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Wordless Wednesday: Quilts!

So - new house means new decor... and its beyond time for the boys' room to get a face lift... So naturally, mommy got down and dirty and made not one, but two twin size quilts... two of the prints are Japanese fabric... two are designer cottons... all top of the line materials of course... lined with a 80% cotton/20% poly batting... and super snuggle minky dot on the back... Its so warm and cozy (i slept with it last night, lol) It will be great to keep them warm this winter....  Izzaqs is backed with red minky dot... Zavery's will be backed with either a baby blue, or a tiffany blue... depending on which one matches best when it comes in. What do ya think!?

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Favorites Friday - SUPER CHICKEN!

So, this week is TOTALLY random... but Zaq has a meeting this week and there is rumor going around that zaq MAY just be wearing a chicken suit... and a cape... yes, a SUPER CHICKEN! so I figured it was only proper to dedicate this weeks post to all things super... and chicken-ish... or something... lol

#1: Chick Chick Earrings - (CUTENESS!)
#2: Fairesisters - Red & Black Cape. (Yep. Thats a grown man wearing a cape... *pictures hubby adding a chicken suit to this silliness... *ROFL*)
#3: Franticmeerkat - They Never Knew what hit them (lol, i wonder if zaq ill have this power in his super chicken suit?)
#4: Mahalo - Super Hero Cape
#5: Baamaamoo - SuperPeep! (its a baby chick.... wearing a cape... love it.)
#6: DiscoveryDenim - Little Hero Super Capes
#7: Mariska - Flufel Poloko Plush Chicken
#8: PumpkinBear - The Day They Got Their Capes
#9: Snitterdog - Mr Chicken Has a Beer (lol, ummmm yes - perfect.)
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New Hoodie(s)!! Yay! This time... stuff for daddy too!

Daddy & Me... coordinating hoodies for daddy&tot...
JCole requested this hoodie... i love it... so had to make a matching kids one... I appliqued on this rad fabric, that i LOVE... in the typical RockerByeBaby fashion... raw edges so they distress when you wash it... tons of rounds of wiggly stitches for the rockin' look & feel... and of course... the best part of all... i lined the hood with red minky... cuz it wouldn't be RockerbyeBaby without the best minky :) Whatcha think?! Itll be listed in the store within the week i hope!

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LIVE GIVEAWAY! Free PinUp Girls Christmas blanket!

Hey guys! Most everyone has expressed their love for this Christmas Pin Up Girls blanket....

I had one left in the store, and I think its only right to pull it out and give it away. I could discount it in the store, but thats not near as much fun as this is gunna be :) Its a live giveaway... and Im gunna make you work for it :) The blog has been kinda lagging lately - so we gotta price it up with something fun... You MUST Retweet the "tweet" below at least once for your comments to could... then below... comments. i ONLY want to see facts about you and your family... you can give as many as you want... doesnt matter... just be sure EACH FACT is in a separate comment... once the comments reach 500 (we have gotten close, but never reached 500!) I will draw a winner!



{FREE Unisex Christmas PInUp and minky Baby/Toddler Blanket @RockerByeBaby just RT and comment to win! http://bit.ly/84VEWe}

Comments: (example)

My name is Amber Zrust.
I have 3 babies... Izzaq, Zavery & my husband ZaQ. ;)
My Kids are eating Peanut Butter and Jelly right now.
..... and so on and so on...

Everyone got it? YAY! Now ready..... set.... go!
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Favorites Friday: Black & Red

Look @ me... Two weeks in a row!!

#1: Knittopotamus - Skelanimals... you need both. I bought one of each in black for my boys and they HAVE to have them to go to bed now... (see below )

#2: A custom RockerByeBaby dress... *insert shameless plug here* I love this dress... and I want a girl so I can have one, lol

#3: Custom Purse by Brooke Van Gory Designs I dont have this one exactly... but I am very lucky to be the owner of one of Brooke's rad bags...

#4: Just Like Dad black and red SKull Tie Father/Son set by RokGear... we didnt have these EXACT ties for the wedding... but close. and EVERYONE loved them... they were a HUGE hit.

#5: Skull & stars Longies from Wild Child for Babies... Id tell you to go buy them, but you cant... I just did while searching for new favorites, lol But check out her other stuff here. P.s. I am a HUGE wild Child fan for cloth diapers... I have 3 and they're my favorite.

#6: Christmas is coming... and if I didn't already have a stocked mantle of Nightmare before Christmas stockings... this skull one by PieDoughProductions would be there for SURE!

#7: omg, can i say LOVE!?!? cuz well... yeah... friggen love... i am going to HAVE to get this oven mit by Get Thready... not even a question.

#8: Always been a big fan of the competition... Born2BeeWild... theres no denying it... they rock... and this shirt is to die for...

#9: Easily... the cutest fabric pins in the world by CraftyCrafterson

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