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Wordless Wednesday: Ms. Maddie Modeling :)

You've all met Aymee's little lady, Ms. Maddie :) She's my fav... and boy does she make a good model. Today you see her rockin' our new "Tree" onesie, and our brand spankin new wooden teething ring & holder! Its already been a huge hit, and as you can see here, Maddie loves it :) So far its been nothing but raving feedback about how much kiddies love it, and how universal it is!! You can take off the ring and attach it to a pacifier, toy, or anything else that you can think of...

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Belated Favorites Friday: We're Pregnant!!

So - as some of you may have heard from our Facebook Fan Page - were expecting! I am 6 weeks along as of yesterday, and feeling pretty great... aside from the sleepiness & bloating - so far so good. So of course, this calls for some major maternity shopping on etsy :) Which brings us to, Favorites Friday :)
(if any of you awesome sellers would like us to host a review & giveaway for you, please email us! rockerbyebaby@gmail.com WE LOVE GIVEAWAYS! 500+ blog follower & 3,500+ fans on facebook)

(click photo to enlarge)

#1: Mamasanmaternity - D-Rebel d-ring maternity dress
#2: JellyBeanApparel - Jeart Hands long sleeve shirt
#3: KSSMaternity - Cut the Cord tshirt (Bamboo)
#4: RunSystem63 - Striped Belly Band
#5: XYFactory - Double Sparrow Maternity Tunic
#6: Angeldamico - Magenta Day of the Dead Tunic (CODE: Winter15) for 15% off!
#7: WrenWillow - Mom Tattoo Heart Babydoll
#8: RainbowSwirlz - Floral Skull American Apparel Drapey Tank
#9: AsianApparel - LeSac Dress in Charcoal Gray (can be worn loads of different ways)
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Favorites Friday:Christmas for Mommy?

My christmas wishlist... all the amazing etsy goodness that i would just LOVE to find christmas morning...

(click to enlarge)
#1: Glamasaurus - Rainbow Candy 4g Plugs
#2: SimbiosisbyJulie - Kawaii laptop sleeve... "I want this SOOOO bad. I think its at the top of my list this year."
#3: Small Threads - Bony Mama Hoodie... "my most favorite purchase... it was my Christmas gift to MYSELF! And i love it."
#4: Morikaty - Vintage Silver Sewing Machine & Scissors necklace
#5: ShabbyChicFairytale - Antique Damask chair... "i NEED this for my bedroom..."
#6: JCSkyline - Makeup Brush Roll
#7: MoLoveRox - I need a wholeeeeee bunch of MoLove sparkley pigments...
#8: FA2u - Skull Frame Clutch
#9: MichelleChangJewelry - Baby Skull Ring w/ Diamonds "I have wanted this ring for years... someday I will have it."
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Favorites Friday: Father's Day... In Punk Rock form of course...

You won't see typical baby gear floating around the RockerByeBaby house... so why on earth would you see typical daddy gear? Ugh, not allowed ;) Except of course for the random Twins hat or Vikings jersey.. but thats just cuz daddy is a sports geek... So this weeks Favorites Friday is everything the punk rock daddy deserves on his special day...

#1: WeROnesieful - Worlds Coolest Dad Tattoo t-shirt
#2:  Small Threads - I Heart dad tshirt
#3: DnaCreations - Dia De Los Muertos stainless steel flask - The Golfer
#4: SilverBeyondOrdinary - Skull Belt Buckle
#5:BreadandBadger - Blue Shot Glass Pirate Skull
#6: dedalo - Skull n Bones meets Classic Cufflinks
#7:PolkaDotMadpie - Skull Money Clip
#8: RokGear - Paisley Skullz Peacock Blue Nexktie (because we can NEVER have too many RokGear ties :)
#9: MetalTaboo - Rock Star Sterling Silver Guitar Pic

If any of you AWESOME sellers would like to do a review & giveaway we would love to have you!
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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #5! SugarBabyLove!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this shop... Im So exited to share this giveaway with you guys. I found this Sugar Baby Love on etsy last month and i am SO sad I did not find it sooner.... How does such an adorable AND affordable shop have so few sales?! I dunno, but hopefully we can help change that...
Sugar Baby Love has some of the cutest onesies I have ever seen... AND they're really well made...
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M pink
I love that she uses great quality ringer onesies for bases... and the best quality silk screens... it really makes them even more adorable and stand out from the usual boring gerbers that you find on etsy... and best of all, her designs are totally unique... like the pinstripe bow tie onesie... could this be any cuter!?
BLACK BOW TIE baby bodysuit 6-12M I have been looking into wholesaling onesies for the RBB website... maybe these are the winner... But there are so many cute ones I dont know how i would choose!!!
COOL BABIES WEAR BLACK baby bodysuit 3-6M grey on black
Mrs. Aymee Danger was given this one (below) for her baby shower gift, and i gotta be honest, i just CAN'T WAIT to see it on Maddie... Its such a fun & adorable design... And just $12 for all this cuteness! She also has a 3 for $30 option... Total steal... just $10 each!!
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M black
And one lucky winner of the giveaway gets this one in a size 6/12 months! I LOVE IT, and in my head... you could totally rock it for either gender... this with a cute little jean skirt and some leggings would be ADORABLE! Girls can wear blue too!!!
GREEN SKULLS and STARS baby bodysuit 3-6M white

How to win:
#1: (MANDATORY) Go to the SUGAR BABY LOVE etsy shop...
Heart TWO of her items, AND heart/favorite her store... then come back here and then come back here tell me that you did that...
#2: Then its a free for all... comment AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, about your parenting fears... all parents have fears... new moms... young moms... single moms... there are a million things to "worry" about... I want you to tell me as many of those fears and you want to share... and then tell me how you get over/adjust to them.
#3: If you love us you can tweet about this once an hour for an extra entry :)
"Enter to win a skulls & stars onesie from SugarBabyLove at the @rockerbyebaby blog during the #babybloggingbash http://bit.ly/95ells"
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