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Nuby Stretch Mark Cream & Firming Butter: Mama Musts!!

I've been looking long and hard to find a good stretchmark/firming cream... It seems they're all really expensive or just don't work. I've always loved the smell of Palmers Cocoa Butter - but it doesn't really seem to do anything for me... and I definitely didn't notice anything "perking up." So when I saw that Nuby had their own line of mama inspired products - I had to join in the fun.

Nuby's Natural Touch Skin Care line is for moms and moms to be... "Nûby’s Natural Touch™ skin care for mothers is specially formulated with you in mind. Our rich emollient butters, creams, and lotions are enriched with natural ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter and Lanolin."  When I first started using the stretch mark cream I really noticed a difference right away... it seemed as though they were tightening and lightening up... and let me just say - mine are BAD! And yes - they're my "battle scars" and I've earned them... but I would rather not have to stare them down in the mirror every day...  "Nûby’s Stretch Mark Cream helps prevent and reduce stretch marks with a special combination of Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, and Elastin. These essential ingredients moisturize mom’s skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture. Our stretch mark creams are available in three unique formulas:" I will absolutely continue using the stretch mark cream... but my body isn't ALL that bad... some places just need a little "tightening up" if you will...  for those spots - I went with the Firming Butter... and man am I glad that I did... If I HAD TO CHOOSE and could only have one... it would be the firming cream. Its amazing... and I'm not exaggerating. $5.99 - (on sale at Toys R Us right now for $2.98) . If I can convince you to give yourself some love and try it, Ill be a happy mama. This is one thing that is SO affordable and will give you the confidence (and booty) boost that you deserve. 

Almost immediately after putting it on I can feel it going to work... its as if it gets a little tingly... just a little... so you know its working. "Nûby’s Firming Butter is a unique formula specifically designed to restore your body to its natural, original firmness anytime, even after pregnancy or weight loss. The unique combination of Cocoa Butter, Collagen, and Elastin firms and tones while improving skin elasticity and texture. In addition Ginseng and Vitamin E help nourish and rejuvenate tired skin. Co Enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that stimulates skin cells to tone and smooth the skin. Clinically proven to help increase skin’s firmness in 6 weeks." I've had 3 kids and lost about 4 pounds after Rozzlyn. I weight less now than ever in high school and my body has been through the ringer between losing baby weight plus 40 extra pounds... this cream is helping put *sorry to be frank* but putting my butt and boobs back where they belong for just the low price of
Available at:  BabiesRUs.Com BuyBuyBaby.com
Get social with Nuby! www.facebook.com/nubyusa www.twitter.com/nubyusa www.pinterest.com/nubyusa www.instagram.com/nubyusa 
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Here we go!

So its saturday night... but if you're reading this, its Sunday morning and we're at the hospital! Induction scheduled for 7am... bright and early. Hoping they will break my water first and see how that goes... if no luck - pitocin... either way Ms. Rozzlyn is getting evicted ... We're out of waiting time (see previous posts) and she needs to get out. Im sitting here staring at the empty MamaRoo... feeling her kicking around inside me... and its insanely surreal to think that by this time tomorrow night if all goes as planned...  Ill be in this same spot, blogging about my amazing water birth experience... looking at a beautiful baby girl in that chair. (if I can handle the idea of putting her down that is ;) wow... Its all happening so fast. Yet I feel like its been weeks of trying to coax her out! So - think of me! I need all the awesome pain free water birth vibes I can get!!!

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Sigh... here we go again.

Sorry for my lack of posting - its just been chaotic around here... between working like a crazy woman, juggling toddlers, calling lawyers, organizing paperwork for insurance, trying to keep up my house, etc... its just been crazy. So many things have happened this week... and yet, I feel like we're no closer to having this baby girl.. and the pressure is officially on. So here is the update:

Zaq's unemployment went through, YAY! One HUGE thing off the panic list... it buys us some time (literally) to adjust to life with baby #3 without having to totally panic about how we will pay out mortgage. So I am very thankful for that. He has already been looking for another job, but at least we're not in a total rush now.

As soon as he was notified of the unemployment, I rushed down to the office to put together my state insurance packet... this took me about 3 hours start to finish. Wow, between bank statements, check stubs, birth certificates, and much more... it was insane! So the next morning after having it all together... I went down to the office at 8:30 am... was person number 4 in line, and ready to meet with someone to get an answer. Only to find out that I was mis-informed and wouldn't not get an immediate answer. I had to wait 10-15 days... and there was no way to get a (you should get it) because we are right on the border of the maximums. When I explained to the woman, "but I don't have 15 days... my due date was October 21st, she could come any day..." She looked at me like the stupidest person on earth and said "you're telling me you're already past your due date and you're just now bringing in your packet?" I swear I wanted to punch her... as if I had planned for my family to be in this situation... as if I was just sitting around being lazy and thought, oh hey, maybe I should have insurance for this delivery. I didn't have a choice... I HAD to wait until we had an answer from unemployment to give accurate income information or they would have just sent it back... Ugh. How rude...

Which now brings be to stress point #3: Baby.
Now that I have no guarantee about insurance... and can't risk thousands of dollars in medical bills, we have to have this baby & be out of the hospital by the night of October 31st. Today is October 27th - do the math... My birth plan is pretty much out the window... thanks Best Buy. This situation has taken control of so many aspects of my life... its just unfair... lawsuit, charges, whatever - nothing changes this experience... nothing will bring back this child birth... I don't get a do-over. I got one shot... and now its rushed. Im supposed to be waiting for my baby girl to make her arrival... going through all the natural steps to get a natural child birth... I had my membranes stripped again today with minimal results. The best news was that Im about 4 cm dilated... sadly, its not where I need to be. I need to be in full on labor to avoid the Sunday induction that has now been scheduled... Apparently the lawyer thinks we can add this to our case. Because of the emotional aspect of it all... and because of the fact that my safer natural water birth will now be one full of hospital intervention, monitors and pitocin. Great - but it still doesn't get me what I want.

SO yeah, thats where we are right now... in a whirlwind of chaos... baby Rozzlyn will be here Monday at the latest... that's about the best news I have to share right now.. I want to thank everyone for their support while we go through all of this... There have been so many kind words, thoughts & prayers sent our way... it means a lot. I know everything happens for a reason... and Im trying to stay oh so positive... Im just kinda hitting a wall with the optimism... physically and emotionally exhausted and starting to break down a bit. *just keep swimming... just keep swimming*

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My custom Hot Mama Gown...

OMG OMG OMG - Love. For years now - I have daydreamed about having my own awesome custom Hot Mama Gown... as soon as I got pregnant I immediately contacted the mama behind the magic and we worked out a plan to get it rolling... Deidrea is super mom in my eyes... juggling her business, family, interviews, TV spots like Shark Tank... whatever she does, she rocks it... and when it came to my custom gown... *maybe Im biased* but its easily the coolest one she has ever made :)
 I can't even begin to describe the excitement of the doorbell ringing and getting handed this box by Mr. UPS man... I swear my heart skipped a beat as soon as I realized what it was... I tore the box opened... drooled over the amazing packaging... and ripped open the sparkly hot pink tissue to find this <------- purely... awesomely... punky perfection... and in the perfect print... why? Because Ms. Rozzlyn has a matching blanket, onesie, and pacifier clip that I made her in this print... so of course we will be perfectly coordinating, and I can't be more excited about it...
Each Hot Mama Gown has some truly amazing features:

  • Hospital / Birthing Center friendly with short sleeves and a full coverage snap-open back
  • Two ribbon-tied panels allow for quick and easy access for discreet nursing
Plenty of room for a growing belly... and perfectly comfy & cozy for both before & after pregnancy. Saying I am excited to show it off in the delivery room is a total understatement... so be sure to check back soon, as of COURSE I will have to take a bajillion pictures actually wearing it :)
Also - if you're interested in your own custom Hot Mama Gown - all the info is here :)
"The custom order process goes a little something like this: Send us an email Sales@HotMamaGowns.com and tell us all about your idea. We’ll then discuss the final design and try our best to meet all your requests!"

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The last one standing - congrats ladies!!

*sigh* So, I lost the race... me and these 3 awesome mama's were all due within a week of each other and we joked about who would go first. Well, Im the last one still standing... Ms. Rozzlyn is just hanging out... cookin' away... I just wanted to take a second to introduce the 3 cutest baby girls on earth :)

Allison Paige 8.2lbs 21inches
Izlyn Grey 20 1/2 inches long and 8.6 ibsLOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!!!Izzabelle Imogen 7 lbs .8oz.
Snuggled up on her boppy cover we made her :)
And a shameless plug - I made her crib bedding too :)

So congrats again to all these super mama's... you're all amazing... and all recovering from c-sections... I don't know how you do it!! Hopefully I will join you in the new baby world soon!  Kiss all those baby cheeks for me... and enjoy every second... it goes by so, so, so, fast... my "baby" is 4 now... wow.
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