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Free Custom Blanket Giveaway by Us, RockerByeBaby!

Hey everyone!!
We go through the stages of overflowing blog posts - then we hit a bit of a stand still... so today I am here on this beautiful Sunday morning to liven things up a bit with a giveaway! We haven't done a blanket giveaway in awhile - so that is what we're going. The winner of this giveaway will get to choose their favorite print & minky to design their perfect baby blanket.
We can order in pretty much any print and minky if its not something you see in the choices. Our baby blankets are sized at approx. 30x36... Your prize will ship within 3-4 weeks as with all our custom orders. The winner will be given a listing on etsy that they can use to "check out" - but not pay... as this giveaway is for a completely free blanket. Its just a way that you can leave feedback and track your prize to your door!

 If you want to get your hands on one of these blankets - there are lots of ways to enter!!

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Nuby Giveaway: Round One - Newborn Care

We are SO totally excited to announce our first big Nuby Giveaway! We have three rounds of giveaways - so be sure to follow us and keep checking back!

Round One: Newborn Care

When you bring a newborn baby home... there are all sorts of things you will likely have to worry about... bathing, diaper changing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, medicine giving, pacifier ... uhhh... pacifier sucking? ... sure! There will be lots of that too. But never fear, Nuby has you covered in most all of these aspects... and to prove it to you, I've put together the perfect newborn care kit to give away to one lucky winner... But first, I want to tell you about the items you could receive.

Medical Care Kit-
"Nuby's™ Medical Kit helps you take care of you child's medical needs. From medicating to nasal and ear care, this kit makes it easier to care of your baby.
This kit includes: Sure-Dose™ Medicine dropper, Medi- Nurser, Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe and Medicine Dispenser."

Nail Care Set-
"Nûby™ strives to provide quality grooming products necessary for safe and simple grooming of your baby. All are available in fashionable colors and designs.
This set includes:
 Nail Clipper: that are sized for baby’s small nails, but are easy for an adult to use. Each Clipper comes with a snap on cover for cleaner storage.
 Baby and Toddler Nail Scissor: are made of stainless steal and are also sized perfectly for baby or toddler’s tiny nails. The short curved blades of these Scissors make it easier to trim a child’s nails. Trim straight across nails then shape as needed. Each pair of Nail Scissors comes with a hygienic cover that easily fits over the end.
 Smoothing Emery Boards: (4 pieces) are specially sized and shaped to help smooth and shape their tiny nails. This helps prevent your child from scratching themselves- and others!"

Nuby Brites Pacifiers: (0-6 months)
"The classic oval baglet with symmetrical shield design ensures that the pacifier always fits in your baby’s mouth. Nuby’s air system allows air to circulate between baby’s delicate skin & pacifier. The pacifiers come in various fun bright colors and designs!"

"The Paci-Cradle™ from Nûby™ is the ideal way to keep any pacifier or Pacifinder® within reaching distance. The Flexi-Klip™ ensures that the case will stay attached to a stroller, handbag, diaper bag, etc. The durable plastic case keeps pacifier and/or Pacifinder® secure, providing a clean and hygienically safe environment. It's sized conveniently to hold 2 pacifiers or 1 pacifier and Pacifinder®!"

Dr. Talbots Diaper Rash Cream:
"Engineered to be the best, Dr. Talbot's Diaper Rash Ointment was first developed by Dr. Ralph Jefferson Talbot in 1933. This zinc oxide and Peruvian balsam ointment helps soothe and prevent diaper rash, while moisturizing your baby's delicate skin."

Any mama (or daddy) and baby would be super lucky to receive all these Nuby goodies for their little one on the way... and as I HUGE Nuby supporter, I can confidently recommend them all... After baby number 3 - we still have some Nuby items that get regular use from years ago... and are still buying new ones as they come out! So - help me help you get your entries in to get your hands on this prize...
To enter:  *Each # below is a separate entry, comment below (in separate comments) which each number you complete... The #10 entry is MANDATORY - each extra (1-9) are extra chances at being entered! 1: Fan Nuby Usa on Facebook 2: Follow Nuby on Twitter 3: Follow Nuby on Instagram - @nubyusa 4: Follow Nuby on Pinterest 5: Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook 6: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter 7: Follow RockerByeBaby on Instagram. -@rockerbyebaby 8: Follow RockerByeBaby on Pinterest 9: Follow the Nuby USA YouTube Channel for videos and review by moms like me!!
10: Tell me why you want to win this giveaway from Nuby

Good Luck!!

**I was not compensated in any way for this post, just provided with product to review and giveaway.  

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Nuby is giving away 1,500 Gripper cups!

Nuby ♥'s their fans!! Today, they want to show you just how much!! We are giving away 1,500 Nuby Gripper Cups! Click the following the link and enter all required information for your chance to win with Nuby! All 1,500 winners will be notified via email on Monday, April 16, 2012!www.nuby.com/en/newsletter

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#10: Concertina

Cute, cute CUTE! Concertina is OH SO CUTE! If you are a fan of Amigurumi plush, then Concertina is the place to go!

She has the cutest plush from turtles, mushrooms, whales, elephants, and our favorites, the little jellyfish. "Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll."
All of her little jellies are custom made... and can be made in any array of colors. And the best part, is she uses safety eyes, so they are baby safe :) If you are like me, and have a love for the Japanese/Kawaii style, you should definitely check her out... her shop is running on low right now, but keep checking back as she plans to add lots of new items very soon :)

Maria has made the CUTEST set of Jellies... a yellow one for you and a blue one for Ashley... with the cute little applique hearts stitched to the sides. How to win:
#1: Heart Concertina on Etsy.
#2: Fan the Concertina facebook page.
#3: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#4: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#5: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand side.)
#6: Blog about this baby shower giveaway! Linking back to our blog... when you are done come here and comment below with the link to where we can see the post!

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Giveaway #9: Stella Grace Boutique

If you remember, last week we talked about creative play for kids... and sort of detaching from all the flashing lights and sounds of the high tech toys and gadgets on the market. Today I want to ramble on about Stella Grace Boutique... A shop focusing on toys inspired by a Waldorf Education. "The educational philosophy's overarching goals are to provide young people the basis on which to develop into free, morally responsible and integrated individuals, and to help every child fulfill his or her unique destiny, the existence of which anthroposophy posits." (thanks Wikipedia) Long story short... a Waldorf Education focuses on imagination and a creative approach to play time... And Stella Grace Boutique has all the goodies you need to support that type of environment.
Kara, the mama behind Stella Grace boutique has some of the cutest toys on the market. I should know... I have quite the collection ;) Over the last few months we have bought one of the 18 inch dolls...a mini blanket baby... a sensory owl rattle...  and Zavery has a custom dinosaur... all skully themed of course :) One of the things on our list to buy are her play silks... You get 6 hand dyed - rainbow colored play silks... they are "17 inch by 17 inch playsilks. They are wonderful for imaginative play, dress up, peek a boo, music and movement, circle time, and SO much more!" But the next MUST HAVE on our list will require a bit of penny saving. Waldorf dolls are pretty expensive, as they are made with very high quality, natural materials... "The face is made from bamboo cotton interlock and you can select a sleeper made from either knit or velour fabrics. The head is formed with 100% clean carded wool, in the traditional waldorf method. With a interlock body stuffed with carded wool too!!" to make it a little easier on the pocket book, she has an 11 inch "baby doll" listed. And we definitely want one :) With some sort of adorable skull nighty of course!
Last but definitely not least, we love her Teething Ring Blanket Loveys... They are "12x12 knit fabric, backed with soft hand dyed cotton velour fabric." Each one has a wooden ring attached with a snap for teething, and can be taken off when the lovey needs to be washed.  Kara made one special for Ashely out of the cutest "I Love You This Much" fabric... with a beautiful blue velour on the back... and of course, one lucky winner will get one too! The winner of this giveaway will get their choice of any custom Teething Lovey...

How to win:
#1: Heart Stella Grace Boutique on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite pair of item(s) in the Stella Grace Boutique Etsy shop, then come back and comment below, telling us what you love!
#3: Fan the Stella Grace Boutique facebook page.
#4: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#5: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand side.)
#7: Blog about this baby shower giveaway! Linking back to our blog... when you are done come here and comment below with the link to where we can see the post!
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