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LAst one?! NOT!! Annabellas Designs HUGE hair accessories giveaway!

Does pregnancy brain kick in all ready? Im not sure... according to my due date calculator Im about 5 weeks along... Not sleeping well, exhausted, emotional... so laps in brainz could be another one of those things... anyways... my girlie Sarah has put together an AWESOME set for all of you, and i forgot it :( How? I dunno... its some of the cutest stuffs in history...

Annabella's Designs is owned by my good friend Sarah, who is also a great customer of mine, and quite possible one of the most amazing mommies in history... Sarah is a stay at home mom to ... three... four... no..... FIVE adorable kids... 4 boys and the perfectly adorable princess Annabella... (huge influence on my baby fever). Her hubby is in the Navy and gone quite a bit and somehow she manages to rock it all... Mom/Wife of the Year award for SURE! Now on top of that, in her free time... (HAHA, what free time) she has the cutest Etsy shop for hair accessories... Her prices are totally affordable, and best of all she uses high quality materials... dont be fooled, there are some CHEAP products out there on etsy... and you get what you pay for, and they fall apart in no time... With Annabellas Designs this is not the case... I will be returning again and again if #3 is a girl :) And if not, then definitely for gifts!
Check out this adorableness. :)
Turquoise and Zebra Gem Center Daisy on a Black Skinny Stretch Headband - Babies/Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Turquoise & Zebra Gem headband
Hot Pink Crochet Hat with Black Gem Center Daisy - Interchangeable - Toddlers/Girls
Pink Crochet Hat w/ removable Black clip
Hot Pink and Black Rhinestone Rockabilly Headband Babies/Toddlers/Big Girls/Adults
Hot Pink & Black Rockabilly Headband
(hmmm wonder where she got that blanket!!)
Leopard Print Clips Trio - Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Leopard Print Clips Trio
And..... awhile back I bought these for Aymee...
Rockabilly Clip Trio - Babies/Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Rockabilly Clip Trio
I couldn't resist... and just HAD to get her in on the Baby Bash... she glad she joined us! Go check it out... She has all different colors and styles and i promise there is something for everyone. Now, Super Mom Sarah has put together an AWESOME little collection of goodies for your little lady...
Time to drool... :)
7 sets of clips & 2 headbands.. Were looking at a $30 value up for grabs here! And winning is easy as pie...
#1: Make ANY purchase from AnnabellasDesigns and get 5 extra entries. (items start at $1.99 +)
#2: Follow AnnabellasDesigns on Twitter!
#3: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter!
#4: Tweet This: (up to once daily)
"Huge Girl Hair Bows & clips giveaway ($30 value) #babybloggingbash from @CrazyMamaOfFive at the @rockerbyebaby blog http://bit.ly/bsT8GT"
#5: Follow the Annabella's Designs Blog!
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog! (sidebar)
#7: "Like" Annabellas Designs on facebook
#8: "Like" RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#9: Go to the Annabellas Designs Etsy shop, and heart her store and two items.#10: Put the Rockerbyebaby flash button on your blog or website. (3 extra entries) *sidebar*

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The Baby Blogging Bash update!! More prizes!

Many have heard you talking about how my best friend Aymee from back home is PREGNANT! SOOO exciting... and she is having a little princess named Maddie. YAY! Well, while in my pity party slump I decided that even though I am so far away, I can still throw a rad baby shower for her!! Thats where the Blog Bash comes in... We have LOADS of prizes arranged... lots of fun game ideas... and like last week... here is THIS weeks sneak peek into some of shops where the prizes are coming from!!
This weeks peek:

if your interested in joining in the giveaway PLEASE let me know, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you!!
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Wordless Wednesday: Newness!

Sneak Peek at some newness soon to be listed! Working on a little colab w/ The Laundry Monster... we both have alot of copy cat shops... and out of no where all my burp rag sales were going to copy cats... not cool... so I thought, how can i make mine stand above the rest like the did before? Like this... BUT the hand dyed burp rags has kinda been taken over my Laundry Monster... and I didnt wanna step on any toes... SO we worked out a little system... we gunna do a linky trade... and in hers it will say, if your looking to some w/ an edge... check out rockerbyebaby... and mine will say something like... if your looking for a more traditional print, check out laundry monster... THAT way, were passing sales to each other and not all the other random shops out there... see guys... make friends... everyone always asks how I got the store to be so big so fast... this is key... make friends with everyone and network network network!!! Anyways, whatcha think!? you can peek at prints when theyre listed :)

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Favorites Friday!? BLACK FRIDAY!

Everyone loves shopping on Black friday... maybe not out and about but at least online!! Well, i know time is money - so I have taken some of mine to find you the coolest stuff with the best deals! Check it out!!!


#1: BasketsofBeauty: Skull Kawaii Soap - Pick Your scent! SALE = Buy one get one HALF OFF! Thats two for like $5!!

#2:Mizuryu (BabyBooFelt): Skulls & flowers Baby Blocks THREE PACK! Totally love these :) SALE: Buy One get one HALF off!! Thats like two full sets for under $20!

#3: BellaPoshPillows: Boo Boo Pocket Pillows - Can be chilld or heated for all those baby bumps and bruises! SALE= maked down to just $4.95!

#4: Kooky Tea Party: Super cute sugar skull ring Just $5.20 SALE = 20% off and free shipping on all items after the first one!

#5: BrookeVanGory: Lime Skulls & Stars Fleece pants/Longies... TOO CUTE! Just $20 regular price. SALE = BUY one get on HALF OFF! Thats 2 pairs for just $30 and can be made in ANY size.

#6: ChildishThoughts: Skull crayon apron. LOVE this for a boy OR girl... SALE = 30% off and free shipping over $50!! (i think you have to email her for the discount... but thats just $14 for the apron :)

#7: Glamasaurus: Poisoned Heart Collage - One of my fav items from a fav seller :) SALE: All collage necklaces are 20% off and FREE SHIPPING! marked down to just $36!!

#8: OHBANANAS: Zano The Monster shirt. Normally $20-$25 SALE: ALL SHIRTS $15 or under!

#9: Pippichick: Super cute iPod pouch/case I totally need one of these! Normally $24 plus shipping SALE = $2 off plus free international & domestic shipping!!
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Favorites Friday: Black & White

mmmmm yummmm. black & white...
This takes forever to do but its my favorite part about blogging :)

*click to enlarge the photo*

#1 - The Eli Monster: Huge fan... I have her Nautical Star diaper... but this one TOTALLY needs to be added to the collection... cuz well, theres a skull and i love skulls ;)

#2 - Small Threads: Ya know those crappy generic skull suits you can get @ walmart around halloween time? Yeah... well... this is NOTHING like that... Its a 3 piece set.. and takes her over 10 hours!! "This fabulous costume was pieced together by hand with babies comfort in mind."

#3 - Platipuses:Theres no denying it... Plats is one sexy bi-atch... Shes got style... class... a hot a$$... haha her shop slogan is... "Curvy hoes ♥ killer clothes" I love it... almost as much as I love this fur lined hoodie... Keep Rockin girlie...

#4 - MTCoffinz: Too sexy! Too sexyyy!! Nothing like hot chicks, stripes, and tattered tutu's to start the day... MT is the QUEEN of tutu's and someday im totally gunna have one...

#5 - Kadashii88: OMG... back when I was cool i would have TOTALLY worn this... Im not anymore... hubby is lucky if I get dresses at all, lol But if I ever am cool again, and can spend my days lookin hot and sexy and NOT in pj's covered in oatmeal... i will TOTALLY be buying this cuff ;)

#6 - RockItDesigns: Thanks god im pretty........ need I say more? hahaha Awesome... witty... bitchy... damask... black & white... CHEAP... yeah... perfection

#7 - CreativeBridal: A girl after my heart... why didn't i see this when we got married!?! Serisously... Jack + Black and White Stripes = True love... Check out the matching garter too!

#8 - StellarCheri: Guitars... Skeletons... what more could a girl ask for? Seriously though... i LOVE this shop... you have to check it out... I would wear/use everything in it... the prices are TOTALLY affordable and the work look great... I have my eye on that Misfits bag too ;)

#9 - MEandREEKIE: Last but in NO WAY the least... I am Totally blown away. These shoes are AMAAAAZING!! This shop has been open a year and only 24 sales!! Lets help her out... EVERYONE needs to buy these shoes... Brooke, that means you too... they also come in pink ;)
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