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Nuby helps you transition your kids in so many ways!

My roommate and her daughter have been living with us for awhile now while they looked for a new apartment. While they have been here, they've been sharing the boys' Nuby plates, cups, spoons and what not... When she let us know she was going to moving into her own place soon, I wanted to do something special to help with the transition - and I knew Nuby could help... and the timing couln't have been more perfect.
She was having a rough day when I realized that the special Nuby box had showed up... I told her maybe I could cheer her up... and its safe to say I did.  Nuby sent us over their Fun Feeding Set - "Set includes 2 bowls, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 spoons and 2 tumblers (9oz / 270ml). Each piece is durable enough for every day use and has been sized just right for your little one. They are also easy to clean and are 100% BPA Free!" These are go-to staples in our house... the bowls and plates are used EVERY day - and Maddie has been practicing with the big girl cups! So it was perfect for her to have her own set now to bring to their new place. Aymee is a busy mom on the go - so the travel holder for the spoons and forks will be great when they're out running around or perfect for a picnic! The Nuby Fun Feeding set is "ideal for children who are beginning to feed themselves. They feature a fun design and are available in a variety of colors."

My favorite part about the set of bowls is that they are microwave safe.  This morning I made Rozzlyn some oatmeal using one of hers... Its always nice being able to do everything I need to feed her out of one bowl. Less mess and easy cleanup. Want to get your own set? Available at these retailers:  www.BuyBabyDirect.com  www.diapers.com  www.amazon.com  Walmart
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Nuby Fun Drinking Cups!

The girls in this house are growing up! So naturally it was time to get our hands on some big girl cups. Today modeling is Ms. Maddie - my BFF Aymee's daughter... Knowing I am a huge NUBY supporter - she asked me where to get some great, durable & kid sized cups. Well, naturally I found her the perfect ones...
"Nûby™ Fun Drinking Cups™ are bright, fun and durable enough to withstand the challenges of daily use. They are great for children who are just beginning to drink from an open cup because they are sized perfectly for smaller hands. They feature a fun design and are available in a variety of colors." I have personally watched these cups bounce off the table and floor with not a crack... practice makes perfect, right? Aymee is a busy busy mama and says her favorite part about them is that they are low maintenance... when they get dirty - you just toss em in the dishwasher. She also said she loves the embossing on the side as it provides a bit of grip to the sides to make them easier to hold.
Big thanks to Nuby for always offering us the perfect solution to our growing baby's needs.

Want to get your own?
www.amazon.com www.diaper.com www.buydirectbaby.com

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Nuby No Spill Sport Sipper

I may have a new favorite kid cup! Ok - Ill admit it... Im totally THAT MOM. If my kids want something to drink and its not at my table - its going in a sippy cup. I still cringe every time my husbands since down with a soda on the couch. I want to get him a bib and a bottle nipple, lol I mean... its an offwhite couch and I have three kids and a husband. I have to be careful. LOL

I also send them to bed with a sippy cup of water... Maybe its too many scary movies, but Im always freaked about a random house spider or something crawling in or *shivers* ok, you get it... moving on. They also like to be able to put it in bed with them for easy access - but not have to worry about spilling it...

Here is my dilemma - like most big boys would, they complain all the sippy cups are for babies... and my complaint? Most of the big boy ones come with far too many parts to keep track of and properly cleaned... except for these. Im sold.

The Nuby No Spill Sport sipper is my hero. Just the one silicone spout pops out for SUPER easy cleaning... and my favorite - dishwasher safe... there are grippers on the sides so they're easy to hold on to... and they come in bright bold colors so I grabbed a blue and a green for the boys' favorite colors. They love them and specifically ask for them every day and before bed. Im thinking about tossing all the others (or donating them) and buying a couple more of these so Im not washing them 100 times a day, lol.

I highly recommend you running out to grab some! I grabbed mine at walmart for just a $2.97 each.

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Nuby is giving away 1,500 Gripper cups!

Nuby ♥'s their fans!! Today, they want to show you just how much!! We are giving away 1,500 Nuby Gripper Cups! Click the following the link and enter all required information for your chance to win with Nuby! All 1,500 winners will be notified via email on Monday, April 16, 2012!www.nuby.com/en/newsletter

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