LAst one?! NOT!! Annabellas Designs HUGE hair accessories giveaway!

Does pregnancy brain kick in all ready? Im not sure... according to my due date calculator Im about 5 weeks along... Not sleeping well, exhausted, emotional... so laps in brainz could be another one of those things... anyways... my girlie Sarah has put together an AWESOME set for all of you, and i forgot it :( How? I dunno... its some of the cutest stuffs in history...

Annabella's Designs is owned by my good friend Sarah, who is also a great customer of mine, and quite possible one of the most amazing mommies in history... Sarah is a stay at home mom to ... three... four... no..... FIVE adorable kids... 4 boys and the perfectly adorable princess Annabella... (huge influence on my baby fever). Her hubby is in the Navy and gone quite a bit and somehow she manages to rock it all... Mom/Wife of the Year award for SURE! Now on top of that, in her free time... (HAHA, what free time) she has the cutest Etsy shop for hair accessories... Her prices are totally affordable, and best of all she uses high quality materials... dont be fooled, there are some CHEAP products out there on etsy... and you get what you pay for, and they fall apart in no time... With Annabellas Designs this is not the case... I will be returning again and again if #3 is a girl :) And if not, then definitely for gifts!
Check out this adorableness. :)
Turquoise and Zebra Gem Center Daisy on a Black Skinny Stretch Headband - Babies/Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Turquoise & Zebra Gem headband
Hot Pink Crochet Hat with Black Gem Center Daisy - Interchangeable - Toddlers/Girls
Pink Crochet Hat w/ removable Black clip
Hot Pink and Black Rhinestone Rockabilly Headband Babies/Toddlers/Big Girls/Adults
Hot Pink & Black Rockabilly Headband
(hmmm wonder where she got that blanket!!)
Leopard Print Clips Trio - Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Leopard Print Clips Trio
And..... awhile back I bought these for Aymee...
Rockabilly Clip Trio - Babies/Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Rockabilly Clip Trio
I couldn't resist... and just HAD to get her in on the Baby Bash... she glad she joined us! Go check it out... She has all different colors and styles and i promise there is something for everyone. Now, Super Mom Sarah has put together an AWESOME little collection of goodies for your little lady...
Time to drool... :)
7 sets of clips & 2 headbands.. Were looking at a $30 value up for grabs here! And winning is easy as pie...
#1: Make ANY purchase from AnnabellasDesigns and get 5 extra entries. (items start at $1.99 +)
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