Nuby Stainless Insulated Food Cup and Spoon Review

Just wanted to say... I am such a fan of these Nuby stainless Steel food jar sets... Totally game changer for a #glutenfree mom... When we are going somewhere that I can't trust he will have a real meal and not risk cross contamination - this is my savior... Comes with a folding spoon... And is insulated... I can make him a pack of Annie's gf Mac n cheese... Some raw carrots in the top... And when he opens it up at the restaurant it's still steaming. You nailed it #nuby - love love love from this crazy busy mom of 4... Things like this make life easier. 


"The Nuby™ First Solids Food Jar is made of dual wall insulated stainless steel. It includes two separate compartments allowing dry foods to be stored separately from liquids. It also includes a folding spoon which fits inside the lid for easy feeding on the go. The stainless steel exterior stays cool to the touch even with warm foods and is sweat-proof so it does not leave water rings!"

I know Nuby is primarily focused on baby items, but this is just one of those products that bridges the gap. Zaq (husband) has even mentioned wanting to take it to work with some hot soup inside! It really it truly amazing... GET ONE HERE - I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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