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Giveaway #3: BrookiEllen Diaper Covers

If you're a fitted diaper user like me... then its pretty likely that you have heard of BrookiEllen... She is hands down on of my favorite cover makers out there... Maybe its because she uses some of the awesome prints you see at RockerByeBaby... or maybe just because they're all around awesome... but either way... she is one to love. Years ago we had some custom journals made that to this day look brand new... we have had a handful of different covers... and with Ms. Rozzlyn on the way we just ordered FOUR more... So we are so very excited to have her joining us for this little giveaway... Like I've already mentioned - Sarah is a cloth diapering mama... and as a cloth diapering mama we can NEVER have too many covers... Expecially with the awesome design that BrookiEllen is known for... They are great for putting over fitted diapers as a cover...
they keep all the moisture in... then you can just wipe the out quick when you change the diapers and use it over and over... They are ALSO great if you prefer prefolds & covers... just either wrap the prefold around baby, pin & cover... or simply just lay the prefold inside... easy peesy! Sarah was given the awesome Jam Session guitar diaper cover... almost exactly as shown... except a ONE SIZE! Meaning her cover will last her from about 8 pounds all the way through 30+... typically children are out of diapers around this time... so they are really a great investment.

Like I said, I just ordered four of the One Size covers for Rozzlyn w/ snaps... they will most definitely be our "go to" covers... and at just $15-$17 each they are MORE than reasonably priced for any budget in my opinion as you really only need a few of them... but good luck... with all her awesome prints its hard to just stop at a few. I'm already stalking for my new fabrics ;)
BrookiEllen has picked one of my ALL TIME favorite prints to give to one of you lucky readers... its called Damask Rock. And is the most rockin' gender neutral print out there... The winner will also be getting a One Size Diaper... with snaps as shown.

How to win:
#1: Fan BrookiEllen on facebook
Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#3: Tell Sarah your TOP 5 must haves in your diaper bag.
*all #'s below are extra*
Follow BrookiEllen on Twitter
Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter
#6: Follow the BrookiEllen Blog.

  **** Also, be sure to leave us you're email in one of the comments so we can contact you :)

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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #7! RaeGun...

Aweeeeee....... lets all take a second to just *MELT* over RaeGun... 

There are a million reasons I want #3 to be a girl... but this shop easily has made it into my top 5, haha... and I know Aymee feels the same... she got all giddy when I showed her the goodie that RaeGun was sending for her shower...
Heart Breaker Bloomers
Just wait until you see what YOU could win... but while your waiting... drool on this...
Black and White II -Euro Neck Tie Dress
possibly the cutest rocker-chic dress on earth... 
Rocker Hot Pink -ruffle diaper covers
Can you imagine these over an adorable little cloth diaper bum!?
Retro Ruffler -Green Damask
and this... this makes my heart go pitter patter... 
The list goes on... if baby #3 is a girl ill take one (or 2) of everything... in every color... and possibly a few customs, lol (need skulls!) As if her adorable store wasn't enough... read her cute little profile... she is not a mom yet, just TOTALLY passionate about her work :)
"Setting: A little while ago in the lounge of the University of Utah philosophy department.
Grad student 1: What have you been up to?
Grad student 2: She’s been making baby clothes.
Grad student 1: *puzzled look*
Grad student 3 (me): Yeah, my sister got pregnant and I started making her baby presents and ummm I just loved it so much I didn’t stop."

Amazing, Right!? Could she be any more awesome? I don't think so... Wait.. nope... she can... why? Cuz one of you are getting a custom diaper cover :) Choose any item in the store with a $12.50 value... and in ANY size... 
0-3 months (waist 18") 
3-6 months (waist 19") 
6-12 months (waist 20") 
12-24 months (waist 21") 
2T (waist 22") 
3T (waist 22.5")

Amazingness, right? So here is how you win :) This will ONLY go for three days... and ends Saturday AM so get your entries in while you can!
#1: MANDATORY! What is your favorite item in the shop & if you win, what would you pick!?#2: Make ANY purchase from the RaeGun website... comment with your order # for THREE ENTRIES. (three separate comments for each entry) ***edit: Orders made in the last WEEK will count towards this... just be sure to leave the order #***
#3:  Fan RaeGun on Facebook.
#4: Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook
#5: Follow @RockerByeBaby and tweet this (come back once a day to tweet for extra entries!)
"Enter 2 win a custom diaper cover (also #cothdiapers) from RaeGun size NB-3t @rockerbyebaby #babybloggingbash http://bit.ly/9923mi"
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog!
#7: Follow the RaeGun blog!
#8: Go the the RaeGun Etsy shop... heart her store... and heart your two favorite items!#9: Grab our FLASH button from the sidebar and post it on your website/blog for 2 extra entries (comment twice with the link to where I can find it)
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CLOSED: GIveaway Day! Libertys Belle Diaper Covers!

Tomorrow is the big day! Its the start of Aymee's Blog Bash! And were starting it out with a little TASTE of that action today with a giveaway from Liberty's Belle... my new obsession in cloth diapers :) Now, I have had ALOT of different soakers... from ALOT of different etsy sells... in ALOT of different fits & styles... As I imagine most of you have too... annoying right? A large from one seller really fits like a Medium from another... and some are nice and trim... others are super bulky... some snaps & some not... but I finally found a store where you can get quality... fit... nice and trim... Affordable... and TOTALLY ADORABLE... all in one stop.

"Liberty's Belle specializes in creating fleece cloth diaper covers, fleece soakers, skirties, longies, shorties, and cloth diapering friendly clothing items that are hip, distinctive, and beautifully crafted." She as all sorts of prints... cute girly ones... typical boy ones... and of course a few skulls just for me! Ok, maybe she didnt order them for me, but i found them... so I bought em up... Have I mentioned that her covers are only $8 a piece? At prices like that you can afford to buy every print you want. SO far in our collection we have...
The "sweet child 'o' Mine"...
Fleece Diaper Cover Soaker - Sweet Child 'o Mine (S, M, L)
The Rainbow Unicorns... 
The Last Unicorn - Fleece Cloth Diaper Cover Soaker - S, M, L
And American Graffiti... 
Fleece cloth diaper cover soaker - American Graffiti (S, M, L)
I love them... I am so happy with the overall quality... I will continue to come back for sure... Fleece is such a great alternative to the wool covers (that I also love, but are a big pain when they need to be washed & lanolized) If you stop by our house at pretty any point in the day you will find zavery wearing somesort of adorable fitted... (maybe Goodmama, Maybe Nifty Nappy... maybe a cute WAHM diaper) and a LIberty's Belle diaper cover... and of course a coordinating tshirt, lol
and thats pretty much how we roll unless were headed out the door... in which case he is either in a Haute Pocket & Jeans... or a fitted & some fleece sweats or shorties... all of which can be found at Liberty Belle. I REALLY urge you to check her out... If your looking for bigger sizes just let her know and she will adjust it for you. So not only is her product amazing... adorable... and affordable... but she is awesome too! This week she has so generously offered to giveaway not ONE, but TWO soakers... Two mommies will win the soaker of their choice... You can pick any print from her store in any size. Awesome right!? Im kinda jealous, i wanna win! lol
How to win:

#1:  Mandatory entry:  Tell us the print that you would just LOVE from the Liberty's Belle etsy store.Extra entries?? But of course :)
#2) Follow us publicly here on (blogger) - Leave a separate comment for being a (old or new) follower on our blog.
Follow/Tweet us (Twitter) - Leave a separate comment for being a follower and TWEETING about this giveaway on Twitter... If your already a twitter follower of ours, TWEET about it for an extra entry anyways :)
 Can tweet once daily for extra entries!Tweet This: "Free Giveaway @RockerByeBaby: Two Cloth Diaper Fleece soakers. Your choice of size and print from @libertysbelle http://bit.ly/c8GyAp"#4) Follow LibertysBelle on twitter.#5) Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook...#6)"Heart" the Liberty's Belle etsy page, and "favorite/heart" two items...#7) "Heart" the RockerByeBaby etsy page, and "favorite/heart" two items...#8) Follow the Liberty Belle blog... (its adorable! All about gardening with her youngsters.)#9) Become a "fan" of Libertys Belle on Facebook!#10) BIG BONUS: Make a purchase from Liberty's Belle... any $ amount, just a purchase... come back here and leave FIVE comments with the link to the transaction.... thats 5 extra entries per item you purchase... 
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Favorites Friday: Drool-worthy Diapers

Ive been on a total diaper kick lately... ALLLLL I  wanna do is buy new diapers... but seeing as Zave is so close to potty training age, its silly to buy new... so ive been stalking diaper swappers... I need to get rid of a bunch that I dont use anymore... and then if zaq ever lets me have baby #3 Ill just save the current stash for him/her... ANYWAYS... This weeks favorites friday post is dedicated to all the cloth on etsy that i would LOVE to fluff my stash with...

#1: lastminuteboutique - Red & Black Pirate Booty Wool Soaker
#2: The Eli Monster - Anarchy OS fitted diaper
#3: Brookiellen - Guitar Dot Diaper Cover
#4: BananaBottoms - Fitted Organic Bamboo Diaper "Ninjas"
#5: NorthernMom - Skull HEads OS pocket Diaper w/ Bamboo
#6: Guerillafluff - XLRG Side Snapping Diaper w/ Rockin Green Detergent
#7: Monkeez - OS Organic Bamboo Fitted "Zaney Zebra"
#8: LibertysBelle - Fleece DIaper soaker - Sweet Child 'O Mine (Have this, LOVE it... great soakers)
#9: FLuffyMail -  Movie Theatre Size 2 Hemp diaper

You know I could go onnnnnn and onnnnnnnn about all the rad etsy cloth diaper goodies on etsy... like rad wet bags... cloth friendly diaper bags from Brooke Van Gory... reusable wipes... Wee Essentials soap bits (free sample in RockerByeBaby orders) but I only had room for 9... :) Do any of you have any of these items? Or items from these sellers? Id love to hear your opinion!

And sellers *** we would LOVE to try them out! We host a review & giveaway every Tuesday and would be honored to have you join us! Just contact me on etsy (RockerByeBaby) or send me an email. Rockerbyebaby@gmail.com
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