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Giveaway #6: StellarCheri

There isn't very much to say about StellarCheri that I haven't already said. Its no secret that I love and adore her stuff. I stand behind her quality 100%... so much so, that you will find the RockerByeBaby name on our special line of diaper bags with her. I have so many of her products, myself. Snack Bags, a couple clutches, a diaper bag, dresses... and more I'm sure.

   If you havn't had the pleasure of checking out StellarCheri, you must. I promise, everything you find will be of amazing construction, and super super cute. :) One of her new goodies on my wish list is this adorable wallet. Simple, functional, and would look so so cute with my diaper bag!! I love the patchwork detail and the big chunky button. Another one of our favorite items are her snack bags. They are not only cute, but functional too for SO MANY THINGS! The obvious use is for snacks... they are water resistant so you can pretty much put anything in there without having to worry too much about leaks. But another great use is as a small wet bag for potty training accidents when you are out and about... its the perfect size to just toss soiled undies in there after an accident. Though, I would recommend alternating between snack and soiled undies, lol maybe you should just buy two of them ;) While you are searching around her shop, you will also find the cutest dresses, hair bows, laptop sleeves and more... and among those other items are her brand spankin' new diaper clutches! Scratch that... you won't see those because the two she listed yesterday are already sold! "The StellarCheri diaper clutch is the perfect size for a a few diapers and a travel pack of wipes. Its great for quick trips with your little one, and especially awesome for your toddlers who really don't need all the necessities that a baby needs. :)

It measures 9.5"x6" when folded and closed. It has two elastic pockets on the inside, closes with an elastic band and also has a wristlet strap for carrying. All diaper clutches are made with cotton fabrics and a layer of interfacing to give it a bit of sturdiness." StellarCheri made a special one just for Ashley... And guess what... you will get to be among the first to try it out! One lucky winner will receive this super cute argyle diaper clutch, just like Ashley's. They are so great, and you can be sure there will be one coming to the RockerByeBaby household!  Also, what do you guys think about adding these to our line? Maybe a special combo of diaper bag and diaper clutch for a deal? Hmmmmm *wheels turning*

How to win:
#1: Heart StellarCheri on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite pair of item(s) in the StellarCheri Etsy shop, then come back and comment below, telling us what you love!
#3: Fan the StellarCheri facebook page.
#4: Follow StellarCheri on Twitter and tweet this message: "Giveaway @RockerByeBaby for a @stellarCheri diaper clutch! Enter to win! http://punkrockerbyebaby.blogspot.com/2012/01/giveaway-6-stellarcheri.html"
#5: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#6: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#7: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand side.)
#8: Blog about this baby shower giveaway! Linking back to our blog... when you are done come here and comment below with the link to where we can see the post!

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Spoiled baby girl... or mama? Whichever

I'm sure you're not surprised when I say that this baby girl, Rozzlyn... is already totally spoiled. She has a so many outfits... I think Ill be hoping for poo-splosions just for an excuse to change her... She got a new crib & changing table, because well.. the old one has scratches on it ;) And all the high tech gadgetry we could ever need... like a MamaRoo & a fancy schmancy video monitor... but of all this awesomeness... I am so excited about my StellarCheri diaper bag... and my Sweet Monkey Tots wipes case!!! If you're a fan of us on Facebook... then its pretty likely you already saw me ranting about its awesomeness... but COME ON!!!! Its amazing... This is a rare and expensive Japanese fabric... and when I found it, I about had a heart attack. Back when I made the boy's quilts... I used this same print but in black as some of the squares... and some matching wall art. And now i have PINK! So I bought up as much as I could afford so I can put some into her bedding too... and of course, a matching wall art... and who knows what else...  all I know is I am so amazingly thrilled so far with both of these companies and I don't even have them in my hands yet! I knew Cheri would kick out an amazing product... we have been working together for awhile now... and I have been a customer for even longer...
But like most people, I sometimes get nervous when trying new shops... ya never know when they will just blow your mind with awesomeness or let ya down... but I gotta say, my experience with nothing but AMAZING. Her products are worth EVERY penny. From the very beginning, her communication was prompt and she was SO SO helpful while I searched for the right print and combination... She has kept it constant contact sending preview files of fonts, letting me know the status of the order... and a sneak peek of the case before she emailed saying she shipped it off. I have been absolutely thrilled and I highly recommend shopping with either one of both of course. Both of these awesome companies take custom orders... and both of them make it super simple to put together the perfect set... they also have many fabrics to choose from if you don't have anything specific in mind... so PLEASE take a minute to stop by their etsy shops... Stellar Cheri is here... though remember, the style of bag you see above is the exclusive StellarCheri for RockerByeBaby design... and can only be found in our shop :) But still go check out all her other awesome goodies... and then Sweet Monkey Tots... Be sure to tell them RockerByeBaby sent ya - and if you order, come back and tell us what you got!
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Custom Tote Giveaway from the ONE & ONLY: Brooke Van Gory!

Now, i can't even begin to tell you how excited about this I am... I realized that Tuesday had come again, and i didnt have a giveaway to post! So I gave Brooke a call and said - hey! Lets You should giveaway a wet bag or a gift certificate on my blog this week! Of course, in all Brooke's awesomeness she said yes, but she upped the ante ... and have a super special giveaway in store for you... but first, lets talk about the Mrs. behind Brooke Van Gory...

Brooke is one of my bestest friends... not only is she an amazing friend & mama... but she's an awesome seamstress... All of her diaper bags (Expedient Bags) are custom made just for the customer... you choose the color of your base, and the print of the pockets... and can even be as detailed as the piping & stitching... see?! i told you... amazing...

All of these diaper bags are her standard design... and you can even order it in a larger size. They are also GREAT for cloth diapering mamas who have to carry around a lot of diapers... and dont forget to ask her about the custom matching wet-bag that attaches to the outside of the bag so it doesn't take up room on the inside! But dont think that is all...  she doesn't just do diaper bags! She also makes beautiful camera bags...
The Aperture Camera bag - A Brooke Van Gory Exclusive Completely CUSTOM
The Aperture Camera bag - A Brooke Van Gory Exclusive Completely CUSTOM
as well as an awesome, simpler tote style bag... that I totally love.

The Fundamental is a generously sized tote-style diaper bag. It is perfect for daily running around, for trips to the park, or to leave with a sitter. A bit smaller (not by much) then The Expedient this bag was bult to allow for plenty of room inside to allow for diapers, blankies, toys, and bibs, and 2 outer pockets for "mommy things". Its perfect for daddy's on the go... Speaking of Daddy's on the go... Brooke made this tote for The Guncles to send along in my gift basket for them! Awesome right!?
And guess what... you will get one too. Brooke is going to give one lucky winner the "Doodle Skulls" Tote bag... customized to your liking...

The tote will be black, with the black & white doodle skulls print, and you get to choose the coordinating color for the straps. This print is perfectly neutral, so if you are wanting something daddy will carry too I would recommend maybe a red? Or.. oh, oh oh!! Turquoise would be awesome :) Totally fun & awesome right?
This bag is a $59.99 value that one lucky winner will get for free!
Heres how to win :)
How to Win:
#1: Make ANY purchase from  Brooke Van Gory and get 5 extra entries. 
#2: Follow Brooke on Twitter!
#3: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter!
#4: Tweet This: (up to once daily)
"Customized tote bag #giveaway from @crossbones_inc ($60 value)at the @rockerbyebaby blog Comment at link to enter! http://bit.ly/9OfsIv"
#5: Heart Brooke Van Gory and two items on etsy
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog! (sidebar)
#7: "Like" Brooke Van Gory on facebook!
#8: "Like" RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#9: Put the Rockerbyebaby flash button on your blog or website. (3 extra entries) *sidebar*
#10: If your the lucky winner, what color accents would you pick!?

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Off Beat Mama Shout out!

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