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We heart EcoStore USA

There are products that support you, so you brag them up and down... then there are the products that you truly just love, and they make your life easier... One of those many brands is EcoStore USA. I have been a constant supporter of them for over almost 3 years now. I use all of their baby line on the kids. (Even the two older boys). The baby wash is gentle enough for Ms. Rozzlyn sensitive skin... The Shampoo doesn't irritate their eyes and still leaves Zavery's thick curly hair nice and soft.

And one of our favorites is definitely the "Sleepy Time Bath". Its become part of our routine to add it to bath before bed. It helps to settle down the little lady and get ready for a good nights sleep.

 The best thing however, they have just lowered their prices AND they added a baby moisturizer. YAY! Guess that means Ill be making another order soon! Just to prove to you how much I stand behind them - I am going to give away a brand new bottle of their BABY SHAMPOO (because I buy like 3 at a time, HAHAHAHA). Why am I doing this? Because I love them, and I want others to get a chance to love it as much as I do, even at my own expense. ALSO, because they are trying to win a contest to get on the shelves at Wal-Mart, which would make me OH SO HAPPY to be able to pick up their line locally.

So, how to win your bottle of EcoStore Baby Shampoo.
(Each one must be separate to be counted accurately)

#1: VOTE for them... click here to follow this link and use either TEXT or FACEBOOK to vote for them to "get on the shelf."
#2: Fan EcoStoreUSA on facebook.
#3: Follow EcoStoreUSA on Twitter.
#4: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter.
#5: Tweet This: "Free Giveaway: Win a Bottle of @ecostoreusa Baby Shampoo from @RockerByeBaby http://punkrockerbyebaby.blogspot.com/2012/04/we-heart-ecostore-usa.html"

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Round Two of the baby shower! Giveaway #5 StellarCheri

Surely you have heard me rant and rave about a good friend of mine... the mama behind StellarCheri... Not only does she design and create the most AMAZING diaper bags for our shop... but she also has her own store... (of course) and if you havn't checked it out yet... you must. StellarCheri is full of amazingness! I have been drooling over her goodies since she opened up her shop WAYYY back when... and since then - she has it overflowing with so much fun... messenger bags, lap top sleeves, clutches...... hair clips, toddler dresses...  Super fun little key chain pouches... shirts, corsets... 

THe list goes on and on... but before I wrap it up - I have to tell you about our MOST favorite item in the shop... and I stand by it completely because I have about 8 or so of them... her Snack bags... I have had some from different shops, but my favorites are by far from Cheri... "StellarCheri's Eco friendly, reusable bags are made using 100% cotton fabric on the outside and are fully lined with PEVA. PEVA is a plastic material that is food safe, water proof, PVC-free, lead free, BPA free, non-chlorinated, biodegradable, easy to clean. Bag is the perfect size for a sandwich, its great for snacks like crackers, cereal, apples, grapes, celery, carrots and more (thanks to the water resistant lining). Its even great for things other than foods too." So you can see why we love them so much right? I love filling them up when we head to Target Field to watch a baseball game... for picnic's at the park... or even just snuggling up to a movie and a snack... the boys love getting to pick which bag they get to use... and as a mom, i love knowing I'm doing something ecofriendly and good for my kids. Now let me guess... all this raving about the snack bags, you're thinking... where can I get one? Well - you can either buy one here... OR enter here because we're giving away two of them!! 

How to win:
(Must do #1, all others are extras)
*Leave each entry in a separate comment to count
**Dont forget to leave your email so we can contact you if you win!

#1: Fan StellarCheri on facebook
#2: Fan RockerByeBaby on facebook
#3: Go to StellarCheri and fan your favorite item and come here and tell us what it is :)
#4: Sarah had her baby boy. Give her one "stay at home mom survival tip"
#5: Share this one Twitter: " StellarCheri giveaway going on at the @RockerByeBaby blog!! Two  re-usable snack bags!! Enter now :) bit.ly/mZNRkq"
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Giveaway #3: BrookiEllen Diaper Covers

If you're a fitted diaper user like me... then its pretty likely that you have heard of BrookiEllen... She is hands down on of my favorite cover makers out there... Maybe its because she uses some of the awesome prints you see at RockerByeBaby... or maybe just because they're all around awesome... but either way... she is one to love. Years ago we had some custom journals made that to this day look brand new... we have had a handful of different covers... and with Ms. Rozzlyn on the way we just ordered FOUR more... So we are so very excited to have her joining us for this little giveaway... Like I've already mentioned - Sarah is a cloth diapering mama... and as a cloth diapering mama we can NEVER have too many covers... Expecially with the awesome design that BrookiEllen is known for... They are great for putting over fitted diapers as a cover...
they keep all the moisture in... then you can just wipe the out quick when you change the diapers and use it over and over... They are ALSO great if you prefer prefolds & covers... just either wrap the prefold around baby, pin & cover... or simply just lay the prefold inside... easy peesy! Sarah was given the awesome Jam Session guitar diaper cover... almost exactly as shown... except a ONE SIZE! Meaning her cover will last her from about 8 pounds all the way through 30+... typically children are out of diapers around this time... so they are really a great investment.

Like I said, I just ordered four of the One Size covers for Rozzlyn w/ snaps... they will most definitely be our "go to" covers... and at just $15-$17 each they are MORE than reasonably priced for any budget in my opinion as you really only need a few of them... but good luck... with all her awesome prints its hard to just stop at a few. I'm already stalking for my new fabrics ;)
BrookiEllen has picked one of my ALL TIME favorite prints to give to one of you lucky readers... its called Damask Rock. And is the most rockin' gender neutral print out there... The winner will also be getting a One Size Diaper... with snaps as shown.

How to win:
#1: Fan BrookiEllen on facebook
Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#3: Tell Sarah your TOP 5 must haves in your diaper bag.
*all #'s below are extra*
Follow BrookiEllen on Twitter
Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter
#6: Follow the BrookiEllen Blog.

  **** Also, be sure to leave us you're email in one of the comments so we can contact you :)

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Congrats Sarah! Giveaway #1 - Buddha Bunz

I can't tell you how excited we are to be hosting this little online baby shower for a REALLY great friend for mine... Sarah. Sarah is pregnant with a baby boy due August 19th (Ahem.. my birthday :) So we figured since so many states separate us from each other... an online shower was a necessity. For each gift Sarah gets... we are giving one away as well! There are 10+ sponsors... including RockerByeBaby of course... and we will be posting at least one a day, so be sure to keep checking back!!

To kick off this little party - we're starting with Buddha Bunz... now, its no secret that we are HUGE HUGE fans of her wool dryer balls... they are hand made (of course) and come in all sorts of colors, patterns & scents... My favorite combo so far has been *undyed*birthday cake* I love the pure, clean look of the natural wool.
And of course... who doesn't love the smell of Birthday Cake!? Or hey, maybe that's not your thing... never fear... there are over 50 scents to choose from... clean, fresh, fruity, sweet, manly... everything you could need. Not only do they make your clothes smell delicious... but they are eco-friendly seeing as they cut down dryer time... they also are safe on cloth diapers! Trust me... we have about 10+ balls floating around our house and in our dryer... Un-dyed... pink... turquoise... I can't even remember what other colors, haha but we have lots and love coming back for more. Its pretty often that I will go to switch loads and find an empty dryer. Why? Because the boys love to take the wool balls and play catch with them in the hallway!  Fun for the whole family. And you can never have too many ;)

Now - you made it through my rambling about my true love for Buddha Bunz... and Im sure want me to get to the best part, right? Well - the BEST part... is Sarah was given a set of two Un-dyed, Un-Scented dryer balls... meaning we are giving away a matching set! If you want, you can pay $2 to have both balls scented :)

How to win: *must do the first three things, and leave them in separate comments below* all other entries are for extra's.

#1: Fan Buddha Bunz on Facebook.
#2: Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#3: Share your favorite eco-friendly parenting tip with Sarah.
*all #'s below are extra*
#4: Follow Buddhabunz on Twitter
#5: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter
#6: Add Buddha Bunz to your Etsy Favorites
$7: Add RockerByeBaby to your Etsy Favorites

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New Giveaway: Amenity Home... one you WON'T want to miss...

Its rare that I can click on a link to a store and say I want everything... but let me tell you... Amenity Home is one of them...
If you havn't ever seen their store, then you are surely in for a treat... until recently, I hadn't... But strolling through twitter (as I do too often, lol) I saw the amazing @SarahSophia tweeting to them about their amazingness, so I had to check it out... I instantly fell in love. "Amenity Home offers a wide array of eco-friendly products for thoughtful modern living. At Amenity Home, we are dedicated to the never-ending process of maintaining Amenity's harmony with the environment." They have absolutely everything you could want NEED for the most eco-chic home. They make custom bed frames... linens... organic bedding... stretched canvas prints, and the most amazing throw pillows... 
and lets not forget their amazing organic baby goodies! Blankets, pillows, sheets, wall art, crib bedding and more...

We're absolutely in love with every single thing they have to offer... and when trying to decide what to "review" it was next to impossible... After a long deliberation, we chose the "Woods Organic Baby Blanket".  Deer always make me think of my grandpa who passed away... so there was no doubt that this was the perfect print for us. You should have seen the huge smile on my face when I opened up the box... It was beautiful... perfect... and i was ecstatic. Idyllic scenes are printed with certified organic dyes onto a 300 thread count, organic cotton percale and backed with a soft and cozy organic cotton fleece. It is a size Large Crib Blanket measuring size 34x46 and is valued at $115.  Could it be any cuter? I think not...

So naturally, I just couldn't WAIT to be done with work so I could snuggle Zavery up for pictures... he LOVED it. *spamming pictures here, lol*
I absolutely melted over this shot... can you say - heart breaker!?BUTTERFLY!Clearly - we love our new blanket... and to win Zavery's love is a tough task... he is pretty picky when it comes to new blankies... Adorable right? And it gets even better. Outside of bedding & decor, they also have everything baby could need for Bath & Meal time...
Bath + Meal Time
And one of you lucky winners will win the Bath Time Package... "Our organic cotton hooded towel combined with four organic cotton washcloths, along with our favorite Little Twig extra mild unscented bath wash and lotion, make this a fun and healthy gift for caring for baby at bath time!" Valued at $79.
Bath Time Package
One lucky winner will receive this set in your choice of print, in either Ducks or Squirrels. Here is how you win! LOTS of ways to get entries, as well as how to win a $1000 bedroom makeover!

#1: Mandatory - Subscribe to the Amenity newsletter... its on the left hand side of their home page.(They will verify this so leave your email address in the comment)
(All below are optional for extra entries!)#2: Follow Amenity Home on Twitter!
#3: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter!
#4: Tweet This: (up to once daily)
"Organic Hooded Towel & Bath set ($78 value) by @amenityhome at the @rockerbyebaby blog Comment at link to enter! http://bit.ly/9V4Ikp"
#5: Enter the Amenity Home Facebook Sweepstakes for the $1000 bedroom Giveaway!
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog! (sidebar)
#7: "Like" Amenity Home on facebook!
#8: "Like" RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#9: Put the Rockerbyebaby flash button on your blog or website. *sidebar*
#10: If you win - would you choose the Ducks or Squirrels print?
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