sleeeeeeeeep baby!

Sleep? What's that? I don't even know anymore. I spend so little time sleeping lately that I feel like it more like napping. Instead of saying "time for bed" I literally say, "it's time for a nap".  I'm stupid - and the one chunk of the night where she sleeps about 4-5 hours straight... I spend working, emailing, *ahem* blogging (at 3am)... Its just that its the only time I can get quiet, uninterrupted mommy space to get things done. Tonight has been one of those nights that Ms. Rozzlyn has been awake about every 1-2 hours because her teeth are bugging her :( I need to get her one of these cool Twista Rattles from Nuby.
 I bet she would love chomping away at it! Can you believe it!? My teeny baby girl is already 5 months old, and teething! And sitting up in her bumbo, and eating food, and playing, and sleeping in her crib... and... and... and...... *tears* Where has the time gone? I could cry. She needs to slow down that whole growing thing and just be my baby girl for a little while. Well - time for a nap... daddy is snoring away on the couch, so I think thats my sign to get us both in bed... even if just for a couple hours. Sweet dreams all!

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