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Review of My Little Feather Plush Owl!

It would be near impossible for me to choose a "favorite plush" from my *ahem* sorry... Rozzlyn's plush collection. But I gotta say, in a sea of pink, black, and lime green - our new punky owl from My Little Feather stands out...
I have been a huge fan of My Little Feather from the moment I first say her OH SO CUTE pirate owls... I mean seriously, how can you not love them!! In an Etsy world full of plush, My little Feather has really found her niche and made them her own. If you havn't yet - be sure to "like" her on facebook so you can see the new plush as the are posted.  When My Little Feather contacted my about a revie I literally squealed with delight. I had already showed her a ton of love just by seeing her awesome product online... but the idea of getting my hands on one! LOVE!!! We worked together to come up with the perfect one to match Rozzlyn's room.  The colors and prints coordinate perfectly with her bedding...   I love the color of pink that she used in the felt and on the wings... and just the little pops of lime green...
And if you noticed.. the scribble skulls print is one I used in her quilt and her bumpers!  How cute is that little r on the butt?! That was an awesome surprise I didn't see until I got it in the mail. The quality that comes from this shop absolutely blew my mind. Each stitch is perfect... every detail is carefully thought out... creating a high-quality item thats worth every penny... and the price? Totally reasonable for a plush of this size. *which makes me happy as I consider my next owl* I just love watching Ms. Rozzlyn inspect the different prints and textures...  Her little fingers are too cute feeling the textures of the buttons and threads. 
My next purchase most definitely has to be one with glasses and a mustache... what?! Hipster owl?! Oh yes... she makes those too ;)  So - needless to say... Ms. Rozz approves completely...
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Half A Year. How did this happen?

Can you believe it? As of yesterday April 30th, my baby girl turned 6 months old... It seems like it was just yesterday we were rushing into the hospital to be induced at the last minute. *thats another story* Such a beautiful baby girl... and doing so much already. Rolling over both ways... sitting up for a minute or so at a time. Blowing raspberries... and chewing and drooling over anything she can get into her mouth. Im so thankful to have her in my life... I say all the time, I just needed her. And I did.

*Love you baby girl*

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Collect the Whole Set :)

Two of my most recent Crib Bedding Sets that feature lots of fun nursery accessories - they look great don't they!!

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Wordless Wednesday - Walk The Plank

We LOVE Ben as our little model, isn't he adorable! They came by today we we snapped these photos... I just LOVE this shirt and hope you guys do too! It will be listed in the next few days.

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Favorites Friday.... on Tuesday :) Vinyls

This week... totally random theme, but with the big move coming I have been planning new decor... and i am loving all these vinyl wall stickers... and having a REALLY hard time picking a couple cuz I want them all, but fear that would just look silly, lol On the flip side... vinyls are great for condo living where you can't paint... they are easy to take down... but still add personality. So here are some of the themes we have picked out for the new place...
Living Room: Traditional Tattoos... found some cool sailor Jerry flash canvases with pinups... anchors, etc. way cool. Lots of Reds, Creams & Browns..
Master Bedroom: its all done in the Damask Rock fabric... red curtains, and I bought some awesome tin stars w/ damask here on etsy to coordinate... SO excited..
Master Bathroom: Old Hollywood... bought some Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn art... then made a few cute pieces myself!
Boys room... Pirates!
And we still have a lonnnng way to go, lol... Any ideas!? Id love to hear what you guys think... how do you feel about Vinyls? Cute? Cheesy?
(click photo to enlarge)

#1: CreativeWalls: Cherry Blossoms... Im LOVING these... maybe in the kitchen? That could be cute :)
#2: ExpressingYou: Damask Monogram... I think a nice big "Z" could be cool in the bedroom...
#3: Xpresivdesigns: I like the idea of this James Dean Quote in the "holly wood bathroom"
#4: GreyWoldGraphics: Sewing Border... TOTALLY would be adorable in the sewing office above the window :)
#5: Beepart: Swallows.... Im like 90% sure these are a must have above the fireplace.... We bought a metal anchor, and i think it would be cool in between them...
#6: BubbaAndDoodle: awe... we NEEED these for the boys room for sure!
#7: BeePart: Sugar Skull... have NO idea where this would go, but I LOVE it...
#8: FreckledHound: Pirate LIfe... think this one would be SUPER cute in the boys' pirate room :)
#9: VerdigrisDye: Buttons.... Im also 90% sure that I need these in the office to go with my "stoopidgerl" prints.

**If any of you wonderful featured sellers would like to host a review & giveaway here at the blog leave a comment or send me an email to rockerbyebaby@gmail.com We would LOVE to try your products!!!***
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