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Review of My Little Feather Plush Owl!

It would be near impossible for me to choose a "favorite plush" from my *ahem* sorry... Rozzlyn's plush collection. But I gotta say, in a sea of pink, black, and lime green - our new punky owl from My Little Feather stands out...
I have been a huge fan of My Little Feather from the moment I first say her OH SO CUTE pirate owls... I mean seriously, how can you not love them!! In an Etsy world full of plush, My little Feather has really found her niche and made them her own. If you havn't yet - be sure to "like" her on facebook so you can see the new plush as the are posted.  When My Little Feather contacted my about a revie I literally squealed with delight. I had already showed her a ton of love just by seeing her awesome product online... but the idea of getting my hands on one! LOVE!!! We worked together to come up with the perfect one to match Rozzlyn's room.  The colors and prints coordinate perfectly with her bedding...   I love the color of pink that she used in the felt and on the wings... and just the little pops of lime green...
And if you noticed.. the scribble skulls print is one I used in her quilt and her bumpers!  How cute is that little r on the butt?! That was an awesome surprise I didn't see until I got it in the mail. The quality that comes from this shop absolutely blew my mind. Each stitch is perfect... every detail is carefully thought out... creating a high-quality item thats worth every penny... and the price? Totally reasonable for a plush of this size. *which makes me happy as I consider my next owl* I just love watching Ms. Rozzlyn inspect the different prints and textures...  Her little fingers are too cute feeling the textures of the buttons and threads. 
My next purchase most definitely has to be one with glasses and a mustache... what?! Hipster owl?! Oh yes... she makes those too ;)  So - needless to say... Ms. Rozz approves completely...
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Giveaway #11: TZBurps

I am a HUGE lover of all things handmade & plush - and TZBurps is no exception to that. This shop specializes in the CUTEST owls and birds out there.
"TZ Owls and Birdz! --Top 4 reasons they are the BEST and different from other owls: 1. made of all fleece which makes them 2. super soft to snuggle up with 3. machine washable-no spot clean only and 4. since all owl parts are fleece and sewn on anyone any age may enjoy them. Perfect to cuddle up with, use as a pillow or a decoration. You can create your own owl/bird or purchase ones that are ready to leave their nests!"I am absolutely in love with the quality and squishineas of these little guys... Im thinking that we will definitely have to add one to Rozzlyn's collection! They are affordable on any budget... the mini's are just $12-$14... and they go up in size style to around $40. She also has some mini options made of minky dot, that have crinkle paper, squeakers and some cute ribbon tags to be used as a great sensory toy!Since this is a shower/giveaway for Ashley, her special contribution was this little guy below... The cutest little yellow and gray owl (to match her nursery of course :) I can see him propped up in the corner of a crib... just waiting to be snuggled by the little man...One lucky winner of this giveaway gets the mini owl shown above, but in their custom choice of colors for the body, wings & nose :) Good luck!

How to win:
#1: Heart TZ Burps on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite pair of item(s) in the TZ Burps shop, then come back and comment below, telling us what you love!
#3: Fan the TZ Burps facebook page.
#4: Follow the TZ Burps Blog.
#5: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#6: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#7: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand side.)
#8: Blog about this baby shower giveaway! Linking back to our blog... when you are done come here and comment below with the link to where we can see the post!
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