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Nuby Twisty Bugs Teether Review

Love, LOVE AND LOVE!! Another amazing toy to satisfy my teething baby, and NUBY is to thank! I have been absolutely chaotic this month... Just between regular chaos of three kids, Zaq is on tour, and we have been moving my two home offices out and into our first REAL offsite office space. And when things get crazy - Ms. Rozz gets Nuby! There are only a handful of toys that will keep her little hands busy and her mind at attention for longer than a couple minutes and the Nuby Twisty Bugs Teether is one of them!
"The Twisty Bugz™ teether features colorful characters, multiple textured surfaces, and fun sounds that will delight and amuse your baby for hours. Each character is sized perfectly for small hands and can be twisted in a full circle. Additionally the entire teether can be twisted along its center. Twist it and it clicks! Shake it and it rattles!"
She absolutely loves the clicking and clacking sounds... the squishy teething wings on the bugs... the crinkles... and the little antenna nubs and strings... there are so many things for her to play with in this one single toy... and as a parent - its nice knowing she is being stimulated in so many different ways when I can't be the one entertaining her.
And a sneak peek into the next review... hiding back there in Rozzlyn's hands... the Nuby PurIce Teether. Check out these products and more at Nuby.com! And be sure to follow Nuby on Facebook where they do daily giveaways!
Disclosure: I was sent a free sample for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given. I am disclosing in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR Part 225, Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
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Check out our new Nuby teething toy!

Since I have the pleasure of being a Nuby Mommy Blogger - I get all sorts of awesome goodies to tell you about... One of which, is this SO SO awesome teether. Nuby has the most awesome collection of teethers in different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. "Like many of our other great teethers, this Coolbite™ Teether provides a variety of cool textured surfaces for your baby to bite and teethe on. The cool, resilient surfaces massage and soothe your baby's sore gums safely. This teether also features areas filled with a pûrICE™ Gel that will remain soft. After refrigerating, the pûrICE™ will stay colder longer than water filled soothers!" (Nuby) I love that the little fabric petals have crinkle paper inside...
And Rozzlyn absolutely LOVES chomping away at this teether and of course enjoys the cooling sensation against her sore gums... She even loves it without the cold though, so its a go to toy no matter what.
So if you're looking for a super cute teether, different from the typical things out there, track down this Nuby Teether at Nuby.com, Amazon, Babies R Us...... Go! Get one!
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Almost forgot the biggest milestone!

I almost forgot yesterday, our most proud milestone... we have made it to our goal of 6 months breastfeeding. It hasn't always been easy... but I was NOT willing to give up. Over the last 6 months some days it was exhausting (growth spurts) and some days rewarding... Some days I was overflowing with milk (thanks MMP and lactation cookies) and other days I felt like I had nothing... I am a HORRIBLE pumper... and what most people can pump in a sitting sometimes takes me 2 or 3 sessions just to get 5 ounces worth... but through all of this we kept going... and here we are - at our goal and still going strong.  I feel like it should be smooth sailing from here... *knock on wood* next goal... ONE YEAR!

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Back from our mini trip

Sometimes even I need a break... and starting LATE Wednesday night, I took one. After a 6 hour road trip to IL with a crying 6 month old, a 4 year old, and a 5 year old with an ear ache... at 3am we were on "vacation"... I headed home to visit family for a few days while Zaq is in Europe with Motion City Soundtrack. *lucky goose* I figured, why stay home alone when we could take a few days off. The days off of course, still involved tons of emails for work, and running from one place to another... but still great none the less... Its always hard living out of a suitcase with 3 kids. Between clothes, diapers, food, and feeding... with a baby it can be a nightmare. So - I wanted to take a second to share my MUST HAVE ITEMS when I go home with the kids.

MY LIST: In no particular order...
* Bumbo: It replaces the need for so many things... I feed Rozzlyn in here... Its also a great tool just to sit her down to play for a bit if I need both hands... Its light, small, and easy to bring place to place... *reminder: always keep the bumbo on the floor for safety reasons*
*gDiapers: I am a cloth diapering mama - but man, on the road it can be tough... and when I am home visiting I have ZERO time to do diaper laundry... so gPants are a great way to still use cloth, but get the convenience of disposables at the same time. YAY Eco-Friendly!
*Plum Organics: With baby Rozz, I have chosen to make my own baby food. I have SO SO much fun doing it... but traveling, there was no way I was going to bring a bag of fruit and vegis, my blender, all my storage, ETC. So I needed another solution... Plum Organics pouches were AMAZING! Such quality, organic baby food... So easy to squeeze from the pouch into a bowl, and recap if she didn't feel like finishing! Its so great to know there is an affordable, easy, organic option on the market that comes in all the great flavors I love to make at home.
*Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl: MY LIFESAVER! This little contraption was my lifesaver... and Im not even exaggerating. It made feeding SO SO convenient. When we were headed out the door I would pour a little cereal into the bowl, cap it with the super tight sealing lid, and snap the spoon into the top. Everything was in one spot and easy to grab. When I was ready to feed her I would fill it with the Plum baby food... mix it up and feed her. When she was done, I would just re-cap and toss the rest in the fridge. THANK YOU NUBY for such an amazing product.
*Diaper Bag: Shameless plug? Maybe... but its true. I don't know what I would have done without my awesome diaper bag. Its an exclusive line by Stellar Cheri made JUST FOR RockerByeBaby... you can't get this anywhere else, as this specific pattern was made exclusively for us. And let me tell ya, its perfect! It was plenty big to hold all randomness that makes its way in there while you're on the road. But not SO BIG that you feel like you're carrying your suitcase... I definitely recommend grabbing one from our shop! They're custom made to order... so if you need a different print, just ask!
Well! Those are my 5 absolute must have's for travel... I hope you find some (or all) of these goodies to be useful on your next road trip! If you have them (or get them), we would love to hear what you think! And of course - if you have any other traveling tips we would love to hear them!!

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Nuby is giving away 1,500 Gripper cups!

Nuby ♥'s their fans!! Today, they want to show you just how much!! We are giving away 1,500 Nuby Gripper Cups! Click the following the link and enter all required information for your chance to win with Nuby! All 1,500 winners will be notified via email on Monday, April 16, 2012!www.nuby.com/en/newsletter

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