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New Giveaway: Thanks Mama Cloth Diaper Store

Hey mamas! How are we on this fine Tuesday evening? Things are good here... just got the boys down to bed, took a nice refreshing shower and I am ready here to spill 'da beanz about Thanks Mama! Exciting right? Ohhh you have NO idea :) Thanks Mama has everything you could ever need for Cloth Diapering... Like Pockets? They got pockets... Like AIO's? They got AIO's... Like Fitteds... yeah, duh! They have those too! Have no friggen idea what I am talking about? No worries! You can read ALLLL about cloth diapering here... then come back, and keep reading :) Now - if your a seasoned CD pro... continue... cuz there is some GOOD stuffs comin' up!

This week Thanks Mama has so generously given the brand spankin' new OsoCozy (oh - so - cozy) AIO diaper to try! And lemmie tell ya, its amazing.

 Ill be honest at first glance I was a little thrown off... Its kinda big... not bulky, its actually quite trim... but this actual size runs a little big in my opinion. 
Size Chart

7 to 13 lbs.
13 to 18 lbs.
18 to 25 lbs.
25 to 35 lbs.


I chose the Toddler size as Zave weighs about 32 pounds... but when I got it I wish I would have chosen a Large.  Like always - the diaper instantly went into the wash with the others cuz i just couldn't wait to try it out! It went through the usual cycle... rinse, hot wash in Rockin' Green and then another rinse and dry. The diaper took 2 Dryer cycles on Medium to dry... not too bad as a handfull of my fitted's take that long, as well. After just one wash I was happy with the feel of this diaper... The interior absorbent layers are made of a gauzed weave 100% unbleached cotton. The outside a thin waterproof layer of PUL... Super gentle... super soft... and a super simple soaker.

After nap Zavery gave it the "p" test (lol) Paranoid (as I always am with a new diaper...) I checked him about every 20 minutes. Well, it quickly proved that was not necessary... after about 2 hours he was full, he still dry as a bone... no leaks... SUCCESS! But that wasn't enough for me... great day time diaper - yes - but I had an even better idea. *and i feel special cuz I havn't read about it being used this way, yet...* but what about a cover?  I have so many great fitteds that I love during the day, but how do I trust them at night?! With this... so I gave it the test... I threw on Zave's Nifty Nappy fitted... Put this super trim AIO on top... took a deep breath, and we all went to bed. The next morning we all woke up and there was zave jumping around his big boy bed... still... dry... SUCCESS again. I honestly can't possibly ask any more out of this diaper. It made a great transition from day to night... never bulky... never leaked... jealous? No reason to be! Thanks Mama gave us one for you too!! For this weeks winner we have a size Large AIO OsoCozy diaper... YAY!


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