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The Avengers! Crafty Style...

Its been oh so busy as usual - and last week we had the pleasure of working outside the punk rock box! With all the hero movies coming out, no doubt there are little guys and girls everywhere wanting some for themselves... so we were happy to give that to them!

A custom birthday outfit.... skirt and matching shirt for a birthday girl!

A set of birthday Booger Basher party favors made with Avengers fabrics & gold minky smooth

And a custom hoodie for my little man Zavery :)
Always feel free to contact us for custom work!  rockerbyebaby@gmail.com
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A peek into the new clothes coming after baby.

I did a sneak peek of these on the fan page the other day, so I figured I should sneak peek them here too. This is our new exclusive RockerByeBaby print - seen ONLY in our shop... custom designed by my amazing designer friend Mandy... basically we're replacing everything that we made that WAS in the Regent Skulls print with our new design. There is a girls & boys version of the polo on black... and a girls and boys version of the hoodie on Gray... Notice how awesome the gray is with the sketching in the bones & the skull... LOVE!!! This is definitely a new favorite in the RockerByeBaby house. Samples are headed out to the photographers, and by the time we are ready to reopen full force after baby, we will have awesome modeled pictures ready to put this guys up for sale. Can't wait!

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Sneak Peek at whats coming when we re-open!

A little something for ya to look forward to, while you wait for us to get back to new/custom listings... I had TOO much fun making these... and these got shipped of to Ms. Pili after we photographed them. Awesome right!? Can't wait to get them listed ;) 

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New Hoodie(s)!! Yay! This time... stuff for daddy too!

Daddy & Me... coordinating hoodies for daddy&tot...
JCole requested this hoodie... i love it... so had to make a matching kids one... I appliqued on this rad fabric, that i LOVE... in the typical RockerByeBaby fashion... raw edges so they distress when you wash it... tons of rounds of wiggly stitches for the rockin' look & feel... and of course... the best part of all... i lined the hood with red minky... cuz it wouldn't be RockerbyeBaby without the best minky :) Whatcha think?! Itll be listed in the store within the week i hope!

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