Nuby Active Sipeez™ No-Spill Insulated Stainless Steel Flip-it Clik-it Cup Review

Well, the sickness going around finally caught up to us...  Rozzlyn is sooooo sick with a horrendous cough. Breaks my heart! But I'm super thankful for Nuby's new  No Spill Sippeez cup... She is loving sipping the straw without having to sit up... And since it truly is a #nospill - she doesn't have to put it back every time. Thanks #nuby for making this pretty rough night a little bit easier.

"Nuby's NEW Active Sipeez™ Stainless Steel Flip-it Clik-it features a double wall insulation that keeps liquids cool up to 6 hours. The cup is sweat-proof so it won't leave water rings! It also comes with our patented No-Spill soft silicone straw that is safe, easy to clean and simple to assemble. The top is an easy to use push button top that keeps the straw sanitary when child is not drinking. The Durable Kid Proof Base minimizes damage from drops." No exaggeration... I know I have already said it - but this stainless line is amazing... If they can top the perfection of these - i will be shocked. I have zero complaints... I have no suggestions... they're amazing. The baby loves it... the 4 year old loves it... and I would even get them for the big boys... so I guess if I have any recommendations for this cup, it would be to make me a bigger one with something a little "older" in theme... or maybe just some bold colors with no prints? It would be great to pack in their lunch boxes... Nailed it Nuby. Nailed. It. 

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