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How did you spend your St. Patricks Day?

So my lucky duck boys got to spend their Spring Break in Florida with Nana & Papa. They came back on the night of St. Patricks day - and I figured after Florida... how could I compete with that??? I left work early and hit the store - trying to come up with any fun green ideas I could as fast and cheap as possible - while still putting together a real meal... Let the Montage begin...
  Green Mini Pizza's: I bought Grands Jr's... Squished them out... sponged them with green food coloring... Baked them for about 5 minuts... topped them with their favorite pizza toppings and then baked for about another 7 minutes.
  Sugar Free Cupcake Mix - Green Food Coloring - White Frosting - Green Sprinkles.  Instant festive treats that were the highlight of the night :)
  A little green Pizza for Ms. Rozzlyn & some pears on her favorite green sectioned Nuby plate.
  The boys had their green pizza - some Green pouches of applesauce - on green plates... with some green strawberry kiwi natural sparkling water.  (They thought their "soda" was SOOOOO cool and little did they know it had none of the usual junk soda does.)
   And they each got a goodie bag full of random green treats... I gotta say - I hit this holiday out of the park... they were SO SO happy with their surprise St. Patrick's Day "party".
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Nuby Easy Grip Steaming Bowl Review

I have a lot of favorite nuby products... but Im can confidently say this one is at the top of that list...
Now that I am working out of the house and Daddy is home taking care of the kids - I like to make things simple for him... part of that is prepping meals for Baby Rozzlyn... The Nuby Easy Grib Bowl makes that SO SO easy... Its has two sectioned parts and a lid designed for steaming... it can literally go straight from the fridge to the microwave. Today I had pasta on one side and green beans on the other... I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds... and when it came out it was perfectly steamed and ready to eat. No mess... No fuss... just an easy, healthy lunch for the princess.
"Our sectioned Easy Grip™ Bowl is perfect for feeding time because it is easy for mom to hold and has multiple compartments for different foods. The soft ergonomic design of the thumb rest allows the bowl to be held with either hand in a comfortable and more natural feeding position. It comes with a seal-tight lid that features an automatic steam vent which allows the sealed bowl to be microwaved safely. This unique feature prevents nasty splashes in the microwave and allows the bowl to go from refrigerator to microwave without any problems."
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The Caterpillar Crawl. Boon Review

This week I was given the chance to review an AWESOME new Boon product... The Boon Caterpillar Snack Stack Container. They can be found on Amazon for just $12, and are worth every penny.
Each Caterpillar snack stack somes with a trio of separate containers... They all interlock together for easy travel... and all come completely apart for easy cleaning. And for easy snacking? Each canister has a slider on the side with an opening about the size of a quarter.  Just slide it open, give it a little shake, and snack away! SO when I was packing up for our picnic this afternoon, I knew I needed to bring it along... In the photo you see it holding some Panjas, some Annie's organic Bunny Snacks, and some Earth's Best Gram Cracker Sticks. I wanted to use things of different sizes and shapes to see how easy they were to get out... and they all were great. You could also use it for cut up fruits and vegis. They options are endless! Like the Boon site says "There's nothing worse than having a purse full of crumbled snacks spilling out of tired plastic baggies. Caterpillar Stack lets you keep all your snacks safe and intact while on-the-go. The snack lid lets little hands in but keeps treats where they belong, which is not on the floor of your car."

Amazing right!? I definitely urge you to go grab one... Like I mentioned, Amazon has them, as well as the Boon website and many other While Im lusting over Boon products... Check these out below :)

I WISH I would have found this before Rozz was born, but she is almost out of the baby tub now... But come on, seriously!? How awesome!?!!? A collapsable baby tub thats fashionable, functional, and affordable @ just $69.99. Thats a win in my book!
And I am most definitely adding the new GLO to my wish list for Rozzlyns room. This is by far the coolest night light I have EVER, ever seen. 

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Ms. Princess has a tummy ache :(

 We started some solids with Ms. Rozz... and after a couple weeks of trying different things, I screwed up and gave her a breakfast of fresh pureed organic bananas mixed with rice cereal. *dumb dumb dumb* My poor little lady has been "backed up" to put it nicely... So, I cut the cereal totally and have been giving her lots of fruits hoping to stir things up..... and this morning I even gave her some watered down prune juice... but nothing seems to be helping... I know this isn't the most exciting topic of conversation, but I know lots of you understand it... does anyone have any good, natural tips to helping her out? I have been do proud making all my own baby food... but I just want to be sure I'm not making anything that will constipate her. Feel free to post all your baby pooping tips below, haha. Thanks!
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A Christmas Story

I was outside this morning sipping my coffee as ZaQ shoveled the drive... scraped the windows of the car and brushed off the 3 inches of powdery fluff... and i thought wow, what a pain in the butt... Then in an instant felt so selfish... Can you imagine what it was like to not have cars? I bet THAT was a pain... bitter cold... either walking or riding a horse in foot after foot of piled up snow... below freezing temperatures... etc.

Once upon a time my Great Grandma Burton told me a Christmas story... she had lived through the Great Depression & two major wars... THEY had it tough... She told me the story of how they literally had next to nothing... One very special Christmas for the was the year they traded food with the neighbors... They pulled out potatoes that they had buried in their cellar... and the neighbors walked two miles in the snow to bring them carrots... together they were able to have a real meal... yep, of carrots & potatoes... and it was a feast... the two families were so happy to be together and eat... and that was it. No presents... no giant feast of Prime Rib with all the fixins, no pies, cookies, or candies... no toys, no new clothes, or fancy electronics... just potatoes and carrots. Sometimes I feel like we have become so far removed from how tough things can get, that we forget to appreciate the things that we have. We complain about the smallest of things... Can you imagine if our generation were the ones living through the Great Depression? It makes me wonder if the human race would even survive... So I ask you on this Christmas Eve... be thankful for what you have... and even more thankful for what your about to receive tonight/tomorrow... be thankful for your friends, family, and good food.... because we really do have it so great... Even in the worst of circumstances... its still so much better than what it was.
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