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Nuby Squid Squirter! As much fun as it sounds.

Looking to spice up bath time? Get your hands on the Nuby Squid Squirter! This toy is sure to make things exciting! Its the first one the kids grab for when they get into the tub...
Why, do you ask? Because it makes the biggest mess... lol It makes me laugh reading the diapers.com description... because it is totally true. "Nuby's Squid Squirter is a fun way for your child to shoot water all over the bathroom. When you hold the squid under water and pull the handle back the chamber is filled with water. Then push down on the handle and watch the water squirt everywhere. Parents beware, this will be aimed in your direction."SO right on...
They love pulling the curtain closed during bath time and squirting each other. Fun, Fun, Fun... but it can be equally messy... so put a smile on your face, grab a towel, and let them be kids... I will say though - the stream is pretty strong so make sure they're not spraying it too close to each other... I have to imagine it wouldn't feel so awesome in the eye.
 Overall - I am always thrilled with Nuby toys... they're BPA free... easy to clean... and like I said - its the boys' favorite! So another win over here with Nuby. As you can see - our collection of Nuby bath toys is getting pretty large and were super happy with all of them!
Want one for yourself? Available at BuyBuyBaby.com diapers.com amazon.com
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Nuby Twista-Rattle Review!

Of all the toys that come and go in our world, the Nuby Twista-Rattle is one that will stay around for awhile.

Even with Rozzlyn is asleep, I find myself twisting and clicking it into different shapes... and feeling the different textures. Im not sure why I enjoy it so much, haha... but I do. I was probably more excited to get it than she was! I LOVE love LOVE the bright colors, soft textures, and sounds it makes. It is such a simple toy but full of imagination... "The Twista Rattle™ is designed to soothe and comfort teething toddlers. The multiple teething surfaces twist and turn, encouraging the development of your baby’s hand and eye coordination! The Twista Rattle is perfectly sized for little hands to hold." Yesterday I found Rozzlyn sitting on the floor trying to balance it on her head saying "HAT! HAT!" The day before that? She was looping it around her arm and foot like a bracelet. I love watching her imagination run wild.  Nuby always amazes me with their amazing creations and this is just another example of that. It is the go to toy in the diaper bag now... it twists up nice and small and fits in the little pockets of my bag... it keeps her entertained and when she gets bored I join in the fun and we come up with some new way to play with it together. Plus - she loves chomping on those nubby edges... proving her with some relief from those teeth popping through. Want one? They are available at: www.amazon.com or www.diapers.com
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LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy

We're a huge fan of bath time in this house... and all of our toys have pretty much been replaced by Nuby. I've always had an issue with cheap toys that suck in water and get slimy and mildew in them. Gross. Nothing worse then squirting a toy at a baby and a chunk of who knows what comes out... not cool in my book. When I became a Nuby Mommy Blogger the first things on my list were new toys and Nuby has gone ABOVE and beyond my expectations. I have been so thrilled with every single one of them.
The newest one on our list has been the Octopus Floating Bath Toy... It sits on top of the water and comes with three little rings that you toss onto its arms. Ms. Rozzlyn LOVES it. Its easy for her to hold on to - which is great because the first thing she wanted to do was poke and touch all the little bumps.
Its great for hand/eye coordination while she tries to put the rings on the arms... and of course even the older boys have fun making a game of it too. I definitely recommend getting your hands on one of these! They're made to last and you won't be sorry :)

Currently available:
Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Nuby-Octopus-Bath-Time-Toss/dp/B008CDR7LW
Sears - http://www.sears.com/nuby-octopus-bath-time-toss/p-SPM651109014?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1

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Nuby Review - Ol' McDonald Singing Plush Cow

We're so in love with our new Ol' McDonald Singing Plush Cow!! Not only is he so incredibly soft and squishy - when you squeeze his tummy he sings the Ol' Mc Donald nursery rhyme. Cutest thing in the whole world? Listening to a just over 1 year old sing E-I-E-I-O! Don't worry - Ill share that in a minute. First - the details. They come in 4 different characters, a Duck, Cow, Lamb or Pig - all making their own animal sound along with the song. They are all baby safe and have no exposed buttons or choking hazards. As always - a huge huge huge thumbs up to Nuby.

And now for your viewing pleasure... Ms. Rozzlyn squishing and loving on "Betsy" our cow :)

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Nuby Video Review for the Tickle Toes Hippo!

Love love LOVE this tickle toes Hippo!! And of course, so does Ms. Rozzlyn... this fake laugh just CRACKS ME UP! If you don't yet have one - I recommend you run out and get one to put under the tree...

"Hilariously funny, the Nûby™ Tickle Toes™ are soft, adorable and make the perfect playmate for your child. A gentle squeeze of the foot makes the character giggle and chuckle and is guaranteed to have you and your child do the same. Choose from the wide range of popular children’s characters or better still, collect them all!"
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