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Here we go!

So its saturday night... but if you're reading this, its Sunday morning and we're at the hospital! Induction scheduled for 7am... bright and early. Hoping they will break my water first and see how that goes... if no luck - pitocin... either way Ms. Rozzlyn is getting evicted ... We're out of waiting time (see previous posts) and she needs to get out. Im sitting here staring at the empty MamaRoo... feeling her kicking around inside me... and its insanely surreal to think that by this time tomorrow night if all goes as planned...  Ill be in this same spot, blogging about my amazing water birth experience... looking at a beautiful baby girl in that chair. (if I can handle the idea of putting her down that is ;) wow... Its all happening so fast. Yet I feel like its been weeks of trying to coax her out! So - think of me! I need all the awesome pain free water birth vibes I can get!!!

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