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Giveaway #4: CuddleStar

Now a days it seems like anyone can be a good photographer with an iPhone and Instagram, but Ashley - the mama who this shower is for and the A in AE Photography is the real deal. In fact... she and her husband were the photographers at our wedding. Talent, talent, talent.
She also does a lot of the photography for our shop... like our Camera t-shirt, modeled by her son Finn!
So, when I was "window shopping" on Etsy... and came across a super cute camera Onesie by Cuddle Star, I just KNEW Ashley would love it. Cuddle Star has some of the cutest onesies I have ever seen. Truly. If you are in to any sort of western style, this shop is for you. From Deputy Dude to Pearl Snap Vests onesies for the Cowboys (and girls)... to the Shadiator or the tie and suspenders for the "scenester" babies... This mama has got you covered. Everything you see in her shop is amazingly well made, down to every last detail. Even the little story in her "announcements" makes me love this shop even more... "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Adrian who lived it Texas. She loved to draw and paint. She wore tiaras, jewelry, slips on the outside of her clothes, and cowboy boots. She dreamed of growing up and moving to a coast thousands of miles away, marrying el Principe Rafael Medina, and having a daughter named Tigerlilly Goldfeather.

While some of those dreams came true, others faded and new dreams came to be.

Now Adrian resides in Austin TX, married a different kind of prince and has her el Princepe Rafael Medina in the form of a son. Thorough all life’s adventures and changes, Adrian never let go of her love for quirky fashion. Cuddlestar came to be with the birth of her son."

Its so true. Just because we have kids doesn't mean we have to give up that unique sense of style. I can promise you that in the 5 years of my oldest son's life, he has never wore an outfit with teddy bears or rubber duckies... and the only choo choo train shirt he has is an awesome one with the smoke stack letting out puffs of skull and crossbones shaped steam. And like Adrian, if I couldn't find it in a store, I made it myself... (and also like Adrian, that inspired my store)  Im so happy to find yet another amazing Etsy shop like Cuddlestar that has awesome style and high quality... and you should too! Why? Because if you're lucky, you could be the winner of a super duper cute piece from her shop! They were so sweet to be sending Ashley this insanely adorable camera onesie for her little man. And lucky her because this is one of the last ones in this style!
The winner of this giveaway will get to choose their prize between a tie vest in brown or turquoise, or a tie suspenders in black or brown, or a deputy dude... size 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m or 12-18m.

How to Win:
#1: Heart Cuddlestar on Etsy.
#2: Heart your favorite item in the Cuddlestar shop, and come back here and tell us what design you would choose if you won!
#3: Fan Cuddlestar on Facebook!
#4: Fan the RockerByeBaby facebook page.
#5: Heart RockerByeBaby on Etsy.
#6: Follow the RockerByeBaby blog. (in the upper right hand sidebar.)
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Favorites Friday: Cameras!

There's no doubt that we love photography... we love taking photos, editing them, and can sure appreciate the people that are WAY better at it than us, like AE Photography, StoopidGerl & Beki Dawn Photography... So this Favorites Friday is dedicated to all the fun of photography :)
(click to enlarge)

#1: TooFashion2010 - Pretty Retro Silver Black Camera Pendant
#2: BarrelofMonkeys - I shoot with a *camera* button
#3: LuckyStraps - Damask Camera Strap with Minky Lining
#4: MoonFaces - Vintage Camera Carnival tickets
#5: Jillein Photography - Vintage Damask Camera Brownie Target Fine Art
#6: TimeLessThings - Vintage camera note cards
#7: MaddieBee123 - Damask Lens Case
#8: AForestFrolic - Camera Gift Tags
#9: Snugglens - Ready to Ship Dslr hobo Camera Bag

If any of you awesome sellers would like to host a review & giveaway please let us know, we would love to have you!! rockerbyebaby@gmail.com
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Favorites Friday - Vintage

Ya know, more and more I have fallen in love with all things vintage... toys, shoes, clothes, decor, you name it... So this week when my girl @RockytheZombie suggested I do a vintage theme, it was right on... so here we go! *im super excited*
(click the photo to zoom & see more details)
#1:VonlenskaVintage - Vintage Black & Leather Knee High Boots (drooling over these... they look SO slouch, comfy & broken in... and i like the rocker edge to them, with the straps & studs....)
#2: TheVintageRecycler - Vintage Black Licorice Button Mixture (i LOVE vintage buttons... they have so much character and make a handmade item even mroe OOAK)
#3: Debbychoi79 - Vintage Black Leather Coach Purse (Coach has some crazy prints out there, but at the end of the day, they have so many timeless pieces and this is definitely one of them. What a simple, classic, black bag)
#4: AnimalHeadVintage - Vintage 50's Black Cotton Day Dress (So cute... loving this simple dress with the peekaboo stiching... could be changed so easily with different colored slips like the model did in red.)
#5: TheGreenGumDrop - 80's Black Corset Mini Dress (LOVE! Love love love... the front is SO simple, the huge pop in the black with the awesome corset and fat grommets & lacing. LOVE)
#6: SalonMystique - 80's Body Con Suede Strapless Dress (super sleek, super sexy...)
#7: jwhite2 - Vintage Folding Kodak Tourister Camera (rad... @stoopidgerl should start a vintage camera collection...)
#8:VintageInMyBasement - Black Retro Glasses (im totally gunna buy these... ALL of my wine glasses have been broken & i think these would be a great simple, classic replacement :)
#9: GinaMichaelVintage -  Vintage Betsey Johnson Hammer Pants (can't touch this, lol)
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Note to Self Saturday: Xmas Success!

Ohhh what a day... Cali may not be "home"... and Christmas sure doesn't feel the same when its 70 & sunny... but it sure went off without a hitch! We spent Christmas Eve at the Settimis house and it was amazing... such great company... amazing Prime Rib... and BEAUTIFUL baby girls ;) (which only helped to make me want a little lady even MORE!!)  But the boys were great... they had a ton of fun... and we were able to stay until almost 11pm!! My boys are usually melting down by 7pm and ready for bed! So that was definitely a nice treat...  we finished off the night with champagne & exchanging presents with hubby after the kids went to bed. It was perfect. I was the luckiest girl in the world! He got me a brand spankin new sewing machine, and  bad ass camera, lol Cannon Rebel XSi... two lenses and a case. *dies* I have had SO MUCH FUN taking pictures... and was so happy to have it for xmas morning... its everything i could have possibly wanted and MORE! He definitely earned the #1 hubby award, lol.

i got him a new grill and a bunch of other randomness...

hes doing a wonderful job at being excited... though a feel like a total failure next to his gifts. lol

The boys had a ton of fun opening gifts... the kitchen & felt food has been a HUGE hit. But I think izzaq's favorite is the Melissa & Doug Birthday cake... He has been with it for like 6 hours! (yay for creative play - click photos to zoom)

My girl Ailie @ Baby Boo Felt has been so generous in helping us build our felt food collection... Not sure how likes it better, the boys or myself... but I just cant wait to start buying more :)

Zavery's favorite toy was probably the Mater truck. He loves it so much he even slept with it last night, lol

After presents there was a TON of playing... lots of snuggling... and then finally napping... kinda. (i think they were just too excited) Daddy took a good nap though... *good job daddy* while zaq napped and the boys pretended to, I started prepping stuffing. Zaq's mom makes the best sausage, rice & bread crumb stuffing... and for Thanksgiving zaq took a crack at making it... fail, lol So for x-mas it was my turn... I must say (and he will agree) i did a much better job... but it still wasn't Nana's stuffing...

Zaq was in charge of the rest... he likes cooking and holidays make it lots of fun for him to prepare the meal.

(notice the Vikings apron he got from santa... i think santa is even COOLER now that i know he shops on etsy!)

For dinner zaq made big fluffy squishy yummy rolls...

a HUGE bowl of mashed potatoes... (and this makes me laugh)

 Healthy Organic milk... with about 3 sticks a butter, lol
and of course... a christmas "roast beast"...

With all the playing and eating... there was bound to be lots of snuggling... Zavery went over and plopped himself right onto the floor with his "b's" it was the cutest thing in the world...

Then after some snuggling with daddy it was time for bed...

The day was great... I couldnt have asked for anything more... and now today the countdown to Santa has switched to the countdown to Nana and Papa... The should be here in about 8 more hours! Not much time left seeing as the started the 30 hour drive yesterday! We are really excited to see them... its been about 4 months :( Hope everyone else had a great holiday! Be sure to leave some comment love, id love to hear all about your day!

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