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Favorites Friday: Drool-worthy Diapers

Ive been on a total diaper kick lately... ALLLLL I  wanna do is buy new diapers... but seeing as Zave is so close to potty training age, its silly to buy new... so ive been stalking diaper swappers... I need to get rid of a bunch that I dont use anymore... and then if zaq ever lets me have baby #3 Ill just save the current stash for him/her... ANYWAYS... This weeks favorites friday post is dedicated to all the cloth on etsy that i would LOVE to fluff my stash with...

#1: lastminuteboutique - Red & Black Pirate Booty Wool Soaker
#2: The Eli Monster - Anarchy OS fitted diaper
#3: Brookiellen - Guitar Dot Diaper Cover
#4: BananaBottoms - Fitted Organic Bamboo Diaper "Ninjas"
#5: NorthernMom - Skull HEads OS pocket Diaper w/ Bamboo
#6: Guerillafluff - XLRG Side Snapping Diaper w/ Rockin Green Detergent
#7: Monkeez - OS Organic Bamboo Fitted "Zaney Zebra"
#8: LibertysBelle - Fleece DIaper soaker - Sweet Child 'O Mine (Have this, LOVE it... great soakers)
#9: FLuffyMail -  Movie Theatre Size 2 Hemp diaper

You know I could go onnnnnn and onnnnnnnn about all the rad etsy cloth diaper goodies on etsy... like rad wet bags... cloth friendly diaper bags from Brooke Van Gory... reusable wipes... Wee Essentials soap bits (free sample in RockerByeBaby orders) but I only had room for 9... :) Do any of you have any of these items? Or items from these sellers? Id love to hear your opinion!

And sellers *** we would LOVE to try them out! We host a review & giveaway every Tuesday and would be honored to have you join us! Just contact me on etsy (RockerByeBaby) or send me an email. Rockerbyebaby@gmail.com
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