The last one standing - congrats ladies!!

*sigh* So, I lost the race... me and these 3 awesome mama's were all due within a week of each other and we joked about who would go first. Well, Im the last one still standing... Ms. Rozzlyn is just hanging out... cookin' away... I just wanted to take a second to introduce the 3 cutest baby girls on earth :)

Allison Paige 8.2lbs 21inches
Izlyn Grey 20 1/2 inches long and 8.6 ibsLOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!!!Izzabelle Imogen 7 lbs .8oz.
Snuggled up on her boppy cover we made her :)
And a shameless plug - I made her crib bedding too :)

So congrats again to all these super mama's... you're all amazing... and all recovering from c-sections... I don't know how you do it!! Hopefully I will join you in the new baby world soon!  Kiss all those baby cheeks for me... and enjoy every second... it goes by so, so, so, fast... my "baby" is 4 now... wow.

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