Favorites Friday: Rainbows!

This week - before I was even able to ask, we had a special request for rainbows... so rainbows it is... i mean who am i to turn that down? Besides... Izzaq is always asking if we can get in the car and go see rainbows... i always explain that we have to wait for it to rain... well - this way we wont have to... ;)

click to enlarge :)

p.s. im REALLY proud of how cute this one turned out!!

1: Glamasaurus - Lego Earrings
2: RockerByeBaby - The most rad customer photo ever - featuring Chloe with her Head Trip blanket :)
3: Aphidesigns - Skull & Mushroom Rainbow Fabric covered magnets
4: Glittersniffer - Handsdown... the best make up I have ever had... and yes - im obsessed, lol
5: RaeGun - Rainbow Sherbert -ruffle diaper
6:ImaginationKids - Wooden Rainbow Stacker
7: SmallThreads - Fancy Pants toddler undies
8: MTCoffinz - Full length Formal Rainbow TuTu
9: TheTattooedSkull - Rainbow Skulls Tote/Book bag

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