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Wordless Wednesday: Making Ornaments

Some of you heard last week, but the other day we learned that one of the boxes that got left behind, was the ornaments box :( Now, this breaks my heart... and I was super upset about it, but I am moving forward... so Im not going to mention that it had zaq's 30 year old first baby ornament, the boys' first ornaments, all 4 of my collectors edition Nightmare before Christmas stockings, etc. etc etc. Im not going to mention any of that stuff... it'll make me bitter. *head/desk* Anyways... in an attempt to pull out of the funk I was in, I loaded up the boys and we headed to the craft store for supplies... paper, glue, paints, "blue balls" as Izzaq said... and clips. Rushed back to the house... and made our own ornaments. It was lots of fun, and here is a sneak peak into what we did. I have more to make but when I finish, ill take a picture of all of them together :)

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Note to Self Saturday: Xmas Success!

Ohhh what a day... Cali may not be "home"... and Christmas sure doesn't feel the same when its 70 & sunny... but it sure went off without a hitch! We spent Christmas Eve at the Settimis house and it was amazing... such great company... amazing Prime Rib... and BEAUTIFUL baby girls ;) (which only helped to make me want a little lady even MORE!!)  But the boys were great... they had a ton of fun... and we were able to stay until almost 11pm!! My boys are usually melting down by 7pm and ready for bed! So that was definitely a nice treat...  we finished off the night with champagne & exchanging presents with hubby after the kids went to bed. It was perfect. I was the luckiest girl in the world! He got me a brand spankin new sewing machine, and  bad ass camera, lol Cannon Rebel XSi... two lenses and a case. *dies* I have had SO MUCH FUN taking pictures... and was so happy to have it for xmas morning... its everything i could have possibly wanted and MORE! He definitely earned the #1 hubby award, lol.

i got him a new grill and a bunch of other randomness...

hes doing a wonderful job at being excited... though a feel like a total failure next to his gifts. lol

The boys had a ton of fun opening gifts... the kitchen & felt food has been a HUGE hit. But I think izzaq's favorite is the Melissa & Doug Birthday cake... He has been with it for like 6 hours! (yay for creative play - click photos to zoom)

My girl Ailie @ Baby Boo Felt has been so generous in helping us build our felt food collection... Not sure how likes it better, the boys or myself... but I just cant wait to start buying more :)

Zavery's favorite toy was probably the Mater truck. He loves it so much he even slept with it last night, lol

After presents there was a TON of playing... lots of snuggling... and then finally napping... kinda. (i think they were just too excited) Daddy took a good nap though... *good job daddy* while zaq napped and the boys pretended to, I started prepping stuffing. Zaq's mom makes the best sausage, rice & bread crumb stuffing... and for Thanksgiving zaq took a crack at making it... fail, lol So for x-mas it was my turn... I must say (and he will agree) i did a much better job... but it still wasn't Nana's stuffing...

Zaq was in charge of the rest... he likes cooking and holidays make it lots of fun for him to prepare the meal.

(notice the Vikings apron he got from santa... i think santa is even COOLER now that i know he shops on etsy!)

For dinner zaq made big fluffy squishy yummy rolls...

a HUGE bowl of mashed potatoes... (and this makes me laugh)

 Healthy Organic milk... with about 3 sticks a butter, lol
and of course... a christmas "roast beast"...

With all the playing and eating... there was bound to be lots of snuggling... Zavery went over and plopped himself right onto the floor with his "b's" it was the cutest thing in the world...

Then after some snuggling with daddy it was time for bed...

The day was great... I couldnt have asked for anything more... and now today the countdown to Santa has switched to the countdown to Nana and Papa... The should be here in about 8 more hours! Not much time left seeing as the started the 30 hour drive yesterday! We are really excited to see them... its been about 4 months :( Hope everyone else had a great holiday! Be sure to leave some comment love, id love to hear all about your day!

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Favorites Friday: NIghtmare Before Christmas

omg omg omg... ive been counting down the days to this post!! I am a HUGEEE Nightmare Before Christmas junkie... I have Knicknacks... toys... clothes... a jewelry box... an NBC inspired Christmas tree w/ ornaments & a Nightmare Stocking for all 4 of us and oh so much more... So I have been waiting patiently to make this Favorites Friday nightmare... as an excuse to do one last NBC Etsy search before Christmas. :)

*click photo to enlarge*

#1: BlackRose1151 - Felt JACK ornament form NBC. i have these & i love em.
#2: SmarmyClothes - Purple Metallic Nightmare before Xmas Dress. Smokin Hot ;)
#3: FabulouslyFierce - Nightmare/Jack Pillow Cover.. reconstructed from a tshirt, super cool idea!
#4:PoppysGardenGate - Nightmare Retro Apron... LOVE IT! Cute little lace edging... totally want one ;)
#5: IchigoBlack - Insanely adorable size s/m tattered Nightmare dress.
#6: Vindrewski - 9 NBC Buttons for $4.30!? Thats a steal!!
#7: Mellika - Could this be any cuter? Nope... adorable NBC shirt & tutu.
#8: BlackWidowDIY - Try to say that she is not the hottest girl in the world, you cant, lol Oh, the pants rock too... lol
#9: ImaginationEmporium - "Whats This" Inspired Nightmare Charm Bracelet
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Wordless/Full Wednesday - Wish Upon a Hero...

Thanks again to EVERYONE who helped out with the big donation to these families in need. Dunno what Im talking about? Take a second to read up here... its totally worth it. Want the short story? lol I went on WishUponAHero.com picked two pregnant mama's that need MAJOR help... and pooled together all the finest ladies to contribute... And after everyones help - this is what we came up with... two GIANT boxes full of diapers - detergent - soaps - wipes - clothes - blankets - prefolds - toys and so much more... They are going to be SO happy and thrilled to get this goodie box.

Thanks to all the shops below for committing to help me out with this...
it really means the world to me :)
Baby Boo Felt
Brooke Van Gory
Rockin Green
Monkey Snuggles Mama
Heathens Hearth
Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life

P.s. if you think we are still waiting on your items, please let me know!! I want to ship asap :)
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LIVE GIVEAWAY! Free PinUp Girls Christmas blanket!

Hey guys! Most everyone has expressed their love for this Christmas Pin Up Girls blanket....

I had one left in the store, and I think its only right to pull it out and give it away. I could discount it in the store, but thats not near as much fun as this is gunna be :) Its a live giveaway... and Im gunna make you work for it :) The blog has been kinda lagging lately - so we gotta price it up with something fun... You MUST Retweet the "tweet" below at least once for your comments to could... then below... comments. i ONLY want to see facts about you and your family... you can give as many as you want... doesnt matter... just be sure EACH FACT is in a separate comment... once the comments reach 500 (we have gotten close, but never reached 500!) I will draw a winner!



{FREE Unisex Christmas PInUp and minky Baby/Toddler Blanket @RockerByeBaby just RT and comment to win! http://bit.ly/84VEWe}

Comments: (example)

My name is Amber Zrust.
I have 3 babies... Izzaq, Zavery & my husband ZaQ. ;)
My Kids are eating Peanut Butter and Jelly right now.
..... and so on and so on...

Everyone got it? YAY! Now ready..... set.... go!
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