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Some etsy favorites that I would just LOVE to get into after baby :)
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Giveaway #4: Rocky The Zombie...

If you fan or friend us on facebook... then there is a good chance you have seen photos pop up of my boys wearing some Rocky The Zombie... Or maybe even me since I love in my favorite tank top from her.  And of course since finding out Rozzlyn is going to be a girl, I have bought SO SO many to save away for her :) And given countless number of them away as gifts... I have a Rocky The Zombie/BVG camera bag... The boys have paintings in both their play room and bedrooms... (and 2 for rozzlyns room) and the boys have even had the awesome chance to be Rocky Models!! So its safe to say I'm a fan... or *ahem* We're fans...

For those of you that DON'T yet know RTZ... "Rocky The Zombie from Southsea, Hampshire, is the home of the original Rocky The Zombie hand-pulled screenprinted clothing and other art." Handmade by my girl Rhi back in the UK... awesome right? She uses all the greatest quality basics for her art... typically her kids stuff is made on Organic Cotton shirts from H&M... They come in SUCH fun great colors... and they are so so so soft. Our Rocky shirts have been washed over and over and still look great. The best part is they are almost always ready to ship... so you just order and after just a couple weeks (sometimes even less) they show up at your door - adorably wrapped and ready to show off.  And don't ever think you will get bored... she is ALWAYS coming up with new designs... new shirts... and new fun combos... so be sure to always check back often as new things are always listed and they go fast!

Lucky duck Sarah was given this ADORABLE striped baby boys t-shirt with the Rainy Day print on it... and I can't wait to see her little man sporting it... it will be oh so cute on him! Want to get your hands on some Rocky The Zombie? She is giving away one lucky winner a $20 gift certificate!!  This is how you enter:

How to win:
#1: Fan Rocky The Zombie on facebook
Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#3: Go to the Rocky The Zombie etsy page - and tell us your favorite Rocky print/design (pirate/dj/etc)
*all #'s below are extra*
Follow Rocky The Zombie on Twitter
Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter
#6: "Favorite/Heart" the Rocky The Zombie shop.

  **** Also, be sure to leave us you're email in one of the comments so we can contact you :)
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Swinger Sunday: Take some time off!

Everyone say hi to Rhiannon - the brains behind Rocky The Zombie... She's amazing and were so glad she stopped by the blog today!

Ok so the idea behind this is to remind everyone to take some time off from everything,  you work hard and you owe it to yourself.. let your mind and body rest, write down some thoughts/plans/ lists if it feels like things are getting too much (a cute notebook and a pen is cheaper than a shrink... my pen is pink and bubblegum scented. yep! simple pleasures)

This is to remind you to at some point to turn off the computer, and turn off the email notifications on your phone! Ok.. ready?

I know I'm not alone in my bad habit of not knowing when to take a break. I work at my day job 5/6 days a week, and the rest of the time I'm working on Rockythezombie. Some of my best etsy friends do all of this and take care of an entire family too... and I think I'm tired!? ha!.. I'm sure they could show me TIRED.

I get up in the morning and finish orders, pack orders, and post orders.. and this is all before I start work at 11am. I then get home around 8pm and go right back to it until the early hours. I wouldn't change it though, I LOVE it.. it's who I am. Of course there is ONE thing I would change.. the day job, if it were financially possible I'd get rid of that. Maybe one day I'll be able to... I've done it before, so I can do it again right? I'm gonna work hard and wait and see...

Don't forget to make time for your friends, I am soooo guilty of this.. I'll not see anyone for weeks, and because I'm so busy I'll barely even notice. In my mind I only saw them last week when actually an entire month has gone by and I've spent it working.

This year I made a resolution to STOP every sunday.. and just do nothing, but this didn't really work.. I discovered I simply can't just do nothing. So instead I bake.. I bake cakes, cookies, pies, and anything else I feel like! It's fun, and makes my house smell amazing, and who doesn't love freshly baked goodies? I've also made a promise to myself that at least once a month I'll go out for dinner with friends, and I'll go to an out of town show with Hud.. I almost forgot how much fun it is to grab some beers, take a road trip to see a band you love, and meet up with old friends you just haven't found the time to see. Uh-mazing.. and totally relaxing, even if it does take another day to recover afterwards ;)
I have to admit that by sunday evening I'm feeling quite recovered and am itching to get back to work on the shop, but that's cool... moderation.. Find your perfect balance :)

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Wordless Wednesday: Rocky Dawn Baby

Rocky = Rocky the Zombie shirts
Dawn = Beki Dawn Photography
Baby = RockerByeBaby babies... (my kidz)
We make a good trio :)
Also, notice the sling below... we teamed up with Dittany Baby for that one :)

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Favorites Friday: Zombies!

ZOMBIES = Love... after a quick twitter poll... the consensus for the Favorites Friday this week is ZOMBIES!

*click to enlarge*

#1: TinaSeaMonster... Zombies Hate that I am so Awesome
#2:  Rocky The Zombie... I think Im her biggest fan... ;)
#3: ShortSleeveAlliance... Talk to your kids about zombies... or someone will eat their brains, lol
#4: SubvertCity... Zombie Pin Up Light Switch Plate
#5: DrStrychnine... I Heart Zombies Mug
#6: Agorables... Zombies Need Love too Wallet...
#7: TheGraveYardGirls... "i always feel so very dead in the morning" pin
#8: CherryPiePunk... Zombies Dig Chicks with Brains...
#9: Kukubee... Zombie Panda Zipper pouch *dies* love it...
#10: JuncoPartner... omg, RAD! Spawn of the Dead toddler t...
#11: AmyJoshandmade... Zombie monkey *loves*
#12: CraftieRobot... Zombie Messanger Bag

Thanks to those of  you that wanted to that chipped in! I added three extra slots this week! Hope you enjoy! BE sure to tell me your favorites! Love something you dont see here? Share the link with us!
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