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Swinger Sunday - "Oh Noes!!"

Welcome this weeks Swinger, @fentonslee! 

In raising Snapdragon, I have done a lot of "greening" of our daily routine.  My goal is to spend less, give him less exposure to nasty grosstastic chemicals, keep his carbon footprint as small as his little foot, and set a good example.
So we breastfeed. We use cloth diapers.  We use cloth wipes. We hang dry when it's sunny, and sometimes when it's not.
How many trees have been clear cut for his baby? I thought none.
But he has a runny nose.
An icky gicky squicky runny nose.
A sad bad and definitely not rad runny nose.
And what am I to do? Wipe it of course.
Well, then I kissed and loved and hugged on him too much. Now I have a runny nose.  A yucky mucky unlucky runny nose.
Now, if you breastfeed, I'm sure you're familiar with being pinned beneath a nursing baby and needing to blow your nose. Well, I couldn't reach any tissues or even a friendly roll of toilet paper. But I could reach the cloth wipes, and in a moment of desperation, I used one to wipe my nose.
News flash. It worked. It worked, didn't hurt, and since then has washed up just lovely.
So the runny nose has a new thought running through my head.
Bring back the hanky.
Oh, and I'm a little embarassed that we got sidetracked with the whole disposable thing to start with.
So we're going to do this, and if you think "ew, cloth nose wipes, that's gross..."
No, "it'snot"...

Thanks so much doll for your post! I have SOO been there before too :) Hence, the reason Booger Bashers were born... Ill have to send you some... that way, your not accidentally wiping boogers with poo, lol cuz that would be just yucky. ;)

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