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We Love Little Metal Misster!

Its been awhile since we have shouted out to one of our favorite rockin mama's and now seems like the perfect time!! If you havn't seen her around - meet Jen, the mama behind Little Metal Mis(s)ter!! Jen makes some of the coolest shirts around along with many other things...
Cute beanies... Adorable Leggings...  Awesome Stockings... And her own super creative invention... the Guitag... So yeah! We have almost one of everything on this list - and I definitely recommend that you stop by her shop to check it out... you can click any of the photos to be directed to that item in the etsy store. Or click here to be sent to her facebook fan page. 

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Our favorite new accessory! BUNTING!

omg, omg, omg... I hate to jump on the Bunting Band Wagon - but wow is it ever cute!! Bunting is the perfect accessory for so many things... photo shoot? Bunting. Birthday party? Bunting... nursery & room decor? BUNTING!! I had seen a lot of them on etsy but I was never really impressed with what I saw - and many of you had requested them but I always passed... but recently I got excited to try my own... and man did we step it up!
They are fully finished... meaning not one sided like so many of them are... and not basic cut edges that will slowly fray away... they are DOUBLE SIDED - stitched inside & top stitched for extra durability... and a huge 8 ft. LONG!! They come with your choice of two prints & a minky for extra texture... and backed with a solid color cotton so there are no "ugly" sides... and each 8ft bunting has 12 flags on it.
Want your own? They're listed over at our etsy shop for $38 + shipping.
Get yours here!
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Recent Finished Crib Bedding

So many awesome crib sets have headed out the door recently... Just wanted to take a minute to showcase some of my favorites :)

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Wordless Wednesday: Quilts!

So - new house means new decor... and its beyond time for the boys' room to get a face lift... So naturally, mommy got down and dirty and made not one, but two twin size quilts... two of the prints are Japanese fabric... two are designer cottons... all top of the line materials of course... lined with a 80% cotton/20% poly batting... and super snuggle minky dot on the back... Its so warm and cozy (i slept with it last night, lol) It will be great to keep them warm this winter....  Izzaqs is backed with red minky dot... Zavery's will be backed with either a baby blue, or a tiffany blue... depending on which one matches best when it comes in. What do ya think!?

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Favorites Friday: The Guitar Shirt

There are so many different versions of the guitar shirt out there... I have been a bit inspired today to show a handful of the MANY different ways we etsy sellers have designed our own version of the Guitar Shirt... I think its time we highlight a few... :)

Please take the time to click & enlarge the photo to see some of the amazing details)

#1: Boutique Lucky Stars - "Your little rockstar will love the comfort of this Boutique Lucky Stars 100% organic cotton guitar t shirt. With a vintage look and feel, the guitar is fused onto shirt and top stitched for added durability." I Totally love this one... not only is it eco friendly - its SO CUTE! I love the use of the 2 different fabrics.

#2: RocknRags - "White cotton short sleeve bodysuit with cotton appliqued guitar (fused to prevent fraying). Guitar is cotton, black with PINK, gray and white dots or YELLOW, gray and white dots" Super cute... super simple... and I love the fat zig-zag stitch!

#3: RockerByeBaby - "Its a white with red or turquoise and hot pink Ringer t-shirt... and then I designed and hand cut the guitar applique.... using Robert Kaufman Sugar & Spice fabric... But that wasn't enough...
I added grommets to the body, and strung it up with some turquoise ribbon. *Grommets will be in the color silver* Frayed the edges... and gave it 3 rounds of wiggly jiggly stitches. And now - it really is the perfect combo of Sugar & Spice..." I loved this design... and was super proud of it. As of right now I am STILL the only one doing it with grommets & ribbon :)

#4: Sweet3LeafPrints: "A truly unique EARTHY Electric GUITAR for that special Earthy toddler boy (or girl)! Leaves are Printed in black and blue for fantastic visual effect. Tee says "I Rock" - made from hand cut eco-friendly felt letters. Fused and machine stitched on for durablity." This guitar is so detailed I swear you could take it off the shirt and play it! Its felted under the fabric as well as felt lettering!

#5: BubbleKidShop: "The Jam Session T is made on a 100% cotton, sweatshop-free American Apparel shirt in black. The appliqué is made from fabric reclaimed from another garment and is hand-stitched with white embroidery thread." i LOVEEE this shirt... Its such a feminine way to do a usually masculine shirt.

#6: RessicaJachel: "This rock n' roll Gerber Onesies® brand features three awesome guitar appliques! They will be top stitched with coordinating thread for extra durability." Super duper cute and simple trio of guitars from the Michael Miller Groovy Guitar fabric.

#7: WideEyedMusings: "Shirts are new, and have been washed once for best adherence of the applique. Appliques are designed to fray slowly as a unique and very Euro style! All designs are hand sketched and cut, fused on and machine stitched with coordinating thread." Can we say... amazing!? WOW! A super amazing guitar applique
with lots and lots of stitching details. It looks perfectly sewn!

#8: DameStarBaby: "Each of our guitars is unique, made with an assortment of new and recycled fabrics, silver strings and shell buttons. Yours might not look exactly like this one but we promise it will be just as cute." Possibly the coolest guitar shirt ever made... the buttons and strings make it AWESOMEEEE!!

#9: Vintage Lucys: "Appliqued flame guitar for your little rebels. ~Heat bonded machine stitched applique" Vintage Lucys is totally one of my fav shops. We bought something for my MIL there for xmas. She has all the Rockabilly goodies baby will need :)
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