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Favorites Friday: Cold Remedy

So as Im sure 90% of you have heard me complaining on twitter.... but for those that havn't, my kids are sick... :( Poor little babies got colds.... pretty bad ones too. I have gone through so many Booger Bashers... had to wash blankies... warm Boo Boo packs... make soup... tea... and the list goes on.... so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the must haves to get through a toddlers cold :)

*click the photo to zoom in for a closer look!*

#1L ShaynaPunam - Cold & Cough Balm... I did a giveaway for this store a LONG while ago... and i STILL use the product. Unlike Vicks or a convenience store rub, this is gentle, with natural ingredients... and can go on their chest, back, or even under their nose.

#2: RockerByeBaby - Booger Bashers, they are a MUST for any cold, flu... or even just slimey drool... all babies, toddlers, & mommies need a set in their diaper bag :)

#3: PrimitiveEarth: Yummy Organic Lavender & Mint Tea." All-natural, organic and fair trade teas are used in this blend." I tricked the boys into drinking some lavender tea & added a little orange juice so it tasted like something they were used to. It was perfect... calmed them down and got them to relax...

#4: MezzaLunaBodycare - Sick Puppy Playdough, genius... i have not ever had the pleasure of using this product, but wow... what do you do with your crabby sick irritated, antsy toddler? Give him/her this paydough to play with... their entertained and soothed with eucalyptus and rosemary all at the same time.

#5: Isas7ada - Doctor Nurse & Patient wooden toys... this year we are all about wooden toys... and with sick toddlers these would fit right in... Anyone wanna play hospital!? *PLEASE zoom up the photo to take a close look at this one ;)*

#6: The Crazy Elephant - Totally Rockin Skull Owie Fixer... NOt only do we have toddlers with aches and fevers... but we hav a clutzy little one that bumps and thumps all day long. These come in handy. I have 2 from BabyBooFelt, hers rock as well, just none in stock. Just ask! Im sure she will whip one up for you :)

#7: MEandREEKIE: Black Pirate Bootys - I have posted about these before... but Zavery is obsessed... and in his whiney sick mode, trying to keep these booties away would be a HUGE mistake, lolPlus, they keep him warm which keeps him happy... in turn, making mommy happy.

#8: BrookeVanGoryDesigns: Green Gory Pants... We love our Gory pants... They're eco friendly... soft & snuggly... TOTALLY washing machine friendly... and made upcycled from the most perfectly broken in t-shirts :) An absolute must for a recovery week of lounging & snuggling.

#9: Me again.... I hate to do it AGAIN, but yes... they can NOT live without their RockerByeBaby blankets... seeing as they have been wrapped in one since the day they were born, haha They have become QUITE attached. One night, Izzaq, in a coughing fit threw up a little on his blanket. It was a TOTAL meltdown, because naturally I had to wash it... well, there was no satisfying him with any other... he wanted his "b".... *note to self - make a duplicate with the exact same thread... stains, and wear marks... lol
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More handmade awesomeness

So the other day sucked... lots of drama and stress and sadness.... but when the mailman dropped off a couple packages it definitely helped perk me up a bit. My girls always know just how to make me smile. I had bought a OOAK Octo Hoodie for Izzaq from Rocky The Zombie.... which beings our collection up to 9 I think, lol And Brooke from Brooke Van Gory had a coule things to send me for orders & sets... and BLEW me away with my own OOAK diaper bag (Amazing - photos to come later, it deserves its OWN post...) and 4 pairs of t shirt pants for the boys.... we love it ALL!! I took lots and lots of photos to share with you. :)

The Octo Hoodie... and Izzaq with his model face... lol

Isn't it awesome?? And i was worried about size but its perfect... even a little big so they will get at least a good years wear out of it which is ALWAYS important to me. Up next are the AMAZING Brooke Van Gory recycled tshirt pants. When she started doing this i was blown away... such a genius idea and I hadn't seen anyone else on etsy doing it. What a great, fun way to be eco friendly and not compromise style... can you imagine the perfect toddler Misfits pants? Or toddler pants made from your old high school baseball shirt?? LOVE!! So yeah - she sent us four pair... they all equally rock and the boys love wearing them. Im totally jealous because they look SOOO soft and comfy. And the way they are made with the eastic band they will fit forever.... I can see around 5 or 6 cutting them off as shorts... REALLLY good investment for you mommies :)

Izzaq's showing you his big muscles, lol Looks like a poop face... or like his head might explode.... but... he's straining... hahahah. Below are more pics of the pants... and one more little shout out. "Peas of Mind" Carrot Fries...

I always talk about tryign to be good about what I feed the boys... for dinner they are eating All white meat baked chicken nuggets & baked Carrot Fries. I have been watching them at target and FINALLY they went on sale.. one bag was $3.50 (2/$7) They are almost $5 regular price so I was being cheap about it... but didnt know if the boys would like them. They come in 4 different flavors... Carrot fries, Apple Fries, Cauliflower Fries, and Broccoli fries. They have lots of other products as well. But for me it was all about taking a regular nuggets and tater tots dinner and make it healthy. The boys love them and they are a great way to get some extra vitamins & vegis.

"Baked Carrot Veggie Wedgies are made from real carrots and are high in Vitamin A for healthy eyes! These fries are crispy without the added oil and sodium of regular fries. Try them dipped in ranch dressing or hummus.
• Fat Free
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free
• Soy Free
• Vegan"

Now - with that said... I think I could make my own... I want to make a pack of Idaho mashed potatos and puree a pound of carrots... throw in a little salt.... mix it ALL together... then roll it out in little sticks... bake them... then freeeze them... I really think it would be the same. Let me know if anyone tries it... Maybe Chef Jen would know how to do it :) A future recipe for The Toddler Cafe perhaps!? With a shout out to RockerByeBaby? lol alright... im done plugging. Be sure to check out all the shops I mentioned today... and I would love to hear some ideas about those vegi fries! The cheap, handmade version :) Brooke, you make your own baby food... get those wheels turning!!
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Note to Self Saturday: Shop Handmade

So I know there are a TON of handmade families/etsians out there... Some that are really good about it... Some off the top of my head? Brooke Van Gory, Baby Boo Felt , and one of my favorite buyers, Pili28 Who from what I have seen pretty much ONLY buys handmade goodies... and i know a ton more that Im spacing right now... but the point is... we really gotta be up there at the top of the list... I came downstairs waiting for zaq to get home and had a pretty awesome realization... were were ALL wearing only handmade goodies at the time. In this moment, i was SO proud... I really try hard to spread the etsy love... to keep things more eco friendly by not buying products from overseas... to help our economy by supporting small jobs here in the US... and the list goes on and on and on for all the millions of reasons to buy handmade... and the biggest one? Because we look damn cute! haha

First here...
we have Zavery...

He is snuggled up on the couch with his RockerByeBaby blanket... He is wearing our most favorite toddler tshirt designer... Rocky The Zombie, Keep going down and you will see a super snuggly pair of Fleece Longies from Wild Child and even one of their cloth diapers... and last but not least... my new obsession... MEandREEKIE Skull booties... Stay tuned for a giveaway next week!! I am sooo in love with these shoes... and so is Zave, he slept in them last night, lol

Mr. Izzaq is Also Rockin a Rocky The Zombie t-shirt... but his pants? Made by me :) Im really proud... and also jealous of these. Super snuggly fleece... extra wide leg... and a wide waist band... easily the most awesome pants ever.

Last but not least me... I apologize for the cleavage shot & the booty shot, but I wanted you too see what i had on and i was by myself, lol I made this halter from an old misfits t... its my ultimate favorite... my "go to" shirt... so simple... so quick, and i love it... "NO SEW" halter... i cut out the collar and off the sleeves.. and then cut a ton of little ties... knotted it, and ta-da! halter... Even my big shiny diamond came from etsy! Zaq had it custom made for me :)

and for the skirt, I cut straight across the collar of an old t-shirt... cut off the sleeves... hemmed the top... and sewed the sleeve holes shut... (added a nice "fit" to it.)

SO yeah... thats us! Rockin handmade... and dont we look good!? So todays "saturday" post is this... Note to self: Shop Handmade... there will always be a small designer that can make something cooler, better, and more amazing than your run of the mill overseas store... Sometimes Cheaper... sometimes more expensive... but always worth it...

Tell me, whats your favorite handmade item you have?
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