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Favorites Friday:Christmas for Mommy?

My christmas wishlist... all the amazing etsy goodness that i would just LOVE to find christmas morning...

(click to enlarge)
#1: Glamasaurus - Rainbow Candy 4g Plugs
#2: SimbiosisbyJulie - Kawaii laptop sleeve... "I want this SOOOO bad. I think its at the top of my list this year."
#3: Small Threads - Bony Mama Hoodie... "my most favorite purchase... it was my Christmas gift to MYSELF! And i love it."
#4: Morikaty - Vintage Silver Sewing Machine & Scissors necklace
#5: ShabbyChicFairytale - Antique Damask chair... "i NEED this for my bedroom..."
#6: JCSkyline - Makeup Brush Roll
#7: MoLoveRox - I need a wholeeeeee bunch of MoLove sparkley pigments...
#8: FA2u - Skull Frame Clutch
#9: MichelleChangJewelry - Baby Skull Ring w/ Diamonds "I have wanted this ring for years... someday I will have it."
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Favorites Friday: Poop... everyone does it.

With all the poop stories "floating" around this house... (pun intended) I think a Poop theme would be appropriate for this week... gotta take something embarrassing or frustrating... and make a joke out of it, so you can laugh about it later... so here we go...
(click to enlarge)

#1: SugarRainDrops: Love Stinks Inspired Glitter Resin Necklace.... featuring an adorable little turd embedded inside, lol
#2: Acrylicana: Toilet Paper & Poop phone charm.... who knew this post would be so cute!
#3: CherryLane: Poopie Bib... (you MUST go to the page to see more pictures) OMG added to favorites and may just have to buy this myself... if @stoopidgerl doesnt grab it first!
#4: Stephaniehf: POOPIE pins!
#5: CarrotFever: I Pooped Monster Plush... I love the look on his face, lol
#6: Flufftail: Poop & Pee plushies
#7: Poopshop: Rainbow poop ring... Brooke Van Gory poops rainbows, lol
#8: Snew: kawaii POOP stickers... I love anything kawaii but these are just adorable... i think i need some... plus theyre from MPLS which makes them ultra cool :)
#9: Glamasaurus: my love... my darling... i love you... but EVERYTIME i see this i think of poop, lol
#10: PeeNo123: Shhh, girls dont poop!
#11: ButtonBistro7: Silly poop Pins... CUTE!
#12: SheLikesCute: Poo Magnet

**If any of you wonderful featured sellers would like to host a review & giveaway here at the blog leave a comment or send me an email to rockerbyebaby@gmail.com We would LOVE to try your products!!!***
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Favorites Friday: Rainbows!

This week - before I was even able to ask, we had a special request for rainbows... so rainbows it is... i mean who am i to turn that down? Besides... Izzaq is always asking if we can get in the car and go see rainbows... i always explain that we have to wait for it to rain... well - this way we wont have to... ;)

click to enlarge :)

p.s. im REALLY proud of how cute this one turned out!!

1: Glamasaurus - Lego Earrings
2: RockerByeBaby - The most rad customer photo ever - featuring Chloe with her Head Trip blanket :)
3: Aphidesigns - Skull & Mushroom Rainbow Fabric covered magnets
4: Glittersniffer - Handsdown... the best make up I have ever had... and yes - im obsessed, lol
5: RaeGun - Rainbow Sherbert -ruffle diaper
6:ImaginationKids - Wooden Rainbow Stacker
7: SmallThreads - Fancy Pants toddler undies
8: MTCoffinz - Full length Formal Rainbow TuTu
9: TheTattooedSkull - Rainbow Skulls Tote/Book bag
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