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Oh Crap...

In 8 months of cloth diapering from newborn stage - I have NEVER had a diaper blow out with my Goodmama's (cloth). Today. Was. The. Day... It was bound to happen eventually... but wow. I was NOT prepared for this to happen at my office! Home, sure... toss her in the bath... some new clothes and we're good to go! But I think I went through half a pack of baby wipes... and had to make her some new clothes to put on, lol The worst was I didn't even know she did it until I saw the first picture... hmmmm. what that? Ummm... Oh crap.... This is going to require both of us...

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Favorites Friday: Poop... everyone does it.

With all the poop stories "floating" around this house... (pun intended) I think a Poop theme would be appropriate for this week... gotta take something embarrassing or frustrating... and make a joke out of it, so you can laugh about it later... so here we go...
(click to enlarge)

#1: SugarRainDrops: Love Stinks Inspired Glitter Resin Necklace.... featuring an adorable little turd embedded inside, lol
#2: Acrylicana: Toilet Paper & Poop phone charm.... who knew this post would be so cute!
#3: CherryLane: Poopie Bib... (you MUST go to the page to see more pictures) OMG added to favorites and may just have to buy this myself... if @stoopidgerl doesnt grab it first!
#4: Stephaniehf: POOPIE pins!
#5: CarrotFever: I Pooped Monster Plush... I love the look on his face, lol
#6: Flufftail: Poop & Pee plushies
#7: Poopshop: Rainbow poop ring... Brooke Van Gory poops rainbows, lol
#8: Snew: kawaii POOP stickers... I love anything kawaii but these are just adorable... i think i need some... plus theyre from MPLS which makes them ultra cool :)
#9: Glamasaurus: my love... my darling... i love you... but EVERYTIME i see this i think of poop, lol
#10: PeeNo123: Shhh, girls dont poop!
#11: ButtonBistro7: Silly poop Pins... CUTE!
#12: SheLikesCute: Poo Magnet

**If any of you wonderful featured sellers would like to host a review & giveaway here at the blog leave a comment or send me an email to rockerbyebaby@gmail.com We would LOVE to try your products!!!***
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Wordless Wednesday: Poop Trail *gross*

When you have 3 boys in one house... you never know what kind of poop stories your gunna have come your way *giggles about inside story that WONT be shared here* but thus far - this one takes the cake... I FINALLY had just sat down on the couch with hubby.... and literally minutes later I hear IzzaQ slip and land on his bum... then heard him say, "UH OH" and RUN off to the bathroom... this is never good... so zaq stands up to follow him, and what do we see? A poop trail... When he fell he must have pooped his pants... no undies, it fell down his leg, and he stepped in it... Poop foot prints all the way to the bathroom... I couldn't help but laugh... and of course, before I got down to scrub the poop outta the carpet, i HAD to take *gross* photos to share with you all...

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