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Mr. Kieran trying out his new teething toy from Nuby!

Nuby teething toys we're always a big hit in my house with Rozzlyn... but she is kinda past that age now. So when my we met our new friends Amber & Shannon - we were super excited to try out some Nuby goodies on their son Kieran! This lucky little man got to chomp away at the Teethe-eez. "One end of the “fish shaped” Teethe-eez™ feature teething bristles, just like the above Gum-eez™. The whole teether is made of soft curves and multiple textures that gently massage and stimulate your baby’s gums. The Teethe-eez™ is made of 100% soft medical grade silicone."
And let me tell you - he LOVED it... he kept flipping around from end to end... chewing on it from all sides and angles. He also loved to grind his gums against the nubs on the silicone. It was the PERFECT time to try this one out - as that week he had been having a rough few nights and teething was in full force. You wouldn't know it from this picture! He was a happy, drooly little dude!
I have absolutely ZERO complaints and give this simply awesome teething toy 5 stars! Want to get one for yourself?
Shop here:

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Fish Swoosh! Another Score for Nuby!

Bath toys are all the rave in my house right now... I swear of all the things we do - bath time is at the top of the list... and that is a HUGE thanks to Nuby. The newest edition to our tub toys is the Fish Swoosh set.
"Fish Swoosh™ will help develop and improve your child’s motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. This bath time play set is so much fun. Your child can squeeze and squirt the fish between dunks in the goal! Sturdy suction cups keep the goal adhered to the bathtub wall for endless bath time fun."The boys like to stick it up SUPER high on the wall... and then shoot the squishy fish into the hoop. There have also been a few slam dunks... ;) My favorite feature is the little tie at the bottom... keeping all the fish in the net and easily put away after bath. We are always pleased with Nuby Bath Toys - stay tuned for more coming soon!  
Want one!? They're available at BuyBabyDirect.com Get social with Nuby!   www.facebook.com/nubyusa  www.twitter.com/nubyusa   www.pinterest.com/nubyusa   www.instagram.com/nubyusa  
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Nuby Sport Sipper! My Hero lovers new favorite.

I know I have told you before - about my love for the Nuby Sport Sipper... but Nuby just took it to a while new level for my little man, Zavery! He is hero obsessed... specifically Spiderman & Captain America... but of course a strong appreciation for Hulk, Bat Man, etc. etc. etc. So when I saw this new design to my favorite Nuby Sipper, I was sold... and so was he!
 I love how easy they are to clean... I just throw in the dishwasher and done... and the "straw" is nice and wide so its easy to get in there if it needs a little extra scrubbing. The cup features his two favorite colors - red & blue. And its printed with super hero kids... It is the "go to" cup of his now...  "The Nûby™ Sport Sipper is perfect for children on the go! It's sized just right for little hands to grip and is available in a variety of cute designs that make cup drinking more fun for your little one. It features an easy to use sports sipper straw that is durable enough for your child's newly formed sharp teeth. And because it's from Nûby™, you know that it has been engineered to prevent spills and reduces leaks."
  Available for sale on Amazon.
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Review: Nuby Booster Seat

Last week we had the chance to try out the Nuby Booster seat - and I gotta say... it might actually be Rozzlyn's favorite thing... I actually got it for my son Zavery since he sits just little low for our table. Though its never actually been used for him. Why? Because Rozzlyn snagged it first and no one else is allowed to sit in it. This was immediately after we opened the box. She grabbed the Nuby Twisty Rattle and plopped her little bum right down in her new spot.
"The Nûby™ Booster Seat is safe, durable and strong. It features a wide sturdy base, and subtle contours that are comfortable and stylish. It comes equipped with safety straps that can be attached to most chairs. Holds up to 65 pounds!"My favorite part about this seat is its light enough for Rozzlyn to drag around anywhere she would like - yet safe and sturdy enough to be used as a booster seat. It is such a multi-function item and I would recommend it to anyone!
  Where to purchase: The Blue one is available at Diapers.com BuyBabyDirect.com
Get social with nuby! They are always going amazing giveaways so be sure to follow them! www.facebook.com/nubyusa www.twitter.com/nubyusa www.pinterest.com/nubyusa www.instagram.com/nubyusa

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Flower snack keeper - nuby review

I have to take a minute to talk about the insane cuteness of this snack keeper from Nuby... we're all seen them before, right? boring containers that are supposed to keep your kids snacks from spilling all over the place... they rarely work... and are limited in design... but leave it to Nuby to provide us with ANOTHER awesome product...
"No more messy snacks! Our unique Snack Keeper™ cup keeps kid-sized snacks inside the container instead of on the floor or car seat. The soft silicone flaps make it easy to grab snacks without spilling. Nûby™ feeding accessories are made to withstand the challenges of daily use and retain their bright color."
Well - Rozzlyn put it to the test... Shes at that fun *annoying* stage where she likes to take two bites of something then toss it overboard and then do the naughty *adorable* UH-OH!!! when it spills all over the place... but not now Ms. Rozzlyn - you've met your match!
I believe this face was more of a... heyyyyyy wait a minute! She was disappointed where there wasn't a cheerio explosion that hit the ground - mama however, was THRILLED. 
Its so easy to use - and I now find myself bringing this thing everywhere. Especially my office... I can't have her snacky crumbs all over the place - so this is the perfect solution.  We approve Nuby!! 

Get social with nuby! They are always going amazing giveaways so be sure to follow them!

Want your own? You can get them by visiting www.diapers.com and the snack keeper is just $5.19

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