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Two parts... first winner gets $40... second winner picked gets $20 gift certificate/credit in the store.

#1: $40 GC
Now thats a good day!!

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Mentoring Mondays: The Whoa Moment...

Another amazing post by future Maddies mama... Aymee. Loving your posts mimi... :)The “Whoa” MomentI don’t know about you, but every once in a while, I have moments where the earth seems to stop spinning on its axis and the gravity of a situation hits me hard. This usually only happens during major life milestones. Graduating high school, getting married, turning 25: these are all instances where, for me, time stopped for a moment and I thought to myself, “whoa.” Either the reality of being pregnant hasn’t hit me yet, or I am very serene about it. I haven’t been able to decipher which one. Adam seems to be breaking this “oh my god” freak-out moment into smaller, more manageable panics and lubricating them with whiskey. He says I was born to be a mother. Yes, in a scientific sense: this is what I’m designed to do, and so maybe that plays a big role. Because this is my most primal purpose, I’m not having that moment of “whoa? Has nature taken over and put my conscious on autopilot? What I fear is that I’m not taking this seriously enough. As soon as I typed that out, I realized how ridiculous that is. I’m on my second baby book, I religiously follow the dietary suggestions, track weight gain, exercise with the proper restrictions/precautions, I read and play games with my unborn child for brain stimulation. But at the same time, I haven’t had that world-stopping moment. In the first trimester, I would say, “It hasn’t hit me yet because I need to feel her kick.” But that wasn’t it. I’m now in the third trimester where she kicks all the time, and it’s still so surreal. It’s like a movie; as if any minute now, a director will yell “Cut,” the walls of my apartment will part to reveal a set with cameras and crew, and someone will bring me bottled water and powder my nose.              Throughout most of my childhood and teenage years, I was so focused on growing up that I didn’t often stop to smell the roses. My first “whoa” memory is sitting on one of hundreds of plastic folding chairs in the middle of the UMSL gymnasium floor amongst my peers, a sea of red caps and gowns. The gym was humming with over a thousand people, students, teachers, parents and other family, talking all at once. After the speeches, I watched as one by one, each row was lead up to the stage. As I was standing in line on the ramp next to the stage, waiting for my name to be called, I thought, “This is it.” The only chapter in my life I could remember was now closing and another chapter was opening before me at the other end of that stage: one that held mysteries as deep as the ocean or space. They do a good job of trying to prepare you for what’s on the other side. I had a plan for my future; I had it all figured out (ha ha). But no one can accurately convey what it will feel like in that very moment when all you know is ending.              My next “whoa” memory is from my wedding day (I had two that day). I especially love these for obvious reasons. Adam and I both woke up that morning without an alarm clock, refreshed and relaxed. Adam wanted to do nothing that day but keep relaxing until the big event, so he went and did his own thing while I made last minute errands and preparations for the wedding that night (this is my version of relaxing). After decorating the club with my mom’s help, I picked up the flower to wear in my hair from the florist and leisurely got ready at my apartment. In my perfect black strapless satin cocktail dress with tiny velvet polka dots and vintage heels, looking and feeling like a million bucks, I got into my car and drove to the club. On the road, everything seemed to slow down. The air felt heavier to breathe. My skin tingled. I felt like I was floating. I don’t remember the song on the radio now, but it was perfect for the moment. These were the last few minutes of my life that I would be a single woman. After that my life would never be the same, and I knew it. Much like graduating high school, I didn’t know what lie on the other side of that stage. But Unlike graduating, I knew Adam was a part of that unknown and that made it less scary, and more exciting. As I pulled into the parking lot of the club, life came back up to speed. The night went on as planned. The crowd waiting outside was let in and the tiny club packed wall to wall with friends, relatives, and even a few strangers there to see the bands. There was that humming again. The hum of a hundred or so people talking at once. It was time to start the show. I began looking around for the people we needed: our friend who was to marry us—check, my mom (and maid of honor)—check, Adam’s best man—check, and Adam…where was Adam? The room started to spin. I saw a sea of faces but not the one of my fiancé. An ounce of panic started to boil in my stomach. And then at that very moment, I heard “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys (our intro music) replace the hum of the crowd. The room stopped spinning, and at the center, right in front of me, was Adam. Our eyes locked, and we both smiled a smile that I can only imagine happening again when we hold Madeline in our arms for the first time.              Maybe I’ll have that “whoa” moment when she’s born and we lock eyes for the first time. Oh god, I can’t wait.
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LAst one?! NOT!! Annabellas Designs HUGE hair accessories giveaway!

Does pregnancy brain kick in all ready? Im not sure... according to my due date calculator Im about 5 weeks along... Not sleeping well, exhausted, emotional... so laps in brainz could be another one of those things... anyways... my girlie Sarah has put together an AWESOME set for all of you, and i forgot it :( How? I dunno... its some of the cutest stuffs in history...

Annabella's Designs is owned by my good friend Sarah, who is also a great customer of mine, and quite possible one of the most amazing mommies in history... Sarah is a stay at home mom to ... three... four... no..... FIVE adorable kids... 4 boys and the perfectly adorable princess Annabella... (huge influence on my baby fever). Her hubby is in the Navy and gone quite a bit and somehow she manages to rock it all... Mom/Wife of the Year award for SURE! Now on top of that, in her free time... (HAHA, what free time) she has the cutest Etsy shop for hair accessories... Her prices are totally affordable, and best of all she uses high quality materials... dont be fooled, there are some CHEAP products out there on etsy... and you get what you pay for, and they fall apart in no time... With Annabellas Designs this is not the case... I will be returning again and again if #3 is a girl :) And if not, then definitely for gifts!
Check out this adorableness. :)
Turquoise and Zebra Gem Center Daisy on a Black Skinny Stretch Headband - Babies/Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Turquoise & Zebra Gem headband
Hot Pink Crochet Hat with Black Gem Center Daisy - Interchangeable - Toddlers/Girls
Pink Crochet Hat w/ removable Black clip
Hot Pink and Black Rhinestone Rockabilly Headband Babies/Toddlers/Big Girls/Adults
Hot Pink & Black Rockabilly Headband
(hmmm wonder where she got that blanket!!)
Leopard Print Clips Trio - Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Leopard Print Clips Trio
And..... awhile back I bought these for Aymee...
Rockabilly Clip Trio - Babies/Toddlers/Girls/Adults
Rockabilly Clip Trio
I couldn't resist... and just HAD to get her in on the Baby Bash... she glad she joined us! Go check it out... She has all different colors and styles and i promise there is something for everyone. Now, Super Mom Sarah has put together an AWESOME little collection of goodies for your little lady...
Time to drool... :)
7 sets of clips & 2 headbands.. Were looking at a $30 value up for grabs here! And winning is easy as pie...
#1: Make ANY purchase from AnnabellasDesigns and get 5 extra entries. (items start at $1.99 +)
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#5: Follow the Annabella's Designs Blog!
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Upload a photo to photobucket and paste the link or the HTML of your FAVORITE INFANT PICTURE...

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LAST GIVEAWAY #10 RockerByeBaby Gift Certificate

YAY! Last but not least, right?!?

I promise Im not going to sit here and rant about all the RockerByeBaby awesomeness that I normally do when sellers have a giveaway... If you follow my blog/store you know ALL about my product and i'm sure a lot of you even have some! Im totally lucky & blessed to have some of the best customers... im not even gunna name, names... you all know who you are... and each one of you helps to put fluff on my babies butt... and food in their bellies... so its to Pay It Forward! Starting with my best friend Mimi, who this awesome shower was for... along with her family chipping in, she is getting set up... crib bedding, boppy cover, cart cover, bibs, blankets, and more... everything lil Maddie could need to be livin in style...  and for you guys... I am giveaway away ONE $40 Gift Certificate to be used towards anything in the store (shipping included)
So maybe you want a blanket w/ shipping ($35+$5)
Or maybe you want a Regent Skulls Polo... And a Skullie!
Or a huge stack of Booger Bashers! lol
Or put it towards the purchase of crib bedding... and pay the extra. Totally whatever you want...
Well not totally... It can not be used towards the purchase of a diaper bag or sling.
But anything else is fair game... ;) And Ill even do it one better... if by Friday, we get over 300 entries, I will give away a SECOND $20 Gift Certificate.... but ONLY over 300 ;)
Punk Rock MIdnight Snack Food Bib for baby or toddler Boy girl or unisex with turquoise minky dot

Girls Skull and Crossbones Alexander Henry Regent Skulls baby or toddler blanket pale pink with black damask and pink MINKY swirl

Girls Skull and Crossbones baby or toddler blanket black skull and crossbones skulls tattoo cherries with pink and red ZEBRA MINKY

Size 4 BOYS Punk Rock Guitar tshirt White with red ringer and a black guitar grommets and satin ribbon strings

Sugar Skulls and polkadots baby or toddler blanket Punk Rock pink green blue pink black with rainbow dots minky

HOW TO WIN: {Do any or all of these... each one counts as at least one entry}
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Since it is going to be impossible to see how is "fanning" from your referrals... if you referred us to 10 friends im automatically giving you +10 entries.... ALSO, we made it over 300 entries, there will also be a $20 winner. HERE WE GO!
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Mentoring Monday: Does this make me a Grown Up?

Adam is having a bit of writers block lately so meet Maddies mama, Aymee! (Or in my house known as MiMi... ) She has so graciously stepped up to fill his spot for awhile... Yay! Love you Aymee! Hope your enjoying your baby bash!
What separates the young adults from the full-blown adults? At which point do you cross over? Is the right of passage turning 18? Moving out on your own? Buying your first car (when you buy it, not your parents)? Having a child of your own? When you buy a home?Age 18 separates minors from legal adults. But as we all know when you’re 18, you’re still just a kid--but with legal responsibility for yourself, the right to vote, and the right to buy cigarettes. I was a mature, responsible 18 year-old, but still a kid nonetheless. When I turned 25, I had one of those “oh my god” moments. I realized I was now a quarter-century old (not saying that’s old, just that it’s a milestone), and that I was in a new age box: no longer 18-24, I was 25-30. “Holy cow!” I said to myself. I reflected on my past, and made decisions about my future. What it this transition that made me a grown-up?” I have felt like an adult for a little while now; getting married, moving all over the Midwest, paying bills, etc. But I’m about to turn 26 and still don’t feel the term “grown-up” applies. I feel like a twenty-something; a twenty-something with a husband and daughter.  That’s not weird to think about; it’s the grown-up part. Grown-ups are those we look to for guidance on how to do this thing appropriately named growing up, mainly because they’re already there. My mom’s a grown-up. My boss is a grown-up. …Or are they?As a kid, you assume an adult knows all the answers. But it’s so not true! Adam was once told (about parenting) that adults don’t know all the answers. But you take what you know and try to direct your child in what you think is the best direction. We’ve still got no clue what we’re doing! Were still carefully stepping around in the dark, making decisions about moving forward into the unknown. Only now, there are less people offering to guide us and more people looking to sell us a map, and we are expected to make the right decision. Not one of us has had a miraculous transformation from child to grown-up. We’re the same children we were before; only now, we have become more confident with walking around in the dark.So maybe that’s the answer to my question. Maybe having a kid does make you a grown-up, but we don’t see the transformation from our point of view. Maybe the transformation can only be seen from the eyes of the ones we are now leading: our children.
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