Note to Self Saturday: Shop Handmade

So I know there are a TON of handmade families/etsians out there... Some that are really good about it... Some off the top of my head? Brooke Van Gory, Baby Boo Felt , and one of my favorite buyers, Pili28 Who from what I have seen pretty much ONLY buys handmade goodies... and i know a ton more that Im spacing right now... but the point is... we really gotta be up there at the top of the list... I came downstairs waiting for zaq to get home and had a pretty awesome realization... were were ALL wearing only handmade goodies at the time. In this moment, i was SO proud... I really try hard to spread the etsy love... to keep things more eco friendly by not buying products from overseas... to help our economy by supporting small jobs here in the US... and the list goes on and on and on for all the millions of reasons to buy handmade... and the biggest one? Because we look damn cute! haha

First here...
we have Zavery...

He is snuggled up on the couch with his RockerByeBaby blanket... He is wearing our most favorite toddler tshirt designer... Rocky The Zombie, Keep going down and you will see a super snuggly pair of Fleece Longies from Wild Child and even one of their cloth diapers... and last but not least... my new obsession... MEandREEKIE Skull booties... Stay tuned for a giveaway next week!! I am sooo in love with these shoes... and so is Zave, he slept in them last night, lol

Mr. Izzaq is Also Rockin a Rocky The Zombie t-shirt... but his pants? Made by me :) Im really proud... and also jealous of these. Super snuggly fleece... extra wide leg... and a wide waist band... easily the most awesome pants ever.

Last but not least me... I apologize for the cleavage shot & the booty shot, but I wanted you too see what i had on and i was by myself, lol I made this halter from an old misfits t... its my ultimate favorite... my "go to" shirt... so simple... so quick, and i love it... "NO SEW" halter... i cut out the collar and off the sleeves.. and then cut a ton of little ties... knotted it, and ta-da! halter... Even my big shiny diamond came from etsy! Zaq had it custom made for me :)

and for the skirt, I cut straight across the collar of an old t-shirt... cut off the sleeves... hemmed the top... and sewed the sleeve holes shut... (added a nice "fit" to it.)

SO yeah... thats us! Rockin handmade... and dont we look good!? So todays "saturday" post is this... Note to self: Shop Handmade... there will always be a small designer that can make something cooler, better, and more amazing than your run of the mill overseas store... Sometimes Cheaper... sometimes more expensive... but always worth it...

Tell me, whats your favorite handmade item you have?

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