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Favorite Japanese Fabrics...

Most people know by now - I have a crazy obsession with Japanese fabrics... and people are always asking me where I get all my fabrics in the shop. Well, I can't tell you all my secrets of course. But I thought it would be fun to point out one of the more obvious sources - Etsy. There are some GREAT Prints available on etsy... my favorite way to shop for them are via the Supplies Section... just choose Supples, then enter the keywords into the bar & click search.
I chose "skull Japanese fabric" to see the new ones out there :) but there are OHHHHH so many great things to search so have fun with it! Click the pictures to be taken to the shop it is sold from.Here are some of my favorites :)GLITTER!! $7.00/half yard
Unicorns: $18.00 /yard
My all time favorite skully print...
I made Ms. Rozzlyn a blanket out of this one... $4.50/ FQ
CUTE ABC print!! $7.50/half yard
Also - i LOVE seersucker Japanese fabrics... such a fun texture. I might have to snag this one up :)$8.50/Meter (just over a yard)
So that is how its done! Search around and see what you can find - share your favorites with us! I would love to see what inspires you :)

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Collect the Whole Set :)

Two of my most recent Crib Bedding Sets that feature lots of fun nursery accessories - they look great don't they!!

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Punk Rock Baby Girl.

Things I <3 on Etsy today... Click the photos to go to their listings :)
If you happen to snag anything up, let me know! I would love to hear what you purchased!! Did I forget something? What is your favorite punky baby girl item out there right now?
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Spoiled baby girl... or mama? Whichever

I'm sure you're not surprised when I say that this baby girl, Rozzlyn... is already totally spoiled. She has a so many outfits... I think Ill be hoping for poo-splosions just for an excuse to change her... She got a new crib & changing table, because well.. the old one has scratches on it ;) And all the high tech gadgetry we could ever need... like a MamaRoo & a fancy schmancy video monitor... but of all this awesomeness... I am so excited about my StellarCheri diaper bag... and my Sweet Monkey Tots wipes case!!! If you're a fan of us on Facebook... then its pretty likely you already saw me ranting about its awesomeness... but COME ON!!!! Its amazing... This is a rare and expensive Japanese fabric... and when I found it, I about had a heart attack. Back when I made the boy's quilts... I used this same print but in black as some of the squares... and some matching wall art. And now i have PINK! So I bought up as much as I could afford so I can put some into her bedding too... and of course, a matching wall art... and who knows what else...  all I know is I am so amazingly thrilled so far with both of these companies and I don't even have them in my hands yet! I knew Cheri would kick out an amazing product... we have been working together for awhile now... and I have been a customer for even longer...
But like most people, I sometimes get nervous when trying new shops... ya never know when they will just blow your mind with awesomeness or let ya down... but I gotta say, my experience with nothing but AMAZING. Her products are worth EVERY penny. From the very beginning, her communication was prompt and she was SO SO helpful while I searched for the right print and combination... She has kept it constant contact sending preview files of fonts, letting me know the status of the order... and a sneak peek of the case before she emailed saying she shipped it off. I have been absolutely thrilled and I highly recommend shopping with either one of both of course. Both of these awesome companies take custom orders... and both of them make it super simple to put together the perfect set... they also have many fabrics to choose from if you don't have anything specific in mind... so PLEASE take a minute to stop by their etsy shops... Stellar Cheri is here... though remember, the style of bag you see above is the exclusive StellarCheri for RockerByeBaby design... and can only be found in our shop :) But still go check out all her other awesome goodies... and then Sweet Monkey Tots... Be sure to tell them RockerByeBaby sent ya - and if you order, come back and tell us what you got!
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Wetbags Review & Giveaway!!

We have teamed up once again with the amazing StellarCheri... First to bring you our AWESOME diaper bags... and NOW some amazing coordinating Wet bags! But before we launch them - we are hosting a giveaway to really give them a good test run :) 


-StellarCheri for RockerByeBaby: Eco friendly, reusable wetbags are made using 100% cotton fabric on the outside and are fully lined with PEVA. PEVA is a plastic material that is food safe, water resistant, PVC-free, lead free, BPA free, non-chlorinated, biodegradable, easy to clean. Bag closes with a zipper and has a side handle for carrying or attaching to something else.

-These bags are perfect for carrying dirty cloth diapers, wet clothes, stinky gym clothes, bathing suits, etc. On a different note these can even be used for carrying food or snacks.

-To clean: turn bag inside out and wipe down or rinse with soapy water and let it hang dry. If the bag gets extra dirty, you can throw it in the washer, then line/hang dry.

Measurements are approx:
12" x 12"

ANYONE can enter below... but the winners will be chosen as followed.
*Two winners MUST be moms that are currently cloth diapering and will be able to test our wetbags in their daily routine... 
*One winner doesn't have to be... but should test the wetbag in another way... for its use in function, style, etc. It has MANY uses :)

Winners will have one week from the time you get the wetbag to use it, wash it, etc... however you would use it if you bought it... and then report back to us with a thorough review about what you like, what you don't, your favorites about it... and what you would want changed. If you are not willing to do the review, do not enter for this giveaway.

Here are the prizes!!
Wild Girl
Black Tattoo
To Win: Leave each entry in a separate comment below...
1: Fan StellarCheri on Facebook. (comment below telling us you fanned)2. Fan RockerByeBaby on Facebook.  (comment below telling us you fanned)3. Comment below and tell us WHICH print you would like to win, and what you would be using it for...4. Copy and paste this message: "By entering this giveaway - I agree to testing out the new Wetbags and reporting back with a review within 1 week if I am chosen as the winner, *your name*"
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