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Nuby Twista-Rattle Review!

Of all the toys that come and go in our world, the Nuby Twista-Rattle is one that will stay around for awhile.

Even with Rozzlyn is asleep, I find myself twisting and clicking it into different shapes... and feeling the different textures. Im not sure why I enjoy it so much, haha... but I do. I was probably more excited to get it than she was! I LOVE love LOVE the bright colors, soft textures, and sounds it makes. It is such a simple toy but full of imagination... "The Twista Rattle™ is designed to soothe and comfort teething toddlers. The multiple teething surfaces twist and turn, encouraging the development of your baby’s hand and eye coordination! The Twista Rattle is perfectly sized for little hands to hold." Yesterday I found Rozzlyn sitting on the floor trying to balance it on her head saying "HAT! HAT!" The day before that? She was looping it around her arm and foot like a bracelet. I love watching her imagination run wild.  Nuby always amazes me with their amazing creations and this is just another example of that. It is the go to toy in the diaper bag now... it twists up nice and small and fits in the little pockets of my bag... it keeps her entertained and when she gets bored I join in the fun and we come up with some new way to play with it together. Plus - she loves chomping on those nubby edges... proving her with some relief from those teeth popping through. Want one? They are available at: www.amazon.com or www.diapers.com
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sleeeeeeeeep baby!

Sleep? What's that? I don't even know anymore. I spend so little time sleeping lately that I feel like it more like napping. Instead of saying "time for bed" I literally say, "it's time for a nap".  I'm stupid - and the one chunk of the night where she sleeps about 4-5 hours straight... I spend working, emailing, *ahem* blogging (at 3am)... Its just that its the only time I can get quiet, uninterrupted mommy space to get things done. Tonight has been one of those nights that Ms. Rozzlyn has been awake about every 1-2 hours because her teeth are bugging her :( I need to get her one of these cool Twista Rattles from Nuby.
 I bet she would love chomping away at it! Can you believe it!? My teeny baby girl is already 5 months old, and teething! And sitting up in her bumbo, and eating food, and playing, and sleeping in her crib... and... and... and...... *tears* Where has the time gone? I could cry. She needs to slow down that whole growing thing and just be my baby girl for a little while. Well - time for a nap... daddy is snoring away on the couch, so I think thats my sign to get us both in bed... even if just for a couple hours. Sweet dreams all!
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