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Favorites Friday!? BLACK FRIDAY!

Everyone loves shopping on Black friday... maybe not out and about but at least online!! Well, i know time is money - so I have taken some of mine to find you the coolest stuff with the best deals! Check it out!!!


#1: BasketsofBeauty: Skull Kawaii Soap - Pick Your scent! SALE = Buy one get one HALF OFF! Thats two for like $5!!

#2:Mizuryu (BabyBooFelt): Skulls & flowers Baby Blocks THREE PACK! Totally love these :) SALE: Buy One get one HALF off!! Thats like two full sets for under $20!

#3: BellaPoshPillows: Boo Boo Pocket Pillows - Can be chilld or heated for all those baby bumps and bruises! SALE= maked down to just $4.95!

#4: Kooky Tea Party: Super cute sugar skull ring Just $5.20 SALE = 20% off and free shipping on all items after the first one!

#5: BrookeVanGory: Lime Skulls & Stars Fleece pants/Longies... TOO CUTE! Just $20 regular price. SALE = BUY one get on HALF OFF! Thats 2 pairs for just $30 and can be made in ANY size.

#6: ChildishThoughts: Skull crayon apron. LOVE this for a boy OR girl... SALE = 30% off and free shipping over $50!! (i think you have to email her for the discount... but thats just $14 for the apron :)

#7: Glamasaurus: Poisoned Heart Collage - One of my fav items from a fav seller :) SALE: All collage necklaces are 20% off and FREE SHIPPING! marked down to just $36!!

#8: OHBANANAS: Zano The Monster shirt. Normally $20-$25 SALE: ALL SHIRTS $15 or under!

#9: Pippichick: Super cute iPod pouch/case I totally need one of these! Normally $24 plus shipping SALE = $2 off plus free international & domestic shipping!!
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Wordless Wednesday - Clearance shirts!

Hey guys! So we did a big custom order with our logo and they print just wasn't as big as we had hoped... So we are selling them at a MAJOR discount of just $10 and free shipping... $20 off from what the normal regular price is. They are 100% organic cotton with water based inks. Totally eco friendly...
I have:
2: size 6-12 months...
1: size 12-18 months...
3: size 18-24 months... SOLD OUT!!
Leave a comment here or send me an email if you want one! They will go super quick so Im not listing them in the shop...

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