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Yo Gabba Gabba Live was AMAZING!!!

Wednesday night we were treated the amazing show - Yo Gabba Gabba Live... and let me tell you it was AWESOME! If you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should. Im pretty sure I had a permanent smile on my face. Yes, Im a 26 year old Gabba fan. IF I wasn't smiling at one of my favorite songs... I was smiling watching my kids sing and dance along... If you're tuning in to our blog for the first time, then Ill fill you in. I have a 1 year old daughter, and 2 sons - ages 5 & 6. My husband Zaq went along as well. I spent some time the days before we went making them Gabba shirts to wear to the show and they were a HUGE hit. Lookin good kids!

*click on any photo to enlarge*

The show was 1/16 at 6pm at the Orpheum theatre down town Minneapolis. Parking was a breeze - super close and just $5. Even with three kiddo's and below freezing temps - it was super simple. We got inside and got our tickets. Stripped off the bundled on winter wear and showed off their sweet new Gabba outfits. Once getting inside we were super excited to find out we got passes to the VIP party after for a meet and greet. But more to come on that later. Immediately inside the door they had tons of souvenir options from toys to tour shirts... and also offered snack packs of juice boxes, gold fish, fruit snacks and more for just $5 - which was great since the show started right around dinner time. They had a couple little activities for the kids set up... a bean bag toss and a music station. The kids loved it!

We got in and settled in our seats and waited eagerly for the show to begin!

And now - a photo montage of all our favorite parts :)

Mike Park:
Don't Be afraid... don't be afraid... don't be afraid... its ok... 
She was just LOVING it.

During intermission - the boys sat super patiently while playing their new Hello Friends! Yo Gabba Gabba app. 
 After a short break they jumped into my personal favorite part.... WE BE BUGGIN!
When Biz pulled kids out of the crowd - I about melted from cute overload listening to them "spit beats"... so so so cute.

And Izzaq's favorite part? Probably the Bubbles... he was slightly excited to see that ;)
Time to say goodbye... but only for a little while!

Afterwards we walked over to the VIP party - which I HIGHLY recommend upgrading your tickets to... amazing, amazing, amazing. Each kid got the chance to take a one on one photo with their favorite characters... Give a hug to Biz - High 5 with DJ Lance - and color and play with new friends...
 Izzaq was SO happy to get to high five DJ Lance - he had to tell EVERYONE all about it... and they didn't want to leave. It was an amazing night and I am so thankful we had to opportunity to experience it. The kids are getting so grown up so fast - and soon they won't be excited about things like this, so I try to soak up every bit of it I can. The fact that they were zonked out in the back seat 5 minutes into the drive home - is enough to say we can call the evening a complete success...
For tour info - visit www.yogabbagabbalive.com to find out when they're coming to a city near you!
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We're going to Gabba Land!!

This time Wednesday we will be gearing up in our favorite Gabba clothes to head over to the Orpheum theatre in Minneapolis. Why do you ask?! To see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! I can't even explain to you how excited we are for this opportunity! You know you are truely a domesticated mama when you get more excited about Getting the Sillies out with Yo Gabba Gabba and you're family than a dinner/date night with the husband (sorry babe).  Read below for more details - and follow the link to see when they're coming to a city near you!

YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! GET THE SILLIES OUT! Tour at the Orpheum Jan. 16th

The sillies are crazy little creatures that live inside of us and need to be shaken out! DJ Lance Rock and everyone’s favorite cast of colorful characters are calling all fans in Cincinnati to get ready to jump, shake and shimmy them out at the new live tour Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out!Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get The Sillies Out! tour will visit more than 50 cities across the U.S. in 2013.  Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! is touring in support of their first national beverage launch, a new line of toys, a new line of kids sportswear and a DVD/ CD collectors' edition.

For a complete list of tour dates, cities and show times, and a preview of the show, visit www.yogabbagabbalive.com 

Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out! will be in Minneapolis on Wed., Jan. 16th for two shows (3:00pm and 6:00pm). CLICK HERE for ticket informationTickets start at $25.00. VIP Party packages are available as well which include a ticket in the first 15 Rows, a pass to "Get the Sillies Out" in the private VIP room featuring a super fun party with the Gabba Gang (costumed characters) and more. Children under 1 year old do not require a paid ticket to sit on a parent's lap.

Yo Gabba Gabba! is an award-winning, live-action television series and live stage show whose unconventional formula has created a triple stacked fan base, making it one of the most popular entertainment properties among preschoolers, parents and indie music lovers alike. The television show, now in its fourth season, airs several times a day on Nick Jr.

Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out! marks the third tour for the successful Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! concert series. The first tour, Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: There’s a Party in My City!, launched with a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a performance at the White House in 2010.  Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! 2010 tour played to sold out venues in 60 cities. Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: It’s Time to Dance! enjoyed repeat success in 2011, energizing audiences across North America at over 120 shows.

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Vans Warped Tour!!

Yesterday was the Minneapolis warped tour... and it was awesome.... originally we weren't planning on going... but while Zaq was touring he got to meet the guys from Taking Back Sunday. So when we heard they were coming through we wanted to get together. Eddie and I did a little trade, and made him some clothes for his kids in exchange for the backstage passes. Awesome deal!

SO this is what I whipped up for him...
He seemed to really love what I made for him, and I hope to see some pictures soon! After the "swap"we had the whole day just to wander around... It was SOOOOO incredibly hot... but we had loads of fun... 
Yellowcard, The Used, Mayday Parade, Polar Bear Club, The Company We Keep, Rise Against and more... but Taking Back Sunday was by far the best...  My throat definitely hurt after the TBS show... *thats Eddie over there on the right*
We did lots of walking... the boys did their best to grab some attention... these two? No way... they don't like attention *psssh*
All in all it was a great day... a long, hot, exhausting day... but a great day none-the-less... and Im thankful for all these guys *and gals* that keep Warped Tour alive... it can't be easy going city to city day after day in this insane heat. If you get a chance to make it out to warped tour come back here and let us know! Would love to hear about it!
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