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Help us bring RockerByeBaby tshirts to print!

A couple weeks ago we started an awesome project on Kickstarter. We are looking for supporters to help us bring RockerByeBaby t-shirts to life! We have been day dreaming about this for years - and its time to make it real... but I need your help! Kickstarter offers an amazing platform to help businesses get the jump start they need to produce new items... You can donate money, or just preorder items... or even buy advertising on our new website... $1-$100... anything is appreciated. If you can help us reach our goal Id be ever so grateful!! Follow this link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1139007145/punk-kids-clothing-line-needs-to-go-from-paper-to Make your pledge... and get us one step closer to our goal!
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Vans Warped Tour!!

Yesterday was the Minneapolis warped tour... and it was awesome.... originally we weren't planning on going... but while Zaq was touring he got to meet the guys from Taking Back Sunday. So when we heard they were coming through we wanted to get together. Eddie and I did a little trade, and made him some clothes for his kids in exchange for the backstage passes. Awesome deal!

SO this is what I whipped up for him...
He seemed to really love what I made for him, and I hope to see some pictures soon! After the "swap"we had the whole day just to wander around... It was SOOOOO incredibly hot... but we had loads of fun... 
Yellowcard, The Used, Mayday Parade, Polar Bear Club, The Company We Keep, Rise Against and more... but Taking Back Sunday was by far the best...  My throat definitely hurt after the TBS show... *thats Eddie over there on the right*
We did lots of walking... the boys did their best to grab some attention... these two? No way... they don't like attention *psssh*
All in all it was a great day... a long, hot, exhausting day... but a great day none-the-less... and Im thankful for all these guys *and gals* that keep Warped Tour alive... it can't be easy going city to city day after day in this insane heat. If you get a chance to make it out to warped tour come back here and let us know! Would love to hear about it!
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A peek into the new clothes coming after baby.

I did a sneak peek of these on the fan page the other day, so I figured I should sneak peek them here too. This is our new exclusive RockerByeBaby print - seen ONLY in our shop... custom designed by my amazing designer friend Mandy... basically we're replacing everything that we made that WAS in the Regent Skulls print with our new design. There is a girls & boys version of the polo on black... and a girls and boys version of the hoodie on Gray... Notice how awesome the gray is with the sketching in the bones & the skull... LOVE!!! This is definitely a new favorite in the RockerByeBaby house. Samples are headed out to the photographers, and by the time we are ready to reopen full force after baby, we will have awesome modeled pictures ready to put this guys up for sale. Can't wait!

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Some Favorite Finds this week on Etsy.

When you spend as much time on Etsy as I do... it can be hard to find new drool-worthy duds... but this week proved to be nothing short of awesomeness... I went on a hunt for some daddy stuff... Christmas is coming quick and this year we will be on a big time budget... so I have to start planning ahead... and getting some awesomeness little bits at a time...

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Mama Loves..............

Some etsy favorites that I would just LOVE to get into after baby :)
Click the picture to follow the links to etsy.

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