Nuby Easy Grip Steaming Bowl Review

I have a lot of favorite nuby products... but Im can confidently say this one is at the top of that list...
Now that I am working out of the house and Daddy is home taking care of the kids - I like to make things simple for him... part of that is prepping meals for Baby Rozzlyn... The Nuby Easy Grib Bowl makes that SO SO easy... Its has two sectioned parts and a lid designed for steaming... it can literally go straight from the fridge to the microwave. Today I had pasta on one side and green beans on the other... I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds... and when it came out it was perfectly steamed and ready to eat. No mess... No fuss... just an easy, healthy lunch for the princess.
"Our sectioned Easy Grip™ Bowl is perfect for feeding time because it is easy for mom to hold and has multiple compartments for different foods. The soft ergonomic design of the thumb rest allows the bowl to be held with either hand in a comfortable and more natural feeding position. It comes with a seal-tight lid that features an automatic steam vent which allows the sealed bowl to be microwaved safely. This unique feature prevents nasty splashes in the microwave and allows the bowl to go from refrigerator to microwave without any problems."

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