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Giveaway #4: CuddleStar

Now a days it seems like anyone can be a good photographer with an iPhone and Instagram, but Ashley - the mama who this shower is for and the A in AE Photography is the real deal. In fact... she and her husband were the photographers at our wedding. Talent, talent, talent.
She also does a lot of the photography for our shop... like our Camera t-shirt, modeled by her son Finn!
So, when I was "window shopping" on Etsy... and came across a super cute camera Onesie by Cuddle Star, I just KNEW Ashley would love it. Cuddle Star has some of the cutest onesies I have ever seen. Truly. If you are in to any sort of western style, this shop is for you. From Deputy Dude to Pearl Snap Vests onesies for the Cowboys (and girls)... to the Shadiator or the tie and suspenders for the "scenester" babies... This mama has got you covered. Everything you see in her shop is amazingly well made, down to every last detail. Even the little story in her "announcements" makes me love this shop even more... "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Adrian who lived it Texas. She loved to draw and paint. She wore tiaras, jewelry, slips on the outside of her clothes, and cowboy boots. She dreamed of growing up and moving to a coast thousands of miles away, marrying el Principe Rafael Medina, and having a daughter named Tigerlilly Goldfeather.

While some of those dreams came true, others faded and new dreams came to be.

Now Adrian resides in Austin TX, married a different kind of prince and has her el Princepe Rafael Medina in the form of a son. Thorough all life’s adventures and changes, Adrian never let go of her love for quirky fashion. Cuddlestar came to be with the birth of her son."

Its so true. Just because we have kids doesn't mean we have to give up that unique sense of style. I can promise you that in the 5 years of my oldest son's life, he has never wore an outfit with teddy bears or rubber duckies... and the only choo choo train shirt he has is an awesome one with the smoke stack letting out puffs of skull and crossbones shaped steam. And like Adrian, if I couldn't find it in a store, I made it myself... (and also like Adrian, that inspired my store)  Im so happy to find yet another amazing Etsy shop like Cuddlestar that has awesome style and high quality... and you should too! Why? Because if you're lucky, you could be the winner of a super duper cute piece from her shop! They were so sweet to be sending Ashley this insanely adorable camera onesie for her little man. And lucky her because this is one of the last ones in this style!
The winner of this giveaway will get to choose their prize between a tie vest in brown or turquoise, or a tie suspenders in black or brown, or a deputy dude... size 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m or 12-18m.

How to Win:
#1: Heart Cuddlestar on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite item in the Cuddlestar shop, and come back here and tell us what design you would choose if you won!
#3: Fan Cuddlestar on Facebook!
#4: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#5: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand sidebar.)
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Wordless Wednesday - New-ness!

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GIVEAWAY! Poppy's Sprouts!

A day late - sorry... been a crazy week... BUT  - ill make it up to you... right... now...
This weeks awesome shop is the super talented Jennifer from Poppy!
And were specifically shouting out to her "Poppys Spouts" branch...

You may have seen her around etsy... she is also known as:
She is a "jill" of all trades, no doubt... but lets talk tots for a bit!
In March of this year Ms. Poppy sprouted a new leaf and ventured into childrens' clothing... She does everything from dresses, to shirts...... and from skirts to coordinating hair bows...
Check it out :)
BUTTON BLOSSOMS Flutter sleeve DRESS by Poppy Sprouts
TINKERBELL TuTu skirt by Poppy Sprouts
POlka DOT Bloomers by Poppy Sprouts
Recgonize that little lady in the photos? You should! I referred photographer Beki & her daughter Maddie to Poppy for modeling and photos! Adorable-ness...
Poppy sent over a couple shirts for the boys to try out and we totally love them...

Zen CHarmer Custom shirt by Poppy Sprouts
THE BOMB Custom shirt by Poppy Sprouts
And of course, this is giveaway day so you get one too!! One lucky winner gets their choice of onesie or t-shirt in the poppy sprouts store...
How to Win:
#1: Make ANY purchase from  poppy sprouts store and get 5 extra entries. 
#2: Follow Poppy's Garden!
#3: Follow RockerByeBaby on Twitter!
#4: Tweet This: (up to once daily)
"@PoppysGarden custom tshirt or onesie #giveaway ($15 value)at the @rockerbyebaby blog Comment at link to enter! http://bit.ly/9MjHoL"
#5: Heart Poppy's Sprouts and two items on etsy
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog! (sidebar)
#7: "Like" Poppys Wicked Garden on facebook!
#8: "Like" RockerByeBaby on Facebook.
#9: Put the Rockerbyebaby flash button on your blog or website. (3 extra entries) *sidebar*
#10: If your the lucky winner, what would you pick!?
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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #8! HelloPrettyBird!

Hello Pretty Bird... You are a pretty bird aren't you... Pretty Bird.... Pretty Bird...........

Readers, do you have a spare $5 laying around? Because if so, i know how you should spend it... Amanda over at Hello Pretty Bird on Etsy makes the CUTEST burp rags around... (well, tied with mine of course, lol) I dunno HOW she does it... but she hand dyes the BRIGHTEST colors on her burps. Shes amazing... now I can say this because i have tried... and failed... 3 hours... 3 rinse cycles... black hands... and a messy kitchen later, i gave up... and now I pay Amanda to dye them for me, lol Its MUCH more fun for me this way ;) So I make the punky ones, and she does ALLLLLLLLLLLL the rest... she has some of the most fun & cutesy tutesy prints... and at just $5 a pop they are affordable on any budget. (for comparison... a plain white Gerber burp rag costs $1.40... BORING! totally worth the extra $3.60...)
Check out some of my favorites :)
Rainbow of peace hand-dyed deep blue burp cloth
for the hippie baby in your life...

Sea Animals hand dyed Bright Blue Burp Cloth
Sea Animals... (im stalking this one :)

Colorful Owls hand dyed Orange Burp Cloth
Owls... also stalking this one... lol

Ice Cream sweets hand-dyed pink burp cloth
omg and I hadn't seen this one but now im stalking it toooooo!!! ;)

Anyways, as you can see they are ADORABLE... There is something for everyone... and a burpie that makes a statement... (more than just, HEY! Urp on me!) And if your a mama that likes to be matchy matchy... she also makes matching hand dyed onesies!
Ice Cream sweets hand-dyed pink burp cloth
If you dont see one that matches your burpie I bet if you ask REALLY nicely she will make you one... but never fear... cuz in the mean time, she has sent ONE matching set for a lucky winner... Aymee got an adorable girlie one too! Wanna see your prize?
Dots and Swirls hand dyed grey burp cloth
This burp rag above, and a matching Newborn size onesie (with the heart shaped applique) This set is a $20 value... and a lucky snag for the winning mama (&baby)...
How to win! We are going to run this one a little differently... Its a live giveaway... When we get to 300 comments a winner will be chosen... (this seems like alot buts its not. We once got to 500 comments in under 45 minutes, lol) 

There are 2 mandatory entries...
YOU MUST (do both):
#1: Fan Hello Pretty Bird on FACEBOOK...
#2: Go to the Hello Pretty Bird Etsy Page... heart her shop, and heart your TWO favorite items...

AFTER THAT: Comment as many times as you want about this theme:
"Favorite things about being a parent"
As soon as we reach 300  200 entries, the comments will be closed & a winner will be chosen at random.

Extra: If you love to help us promote :)
Tweet this:
Unisex Burp Rag & Onesie giveaway from @amanda_smith during the #babybloggingbash at the @rockerbyebaby blog http://bit.ly/cqkdjy.
You can tweet this one only up to once an hour... (comment for the entry).
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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #5! SugarBabyLove!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this shop... Im So exited to share this giveaway with you guys. I found this Sugar Baby Love on etsy last month and i am SO sad I did not find it sooner.... How does such an adorable AND affordable shop have so few sales?! I dunno, but hopefully we can help change that...
Sugar Baby Love has some of the cutest onesies I have ever seen... AND they're really well made...
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M pink
I love that she uses great quality ringer onesies for bases... and the best quality silk screens... it really makes them even more adorable and stand out from the usual boring gerbers that you find on etsy... and best of all, her designs are totally unique... like the pinstripe bow tie onesie... could this be any cuter!?
BLACK BOW TIE baby bodysuit 6-12M I have been looking into wholesaling onesies for the RBB website... maybe these are the winner... But there are so many cute ones I dont know how i would choose!!!
COOL BABIES WEAR BLACK baby bodysuit 3-6M grey on black
Mrs. Aymee Danger was given this one (below) for her baby shower gift, and i gotta be honest, i just CAN'T WAIT to see it on Maddie... Its such a fun & adorable design... And just $12 for all this cuteness! She also has a 3 for $30 option... Total steal... just $10 each!!
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M black
And one lucky winner of the giveaway gets this one in a size 6/12 months! I LOVE IT, and in my head... you could totally rock it for either gender... this with a cute little jean skirt and some leggings would be ADORABLE! Girls can wear blue too!!!
GREEN SKULLS and STARS baby bodysuit 3-6M white

How to win:
#1: (MANDATORY) Go to the SUGAR BABY LOVE etsy shop...
Heart TWO of her items, AND heart/favorite her store... then come back here and then come back here tell me that you did that...
#2: Then its a free for all... comment AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, about your parenting fears... all parents have fears... new moms... young moms... single moms... there are a million things to "worry" about... I want you to tell me as many of those fears and you want to share... and then tell me how you get over/adjust to them.
#3: If you love us you can tweet about this once an hour for an extra entry :)
"Enter to win a skulls & stars onesie from SugarBabyLove at the @rockerbyebaby blog during the #babybloggingbash http://bit.ly/95ells"
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