LIVE GIVEAWAY! Free PinUp Girls Christmas blanket!

Hey guys! Most everyone has expressed their love for this Christmas Pin Up Girls blanket....

I had one left in the store, and I think its only right to pull it out and give it away. I could discount it in the store, but thats not near as much fun as this is gunna be :) Its a live giveaway... and Im gunna make you work for it :) The blog has been kinda lagging lately - so we gotta price it up with something fun... You MUST Retweet the "tweet" below at least once for your comments to could... then below... comments. i ONLY want to see facts about you and your family... you can give as many as you want... doesnt matter... just be sure EACH FACT is in a separate comment... once the comments reach 500 (we have gotten close, but never reached 500!) I will draw a winner!



{FREE Unisex Christmas PInUp and minky Baby/Toddler Blanket @RockerByeBaby just RT and comment to win!}

Comments: (example)

My name is Amber Zrust.
I have 3 babies... Izzaq, Zavery & my husband ZaQ. ;)
My Kids are eating Peanut Butter and Jelly right now.
..... and so on and so on...

Everyone got it? YAY! Now ready..... set.... go!

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