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New nursing Pads up in the shop!

We teamed up with the awesome and fabulous Wee Essentials to being you the MOST AWESOME and EXCLUSIVE nursing pads on the marked in our eyes :) I personally used these while nursing and stand buy them 110%. Check em out!

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Christmas Wish Lists... Me first!

Its that time of year again... where i begin drooling over oodles and oodles of etsy goodies that I would just LOVE to have for myself and or the kids... Ill spend the next 4 days putting together the ultimate etsy wish lists for me and the kiddo's :) and maybe daddy too....

My favorites!
#1: Missy Industry: I WILL have this skull ring someday... and this Misfit necklace... does that count as two? Well... as long as they come shipped in the same box - its only one.... right?

2: AuntDedesBasement: This necklace holder would be SOOOOO amazing in my bedroom. Must. Have.

3: TieMeUpAprons: Omg. Omg. OMMMMGGGGG. I need this for baking. Eating low carb now I do a lot of from scratch dessert baking.... and I NEEEEED this. Need. Not want. Need. Its Kawaii. And Cupcakes. and a Panda. Enough said.
4: ReLovePlanet: Unicorns? And Rainbows? On a slouchy pink hoodie? duh. 5:Elsiegeneva - Crochet Hook Case - another NEED since they're all sitting in a wamart bag right now... would be nice to have a little organization for my new hobby!
That concludes my top 5 Etsy wish list Christmas goodies!! If anyone of you would like to do a review & giveaway here at the blog/facebook I'd love to host you!
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A few new pictures :)

Sometimes the best pictures come from a cell phone! Love getting pictures snapped like this from customers. Thanks guys and keep em coming!

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Baby Blogging Bash! Giveaway #5! SugarBabyLove!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this shop... Im So exited to share this giveaway with you guys. I found this Sugar Baby Love on etsy last month and i am SO sad I did not find it sooner.... How does such an adorable AND affordable shop have so few sales?! I dunno, but hopefully we can help change that...
Sugar Baby Love has some of the cutest onesies I have ever seen... AND they're really well made...
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M pink
I love that she uses great quality ringer onesies for bases... and the best quality silk screens... it really makes them even more adorable and stand out from the usual boring gerbers that you find on etsy... and best of all, her designs are totally unique... like the pinstripe bow tie onesie... could this be any cuter!?
BLACK BOW TIE baby bodysuit 6-12M I have been looking into wholesaling onesies for the RBB website... maybe these are the winner... But there are so many cute ones I dont know how i would choose!!!
COOL BABIES WEAR BLACK baby bodysuit 3-6M grey on black
Mrs. Aymee Danger was given this one (below) for her baby shower gift, and i gotta be honest, i just CAN'T WAIT to see it on Maddie... Its such a fun & adorable design... And just $12 for all this cuteness! She also has a 3 for $30 option... Total steal... just $10 each!!
CUTE PINK SKULLS baby bodysuit 0-3M black
And one lucky winner of the giveaway gets this one in a size 6/12 months! I LOVE IT, and in my head... you could totally rock it for either gender... this with a cute little jean skirt and some leggings would be ADORABLE! Girls can wear blue too!!!
GREEN SKULLS and STARS baby bodysuit 3-6M white

How to win:
#1: (MANDATORY) Go to the SUGAR BABY LOVE etsy shop...
Heart TWO of her items, AND heart/favorite her store... then come back here and then come back here tell me that you did that...
#2: Then its a free for all... comment AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, about your parenting fears... all parents have fears... new moms... young moms... single moms... there are a million things to "worry" about... I want you to tell me as many of those fears and you want to share... and then tell me how you get over/adjust to them.
#3: If you love us you can tweet about this once an hour for an extra entry :)
"Enter to win a skulls & stars onesie from SugarBabyLove at the @rockerbyebaby blog during the #babybloggingbash http://bit.ly/95ells"
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New Giveaway! 2 ties from RokGear! You pick...


Looking back at my wedding, there is NO DOUBT that RokGear was the biggest thing to "tie" it all together... (get it... lame pun, sorry, lol) I really went out of my way to blend both the classy and pretty w/ the punk rock.. And from what everyone has said... I did a great job. But one HUGE aspect what the guys' ties... Skull & Damask print on red ties (zaq's was on white). They were PERFECTION!

Weren't we a sexy group!?

Both my guys & girls in black... with each just a pop of red... they looked phenomenal.
Classic... simple... and sexy... LOVE IT!

Alright, alright... thats enough blabbing and picture sharing... Everyone knows how much I love RokGear :) Now let me tell you about all the reasons why...
#1: They have been printing ties since 1995, OMG! Now thats dedication & Experience...
They started etsy just over a year ago and are totally "Rok'n" it...
#2: No clip art... You not gunna find the graphic to these ties floating on Photobucket...
"You will not find our neckties or designs on any department store shelf, we do not wholesale if you purchase a Rokgear design, necktie, t-shirt a print in general, It is directly from our Burbank Studio.
Not that we don't get hundreds of offers from vendors wanting our items, at RokGear customer service is all about the "Customer" and we can't rely on a third party vendor to take care of our customers." #3: THEY'RE ECO FRIENDLY!! "Water based ink screenprinting contains neither PVC nor phthalates making them an environmentally friendly choice. Water based ink ingredients are non-toxic, lead-free and do not contain any heavy metals. As such, they are safe for use on infant clothing, underwear and swimsuits."
#4: Options... sooo many options... Pick your color... pick your size (length and width... ... ... ... ;) ... pick your print... the combinations just go on and on and on... theres something for everyone...
#5: even more combinations... You can choose from Silk tie or Microfiber. We chose microfiber for the wedding. Its super easy to clean... the colors are just as great... still had a beautiful shine... and they're cheaper! For us it was a GREAT investment...
#6: The right size for everyone... On average an 8" tie may fit a boy up to about 2 or 3 years old, an 11" tie up to about 5 or 6 and a 14" up to about 10 or 11. For adults... A standard necktie is 3.75" wide at it's widest point and 57" long.
#7: They love RockerByeBaby, too.... ;) http://www.rokgear.com/Featured-Etsy-Shop.php
I could go on and on about all the amazing things coming out of RokGear... but you just have to see for yourself... And yes of course... one of you will get the chance to win... not one, but TWO MICROFIBER TIES... of your choice... You can choose one of two things... Either a matching father/son set... (1 adult tie & 1 kids tie... ) or two kids ties... You choose the size... color... and print... Pick your color from this amazing list... And shop till you drop on the website and etsy shop to see ALLLLLL the amazing print options ;)

To win... Go to the RokGear etsy shop... or the RokGear Website. In a comment... tell me your ultimate print & color choice... and why you want to win! The winner will then be contacted for a final decision on size, set, etc. How excited are you?? I gotta say, Im TOTALLY jealous... i would LOVE a matching skull & damask set for my boys... *wink wink* NOW GO COMMENT!!

Extra entries?? But of course :)

#2) Follow us here on (blogger) - Leave a separate comment for being a (old or new) follower on our blog.

#3) Follow/Tweet us (Twitter) - Leave a separate comment for being a follower and TWEETING about this giveaway on Twitter... If your already a twitter follower of ours, TWEET about it for an extra entry anyways :)Just be sure to leave us your Twitter name so we can check up!

#4) Write a blog about this giveaway and link back to this review. Leave an extra comment with the link to the blog.

#5) Buy something from ROK Gear! Tell us what you got!

#6) Fan US on Facebook...


#8) Heart/Favorite their Etsy shop!! Spread that Etsy love!

#9) Go Bump this etsy thread! http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6327857 Then come back here an comment for an extra surprise entry!!

Alright... thats like... #8 entries possible... now get on it.

Once more... *The Rockin Green giveaway is STILL going on until Oct 22... KEEP ENTERING!*
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