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Nuby Stretch Mark Cream & Firming Butter: Mama Musts!!

I've been looking long and hard to find a good stretchmark/firming cream... It seems they're all really expensive or just don't work. I've always loved the smell of Palmers Cocoa Butter - but it doesn't really seem to do anything for me... and I definitely didn't notice anything "perking up." So when I saw that Nuby had their own line of mama inspired products - I had to join in the fun.

Nuby's Natural Touch Skin Care line is for moms and moms to be... "Nûby’s Natural Touch™ skin care for mothers is specially formulated with you in mind. Our rich emollient butters, creams, and lotions are enriched with natural ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter and Lanolin."  When I first started using the stretch mark cream I really noticed a difference right away... it seemed as though they were tightening and lightening up... and let me just say - mine are BAD! And yes - they're my "battle scars" and I've earned them... but I would rather not have to stare them down in the mirror every day...  "Nûby’s Stretch Mark Cream helps prevent and reduce stretch marks with a special combination of Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, and Elastin. These essential ingredients moisturize mom’s skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture. Our stretch mark creams are available in three unique formulas:" I will absolutely continue using the stretch mark cream... but my body isn't ALL that bad... some places just need a little "tightening up" if you will...  for those spots - I went with the Firming Butter... and man am I glad that I did... If I HAD TO CHOOSE and could only have one... it would be the firming cream. Its amazing... and I'm not exaggerating. $5.99 - (on sale at Toys R Us right now for $2.98) . If I can convince you to give yourself some love and try it, Ill be a happy mama. This is one thing that is SO affordable and will give you the confidence (and booty) boost that you deserve. 

Almost immediately after putting it on I can feel it going to work... its as if it gets a little tingly... just a little... so you know its working. "Nûby’s Firming Butter is a unique formula specifically designed to restore your body to its natural, original firmness anytime, even after pregnancy or weight loss. The unique combination of Cocoa Butter, Collagen, and Elastin firms and tones while improving skin elasticity and texture. In addition Ginseng and Vitamin E help nourish and rejuvenate tired skin. Co Enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that stimulates skin cells to tone and smooth the skin. Clinically proven to help increase skin’s firmness in 6 weeks." I've had 3 kids and lost about 4 pounds after Rozzlyn. I weight less now than ever in high school and my body has been through the ringer between losing baby weight plus 40 extra pounds... this cream is helping put *sorry to be frank* but putting my butt and boobs back where they belong for just the low price of
Available at:  BabiesRUs.Com BuyBuyBaby.com
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Swinger Sunday: Take some time off!

Everyone say hi to Rhiannon - the brains behind Rocky The Zombie... She's amazing and were so glad she stopped by the blog today!

Ok so the idea behind this is to remind everyone to take some time off from everything,  you work hard and you owe it to yourself.. let your mind and body rest, write down some thoughts/plans/ lists if it feels like things are getting too much (a cute notebook and a pen is cheaper than a shrink... my pen is pink and bubblegum scented. yep! simple pleasures)

This is to remind you to at some point to turn off the computer, and turn off the email notifications on your phone! Ok.. ready?

I know I'm not alone in my bad habit of not knowing when to take a break. I work at my day job 5/6 days a week, and the rest of the time I'm working on Rockythezombie. Some of my best etsy friends do all of this and take care of an entire family too... and I think I'm tired!? ha!.. I'm sure they could show me TIRED.

I get up in the morning and finish orders, pack orders, and post orders.. and this is all before I start work at 11am. I then get home around 8pm and go right back to it until the early hours. I wouldn't change it though, I LOVE it.. it's who I am. Of course there is ONE thing I would change.. the day job, if it were financially possible I'd get rid of that. Maybe one day I'll be able to... I've done it before, so I can do it again right? I'm gonna work hard and wait and see...

Don't forget to make time for your friends, I am soooo guilty of this.. I'll not see anyone for weeks, and because I'm so busy I'll barely even notice. In my mind I only saw them last week when actually an entire month has gone by and I've spent it working.

This year I made a resolution to STOP every sunday.. and just do nothing, but this didn't really work.. I discovered I simply can't just do nothing. So instead I bake.. I bake cakes, cookies, pies, and anything else I feel like! It's fun, and makes my house smell amazing, and who doesn't love freshly baked goodies? I've also made a promise to myself that at least once a month I'll go out for dinner with friends, and I'll go to an out of town show with Hud.. I almost forgot how much fun it is to grab some beers, take a road trip to see a band you love, and meet up with old friends you just haven't found the time to see. Uh-mazing.. and totally relaxing, even if it does take another day to recover afterwards ;)
I have to admit that by sunday evening I'm feeling quite recovered and am itching to get back to work on the shop, but that's cool... moderation.. Find your perfect balance :)

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