so we were happy to give that to them!

A custom birthday outfit.... skirt and matching shirt for a birthday girl!

A set of birthday Booger Basher party favors made with Avengers fabrics & gold minky smooth

And a custom hoodie for my little man Zavery :)
Always feel free to contact us for custom work!  rockerbyebaby@gmail.com
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Swinger Sunday - "Oh Noes!!"

Welcome this weeks Swinger, @fentonslee! 

In raising Snapdragon, I have done a lot of "greening" of our daily routine.  My goal is to spend less, give him less exposure to nasty grosstastic chemicals, keep his carbon footprint as small as his little foot, and set a good example.
So we breastfeed. We use cloth diapers.  We use cloth wipes. We hang dry when it's sunny, and sometimes when it's not.
How many trees have been clear cut for his baby? I thought none.
But he has a runny nose.
An icky gicky squicky runny nose.
A sad bad and definitely not rad runny nose.
And what am I to do? Wipe it of course.
Well, then I kissed and loved and hugged on him too much. Now I have a runny nose.  A yucky mucky unlucky runny nose.
Now, if you breastfeed, I'm sure you're familiar with being pinned beneath a nursing baby and needing to blow your nose. Well, I couldn't reach any tissues or even a friendly roll of toilet paper. But I could reach the cloth wipes, and in a moment of desperation, I used one to wipe my nose.
News flash. It worked. It worked, didn't hurt, and since then has washed up just lovely.
So the runny nose has a new thought running through my head.
Bring back the hanky.
Oh, and I'm a little embarassed that we got sidetracked with the whole disposable thing to start with.
So we're going to do this, and if you think "ew, cloth nose wipes, that's gross..."
No, "it'snot"...

Thanks so much doll for your post! I have SOO been there before too :) Hence, the reason Booger Bashers were born... Ill have to send you some... that way, your not accidentally wiping boogers with poo, lol cuz that would be just yucky. ;)

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FAVORITES Friday: Lime Green & Black

This is my favorite part about blogging... I actually find myself looking forward to doing it... yay! And, it seems like people appreciate the feature on a popular blog as well... so I guess its a win win!

#1) CABfayre: Ummm..... can we say awesome? I dont even know what else to say... seriously... skulls... lime green... black... a little bling... chains... CHAINS!? im in love...

#2) Divokc: @StuffByXtine was part one of decision for the Lime & Black theme this week... so no doubt we had to get her in here! And look what I found! Super duper cute little lime & black argyle halloween magnets!! Free shipping on all Halloween items! Get them quick!

#3) DanzingZebra: Everyone remember the VooDoo Jack giveaway we did way back when? Well they are still EASILY one of my favorites... I STILL have this soap and it gets used all the time... its lasted forever, great stuff... and still makes my diamond all sparkly :)

#4) ANORIGINALJEWELRY: This really might be my new favorite etsy item... I get SO overwhelmed when I look for jewelry on etsy so I usually just DONT. There is too much and its all the same. But this little skull jumped right out at me and screamed... *HEY! YOU LOVE ME* and it was right ;)

#5) RockyTheZombie: My girl Rocky was part 2 in the lime black decision... and her green is a little dark, but she more than deserves a spot in the favorites list today :) If I had to could... I would say I have like...... 8 Rocky shirts for the boys? And i have 4 paintings up in the play room... yeah... i'm probably her biggest fan... I think in 5 years all her shirts will be screen printed and she will be a million year... it could happen. Her stuff is THAT great.

#6) StrawberryCremeKat: While fumbling through Rockys shop... I ran across another store that featured this SUPER rad necklace... I just had to add it in. I LOVE the squishy fake grapes... makes me think of my great grandma... but in a really cool, high fashion, pinup-y kinda way, lol

#7) AForestFrolic: Im a big fan... she has the CUTEST stuff... the best photos... an amazing blog... really, im just blown away by her talents with PAPER! Can you believe the little details? She is the perfect shop to go to when you wannt get some retail therapy... you can buy a ton of things... spend like $10 and find a great use for all of it!

#8) Wonky Rocket: How cute is this shop... well, besides just plain friggen adorable... I think, we need to get them to do a review & giveaway here at the blog... what do you think?Maybe we should all send them a message that says, PLEASE DO A REVIEW/GIVEAWAY @ THE ROCKERBYEBABY BLOG! :)

#9) Stoopidgerl: I heart her... were twitter buds... and facebook buds... and shes having a baby! So everyone go buy something from her shop so she can come buy a ton of stuff from me for the new baby ;) But really, how friggen cool is this skull necklace... she has one in turquoise too and I was just blown away by her creativity... Did you also see how rad her photos are?? Shes like the perfect etsyier... great stuff... great photos... and look at that... almost 2,500 sales... why? Because shes a rock star.

One more important favorite I wanted to mention... www.MiracleDiapers.org

I would LOVE it if some of my many MAMA readers could help out... old diapers... new diapers... money... whatever you can share. They will greatly appreciate it... Ill make a deal with you... If you DONATE 1 Diaper OR $5 to their paypal... I will send you a set of two booger bashers for free. Just Leave a comment here with proof of your donation.

"Past and Future
Miracle Diapers was founded in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. Due to the overwhelming response, Miracle Diapers decided to to open two more chapters by the end of that year. Now, under new management, Miracle Diapers is now in our fourth year of service and looks forward to expanding even further.

Our goal is to someday have representatives all over the United States. Through this we hope to not only be able to serve thousands of families in need, but to be able to educate the public on today’s cloth diapers and therefore helping cloth become more mainstream."

"For Monetary ($) donations, please click here!,"
I just send them $5 its really easy and takes just a few seconds....

Another way to donate... Buy from Rockin Green Soap! "For every purchase of a 90/180 load bag, will donate $5 dollars to Miracle Diapers. "

"If you would like to donate , and you do not live in the area of one of our local drop off locations listed below, please send packages to:
Miracle Diapers Headquarters
23945 Franz Rd., Ste E, #126
Katy, TX 77493

Sending a package?

Donations: Please include a list of the items you are donating, your name, address, and an email address in your package as well as a note stating that it is a donation."
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This WEEK! A RockerByeBaby Review!

I feel giving today...
This week... Free RockerByeBaby!

Im giving away a free set of Japanese Kawaii Booger Bashers!!
They are awesome black with pink and turquoise skull and crossbones on it.
Totally unisex so snatch them up!


The listing info :)
So, the boys have a cold...
its horrific... ill spare you the green crusty/slimy details :) haha
But the point here is... their little tiny noses get RAW using tissues...
not to mention were just trashing the environment using a kleenex once and tossing it...

But, I assure you people... there IS a better way...
These have been tested this week...
and I call them Booger Bashers...
known to others here on etsy as Swipers...
They are little mini tissues... about 4 x 6.5 inches...
with JAPANESE IMPORT KAWAII cotton on one side...
and soft and snuggly on the other...
Wipe with whatever side you choose...
Cotton is still plenty soft... or the other side works just as well...
Same idea as a handkerchief... use it... use it... use it... GOO! then WASH IT!!!
No special rules... wash... dry...
Then go off on your hunt for more Boogers that need Bashing.
You get 2 in a pack... now thats alot of BOOGIES!

Leave me a comment with your favorite new stuff in the shop!
So there ya have it! Review will run until Monday!
2 ways to get extra entries!!
*Buy anything from her and leave us an extra comment telling which awesome bunch of things you bought...
(Her stuff is SOOOO affordable, I really hope to hear about some purchases this week!!!)
*Blog, bulletin, twitter, facebook, whatever you can think of... about this review and post the link here for an extra entry!

So - as usual, three possibly entries this week!!

Thanks so much guys!
Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!!
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