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A few new pictures :)

Sometimes the best pictures come from a cell phone! Love getting pictures snapped like this from customers. Thanks guys and keep em coming!

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Wordless Wednesday: MIssing my boys.

Boys left on Sunday... 3 days down... about 18 to go... *cries*

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A Sad little Sunday Something...

Sad mama...
hubby is gone for the weekend... I just had WAY too much work to do... and with crabby babies, decided to stay home. I have bouncing back and forth between babies & the sewing machine for 24 hours... got about 4-5 hours of sleep, MAYBE... And just wanted to take a little time out to blog. While I brewed yet ANOTHER pot of coffee in 24 hours...

Ya know - I may be an anxious, overwhelmed spaz 90% of the time... Trying to jugging my growing store... a clean house... happy children... and a... well, um... lets say a satisfied husband... It doesn't leave much time for happy & relaxed reflectionBut the other 10%... like this last hour... I can still sit back and realize im a very lucky girl. The boys took a crappy nap... but today I didn't care...I went up there... snuggled with Zave... we giggled... pretended to sleep & snore and then... pop up & *RAWR* and scare IzzaQ... it was fun... I got sweet texts from ZaQ... saying he missed me and hoped my day was going well... Can you believe after 4 years we still miss eachother? My ADD brain jsut flashed to the movie Super Bad...
*Evan's Mom (Stacy Edwards): "You gonna miss each other?"
*Evan: "No. Miss each other? No, thank you. I don't-- I don't miss each other."
*Seth: "Yeah, I'm gonna cry myself to sleep everynight."
*Evan: "Me too."
I Knocked out some orders & the LIttle Peanut Boutique bunch as well... etc. etc. etc. overall a good day... and its not over. But it was mainly good for one reason... because I let it... Sometimes it is SO hard just to let yourself have a good day... I know it sounds silly... but usually its the stupidest things that can ruin it for me... Pizza on my carpet... Ants in my garage... bad naps... fighting kids... and after all that... all it takes is one comment from zaq... spoken in the wrong tone to make my head spin... and then after HIS long day, he will come home and im just a bitch... he didnt ask for it... and he didn't do it... Its not like he called Izzaq and said, "hey dude... be sure to mess with your mom today... its not like she does anything around here," lol *at least I hope he's not!!* So yeah, my point is... i gotta learn to roll with it better... shit happens... and you just gotta get over it. Cuz lets face it, it could totally be worse... Which brings me to the inspiration of this post... A article I came across today on twitter... It is me 100%... over caffinated... over anxious... and over-bitchy, lol
*sometimes... not always i promise... but mostly...*


"His jacket and backpack are so dirty he looks like a homeless person," my husband said to me on the phone after dropping my son off for the school bus this morning.

Then I hung up on him.

I'd just sucked down the last sip of my daily double breakfast cappuccino (you know, for the calcium) and was perhaps a little prickly. Mommy needs some inspiration to wake up lately and I'm finding espresso beans are exactly the right bait to lure me out of bed with a smile on my face. Not without it's price though, like I said, caffeine makes me a little "sensitive," a little trigger happy with the feelings of persecution and rage. Not necessarily in that order.

My husband claims he didn't mean his observations about our ragamuffin as a criticism, but that's how I heard it.

Sure, my ego was swollen and tender from caffeine and warm milk, but isn't it the mother's job to make sure her child looks cared for by keeping him and his stuff clean? Given that, and I do take that as a given, the question is how do I do all that requires and work and make sure all the teachers get cards for their birthdays, and do volunteer work at my son's school, and remember to feed the bunny, not to mention clean his cage?

Am I whining? I hate whining. I hate when people like me who have enough money to put food on the table and keep the heat on and have two healthy children and a spouse they still occasionally find attractive and for some even more perplexing reason still finds them attractive starts complaining about volunteer work or thank you notes. Just. Shut. Up.

I'm getting cranky a little cranky. Latte anyone?"

Quoted from: http://www.momlogic.com/2009/01/coffee_high.php#ixzz0UKYn34NY

That last paragraph is the best... if you skimmed, go back and reread the last part, lol This made my day... I hope it made yours as well... Do me a favor? Try to enjoy the rest of your Sleepy Sunday... *Now that I took up all your time with this blog* But really... Appreciate the little things, at least try... Remind yourself that (like right now) dodging baseballs at the face can be fun while blogging... not just stressful... and like earlier... IzzaQ asking me if I wanted to see his Poopies! Thats not just stinky & gross... Its good! Cuz this time they were in the potty!! AND not hiding under my kitchen table! yay! See... theres always a positive spin... Just gotta look for it... Check there... buried under the laundry pile... No? There in the dirty dishes? Hmmm... it must be next to the trash still waiting to be taken out ;)
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