Another favorite for today!! THANK YOU ALL!!

Hey guys -
Today is a big day for us for two reason... #1: we reached 1,000 followers on twitter! and #2: I get to write about it in my 100th Blog post!! So I want to get super cheesball on you all for a second... I love that you all find some sort of entertainment in my craziness... be it the crazy stress of the store... the craziness of having 2 toddler boys... 11 months apart... (Theyre always good for some entertaining material)... All the awesome etsy goodies I find... the fun celebrity press we have gotten... or a million of the other things I post about... I just really appreciate it. You all make me feel pretty special. So, thats enough cheeziness for one post. But from the bottom of my heart, really. Thanks for supporting me, my family & my store, RockerByeBaby :)

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