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Thursdays Tunes - I was a Teenage Anarchist

I know some of you like Against Me! Have you heard the new record? Pretty stinkin good! Love this one, I was a Teenage Anarchist... but the video is a little much for me... whatcha think?

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Pouty Pants Rants...

So - this is a blog... and with ALLL of the giveaway crazyness almost coming to a close, i think its time a start really blogging again... lots of stuff all built up in the old noggin just begging to be vented... So here we go... I think bullet points will do nicely...
  • Sometimes my husband makes me street rat crazy... our views on parenting are so different 80% of the time that it makes us argue... and were both stubborn... maybe someday we will swallow our pride and start learning from each other.
  • I love him more than anything and couldn't imagine being a parent with anyone else... he's an AMAZING daddy... and an even more amazing husband. "Let settle this once and for all... your my one and only, you finish my story... crowned king & kind of this broken world... your kingdom is mine...."
  • I love blogging to the world...
  • I hate being judged because of it...
  • I have an obsession with Hard Apple Cider (beer) i wish it came in a n/a version so i could drink it all day long, lol
  • I find much more fulfillment in buying things for other people than buying for myself... 
  • I love doing things to make people smile. Be it a plane ticket to visit... A couple nighties in the mail... or freebies in a package... its all good stuff.
  • Some days, the store makes me so insane that I think I would sell it for a bottle of wine and a good book...
  • I would be lost without my store... Who needs time to read anyways?
  • Social Networking has shown me that "real friends" doesn't mean "in real life"... You all know who you are, and i love you all dearly :)
  • Some of my best customers have turned into my best friends... i feel silly when you buy stuff... but I appreciate it more than you know...
  • Some times... my kids make me so crazy, i consider shipping them Priority Mail to Brooke... 
  • Other days, (like today) they are such perfect little adorable angels that I wonder how the hell it is I got so lucky...
  • On Friday, I started to have a miscarriage. I was devastated...
  • On Saturday, Hubby came home from work early to "take care of me" I took a nap for the first time in probably 3 years... See bullet #2.
  • Today I got a negative pregnancy test... its official... i miscarried... I felt selfish for being so upset... there are so many people out there that can't get pregnant and I have two beautiful boys that love me. 
  • Today I took the day off work to show the boys how much I love them too. 
  • I am 1 year away from a degree in Psychology w/ a minor in Sociology... 
  • Ill probably never finish.
  • I LOVE love LOVE to shop.... 
  • I hate not having money, lol
  • The other day i took over 90 photos of Zaq trying to get Zavery to go potty... it was worth every it to get this ONE perfect shot... *shrug*

  • I miss my grandpa.... every... single... day... and I want to get a tattoo of his senior portrait so i can see him... every... single... day.......
  • I have over 50 glittersniffer eyeshadows... half of them i dont even use... i need more. ;)
  • I envy the fact that Kyle from Barley & Birch has employees...
  • I feel bad that Kyle has employees... Im totally obsessive and crazy like she is... and she would probably be less stressed if she did it all on her own... lol
  • I feel the need to help everyone I come across... sometimes this puts me in a bad position... and usually, i don't care...
  • I hate that I have been gone from MPLS for so long... that by the time I see Aymee again she will have gone from not pregnant, to pregnant, to holding a baby girl. This is way too long... and i have a heavy heart for the fact i want get to feel Maddie kick from inside her big 'ol pregnant belly... I love you Mimi...
  • I am secretly in love with the Hannah Montana movie, and get excited when the kids want to watch it... shhhhh PLEASE dont tell. It will ruin my reputation forever.
  • I dont tell my mom that I love her enough... mom, i love you.
  • I would do pretty much anything to have my old jeep Cherokee back... that "pretty much anything" does not include waiting to have another baby... so I guess I will wait on the jeep.
  • Sometimes I wonder why it is my husband still loves me... i'm damaged goods... but still, he loves me anyways. 
  • Before I married zaq, we had two kids together. People judged me in the store for my tattoos, piercings, hot pink mohawk, being very young and no ring assuming I was a piece of crap trashy mother... what they didn't know is my "boyfriend" made great money, I was a SAHM/WAHM with a beautiful 4 bedroom house in the suburbs. Don't judge a book by its cover.
  • This blog has gone on way too long...
  • I could go on for forever... 
So there we have it... my pouty pants rants for the day... its been a crazy and emotionally draining 5 days... yet somehow, my hubby & kids and given me plenty of reasons and ways to smile... thanks for that.... "I can't be me without you," baby... and to all of you who have sent you "sticky baby dust" and your "healing dust" I appreciate it... Lets hope this next round goes better... and that 10 months from now I will be holding a beautiful, healthy baby girl... *cough* or boy of course... ;)
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Favorites Friday.... on Tuesday :) Vinyls

This week... totally random theme, but with the big move coming I have been planning new decor... and i am loving all these vinyl wall stickers... and having a REALLY hard time picking a couple cuz I want them all, but fear that would just look silly, lol On the flip side... vinyls are great for condo living where you can't paint... they are easy to take down... but still add personality. So here are some of the themes we have picked out for the new place...
Living Room: Traditional Tattoos... found some cool sailor Jerry flash canvases with pinups... anchors, etc. way cool. Lots of Reds, Creams & Browns..
Master Bedroom: its all done in the Damask Rock fabric... red curtains, and I bought some awesome tin stars w/ damask here on etsy to coordinate... SO excited..
Master Bathroom: Old Hollywood... bought some Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn art... then made a few cute pieces myself!
Boys room... Pirates!
And we still have a lonnnng way to go, lol... Any ideas!? Id love to hear what you guys think... how do you feel about Vinyls? Cute? Cheesy?
(click photo to enlarge)

#1: CreativeWalls: Cherry Blossoms... Im LOVING these... maybe in the kitchen? That could be cute :)
#2: ExpressingYou: Damask Monogram... I think a nice big "Z" could be cool in the bedroom...
#3: Xpresivdesigns: I like the idea of this James Dean Quote in the "holly wood bathroom"
#4: GreyWoldGraphics: Sewing Border... TOTALLY would be adorable in the sewing office above the window :)
#5: Beepart: Swallows.... Im like 90% sure these are a must have above the fireplace.... We bought a metal anchor, and i think it would be cool in between them...
#6: BubbaAndDoodle: awe... we NEEED these for the boys room for sure!
#7: BeePart: Sugar Skull... have NO idea where this would go, but I LOVE it...
#8: FreckledHound: Pirate LIfe... think this one would be SUPER cute in the boys' pirate room :)
#9: VerdigrisDye: Buttons.... Im also 90% sure that I need these in the office to go with my "stoopidgerl" prints.

**If any of you wonderful featured sellers would like to host a review & giveaway here at the blog leave a comment or send me an email to rockerbyebaby@gmail.com We would LOVE to try your products!!!***
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New promo goodies and i LOVE them.

Vista print had a HUGEEEE sale...and I took advantage to say the least... I got 200 new postcards... 50 magnets... 2 huge car magnet... 500 business cards and more.... so I had to come here and share with my excitement. These postcards are seriously the cutest things EVER... there was a free option for a design on the back in black and white... and hubby had the GENIUS idea of putting one of my fav photos on it... and im SO glad I did... the photo was taken by my girl Beki at Beki Dawn Photography and it was perfect, already even in black and white! The quality came out great... and it REALLY adds to the postcards... from now on these will definitely be a staple in the RockerByeBaby promo packs :)

What do ya think!?
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Favorites Friday: Regent Skulls

For those of you that follow me on twitter - you know that i just had a mini meltdown... I realized that I am almost out of Regent Skulls in Blue... so no worries right? Emailed my supplier said hey, hook me up... she said no can do - out of stock... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Bad news bears... so I went on a hunt to find some... no luck... none to be found... Until FINALLY 36 pages into a google search i found some... *whew* so of course its only fitting to do this weeks Favorites Friday on Regent skulls...
(click to enlarge photo)

1: BrookeVanGory / RockerByeBaby - Get your Rock n Roll diaper bags here & changing pads!
2: My Great Gifts - LOVING this apron... such a cute sexy style! I just hearted like a million things in her store.
3: CorsetFactory - *dies* This is a must... WILL be putting this corset on the birthday list :)
4: BagsByMelanie - Pink Regent Skulls pouch and keyfob
5: RockerByeBaby - regent skulls polo, as seen on Tori Spellings son Liam!
6: SediluGreen - Reusable EcoFriendly Eco Stuffers snack bags, awesomeness!!!
7: LilasBowtique - Diaper Wipes Case
8: HautTotes - Been drooling over this tote forever now, maybe someday!
9: Boobtique - Nursing Cover
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